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The History Of The Creation Of The Phone Its Pros And Cons

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The invention I chose to do was the telephone. The reason I chose to do the telephone is because of how much we use a phone in our daily lives and I wanted to see how it was made. Also I wanted to see what people first thought of the telephone and how it changed how people interacted.

The telephone was invented by Antonio Meucci, he invented it in 1849. But Alexander Graham Bell won the first patent for the device in 1876. Bell invented the telephone because he wanted to use it as an electronic speech when he was visiting his deaf mother. It was also invented because they were trying to improve the telegraph.

The first idea to call the telephone was “speaking telegraph” it was picked by Innocenzo Manzetti. Telephone was first applied to other inventions before the actual telephone. Telephone is from Greek origin and it means “distant voice” tele-far, and phone-voice.

The first simple telephones were made of a long string and two strings. The very first electronic voice-transmission system was made by Johann Philipp Reid in 1863. It consists of a vibrating membrane that opens or closes an electric circuit. Then in 1876 Elisha Gray designed a telephone with a water microphone in Illinois. After Tivadar Puskás proposed the telephone switchboard exchange in 1876.

Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone worked by converting sound into an electrical Signal through a liquid transmitter. Now it created a varying strength electric signal, that travels through a wire to a receiver and it is reversed so the sound is recreated. He created his telephone because both his mother and wife were deaf.

Now many of the original telephones all worked differently, but on Antique Telephone History it says “ it works by the sound of someone’s voice entering the mouthpiece and an electric current carries the sound to the other telephone. The transmitter acts as an electric ear so you can hear it.”

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Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He was one of the main people who invented the telephone as stated before he invented it because his wife and mom were deaf and he wanted a different way to communicate with them. He is most known for inventing the telephone and co-founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885. He had four children, two sons and two daughters, Elsie, Marian, Edward, and Robert. His wife was Mabel Gardiner Hubbard and his parents were Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace Symonds. Alexander was homeschooled until age eleven and then spent four years of high school at Edinburgh's Royal High School. His favorite subject was science. He died on August 2nd, 1922 of Diabetes at Beinn Bhreagh at age 75.

Some fun facts about the telephone are that the first call ever made was on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. It was to his assistant Thomas Watson and the first ever words were “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you. ” The very first phone book was only 20 pages long, also to buy a phone would cost 3,995 dollars, which is almost 3x the price for Apple’s newest phone that came out last year.

God used the telephone to glorify his kingdom in many ways, first on the newer devices you can get the Bible app which shows you the entire Bible, inspiring quotes and verses, and you can even you can make prayer groups where it’s private and can ask friends and people to pray for you. Also if we don’t know the answer of a question about Him, you can look it up and see what other people think about that question. It’s amazing how we could do that just from the click of a button. Another way is that we can listen and worship to Christian music on our phones,

But whenever there are good things that glorify God’s kingdom there are ways the Devil uses ur for evil. One way is that we could spend too much time on our telephones and forget to spend time with The Lord, or we spend times playing video games on our phones that God does not like. But since everyone plays those games we think it’s alright, also we could get telephones for the wrong reasons. Like instead of using to call or text people we use it to play games. Another horrible way he uses it for evil is online bullying, it’s horrible how someone could go behind a screen and make fun do someone and not have to worry about the consequences.

In conclusion, the telephone potentially changed the world in good ways and bad, it helps people with everything, scientist can call, video chat, email, back and forth much faster and save time on what they are doing, if there is ever an emergency we can call 911 for help and they will save us, or how now we have a digital map of almost anywhere. It is truly amazing how much the telephone has changed over the years and how it has changed the world

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