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A Causal Comparative of Low Academic Performance Due to the Cellphone Addiction of Grade 12 Students

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Chapter 1


Technology has been an integral part of our daily lives. People all around the globe rely on gadgets for innumerable necessary reasons, such as communication, research, employment, and etc. As the world is developing, more gadgets are getting introduced, and more dependent people have become on them. Modern cell phones enable users to access a variety of electronic media at almost any time and any place. Popular activities such as playing video games, surfing the Internet, and monitoring social media sites are now all easily accomplished with most cell phones. Now-a-days, Cell phones is an integral part of our daily life as well as school life and education. Even a casual observation of today’s students will reveal mobile phones being excessively used throughout the campus, both during and after classes, in every possible campus setting, including the classroom. Tindell and Bohlander, (2012) claims that university students frequently use the cell phone during class time despite rules against doing so. As cell phone technology continues its rapid development, modern gadgets are seemingly becoming more and more as an utter disruption to the student’s education and it can lead into some serious reduction on their learning

Although some students are extensively addictive on using their mobile phones in class and in studying. Intensive cell phone use was related to school failure as well as other negative behaviors. Certain negative impacts of mobile phone are also seen on young people’s peer relationships, such as, ostracism and cyber bullying. Rosen et al. (2013) observed the study behaviors as well as study settings of a sample of middle school, high school, and university students. Participants were observed for 15 min with on task and off-task behavior recorded every minute. Results showed that participants typically became distracted by media such as Facebook and texting after less than 6 min of studying. Chen and Tzeng (2010) found that among heavy Internet user’s information seeking was associated with better academic performance, while video game playing was associated with lower levels of academic performance. In addition, several recent studies have identified a negative relationship between social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) by the use of mobile phones and academic performance (e.g., Rosen, et al., 2013; Stollak, et al., 2011)

Choliz, (2010) pointed out that excessive use of gadgets and dependency on the usage of mobile phones may be considered as an addictive disorder. Many of us disregard the excessive use of mobile phones, and we are not aware of what it may harm to our mental health and academic performance. For this research paper, the researchers have purposively focused on the outcomes of having a low academic performance due to the mobile phone addiction of the senior high school student of E. Rodriguez Jr. High School.

Statement of the Problem

This study will be conducted for the sole purpose to ascertain the impact of excessive use of cellphones on those Grade 12 senior high school students of Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. High School who has a low academic performance. For the researchers, to know and understand the causes and effects of why some students are addicted to cellphones. In identifying the problem, the following research question has been formulated:

  1. Why do mobile phones affect the academic performance of a student?
  2. Why do some students frequently use mobile phones during classes?
  3. How will mobile phones have an undesirable effect to the students’ academic performance?
  4. Is there a significance between mobile phone addiction and having a low academic performance?


This research study is conducted to know how being a cellphone addict can harm academic performance and how they affect each other and also knowing the causes of why some students are addict using their phones.


There is a significant cause and effect between cellphone addiction and having a low academic performance.

There is no significant cause and effect between cellphone addiction and having a low academic performance.

Significance of the Study

The result and findings of this study are beneficial foremost to the students, parents, teachers and school administrators of E. Rodriguez Jr. High School. It can help them to become knowledgeable and more aware of how can mobile phones addiction will affect their academic performance. This research study can be substantial to the following aspects:

  1. Students- The findings in this study will give them a wider knowledge and awareness of how can excessive use of mobile phones can have a negative impact on their academic performances. This may also help them to understand what is the importance of participation and performance task in class.
  2. Parents- The findings in this study may engage them to encourage their children to lessen the usage of mobile phones in their daily classes, pursue their education and develop their children’s academic performance.
  3. Teachers and School Administrators- The findings in this study will be helpful to them, they will be aware of what their students are encountering and also determine how it influences their education so that, they will not have an arduous circumstance on them.

Scope and Delimitation

The scope of this study will cover the immense impacts of excessive use of mobile phones that cause some students to have low academic performance. This study focuses only on every section of Grade 12 students studying at E. Rodriguez Jr. High School. The researchers will not focus on any other level or school. This research will be conducted during the second semester of the S.Y. 2019-2020. The data will be needed for this research will be accumulated through surveys and questionnaires.

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Low Academic


Cellphone Addiction

Figure 1. Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework is composed of those two variable, how cellphone addiction can affect their academic performance. Wherein the respondents, the Grade 12 students, will be surveyed by the researchers in order to learn of how excessive use of mobile phones can affect their academic performance.

Definition of Terms

  • Addiction – it is a psychological and physical inability to stop and unable to control themselves. This is when a person abuses the usage of a specified object or activity irresponsibly that can affect your mental, emotional, and physical health. Furthermore, it is a chronic mental disorder or disease involving complex interactions among the brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and life experiences
  • Academic performance – it is the outcome of the learnings or knowledge of the students in their education. This is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals. it is also the measurement of the student’s achievement across various academic subjects through the usage of the teacher’s records and data
  • Mobile phones – it is a wireless handheld device that allows the user to make and receive messages and phone calls. It is used for a variety of purposes such as communication, conducting business, entertainment, and gathering information. Additionally, it also helps people to be connected and socialize at any time and place.

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature

At this moment, technology has been a part of our daily lives, and it plays a vital role in every one of us such as in the educational field. A mobile phone is one of the most rapidly growing new technologies in the world (Rebello,2010). In an early study of the phenomenon, Sánchez-Martínez and Otero (2009) used a combination of self-reported monthly cell phone expenses and frequency of use data to identify intensive cell phone users in a large sample of Spanish high school students. In the study, intensive cell phone use was related to school failure as well as other negative behaviors such as smoking and excessive alcohol use.

In recent years, more studies were carried out on smartphone use in relation to academic performance. For instance, Jacobsen and Forste (2011) in their study found a negative relationship between calling, texting, and self-reported grade point average (GPA) among university students in the United States. Similarly, Hong, Chiu, and Hong (2012) found that calling and texting were positively correlated with a self-reported measure of academic difficulty among a sample of female, Taiwanese university students.

In classroom, students engage in surfing web, social networking, checking emails and text messages and consequently pay less attention to their lessons (HISCOCK, 2004; SELWYN, 2003). Moreover, students spend more time with their smartphone that hampers their regular studies. Based on Internet Related Addictive Behavior Inventory, Brenner (1997) reported some daily-life disturbances such as less sleeping time, less time management, missing meal and other symptoms.

Technology addiction is becoming prevalent everywhere with various forms such as Internet addiction, mobile addiction and smartphone addiction. Young (1998) reported internet addiction having online dependency symptoms such as withdrawal, impatience, loss of control, disorder in academic, job, and social performance


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