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The History Of The Creation And Improvement Of The Phone

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How would you communicate with your friends,family or people around the world without a phone?Would you send letters,or even emails with no idea of understanding their true feelings?The only other option would be going and visiting them every time you wanted to talk.Phones are one of,if not the greatest invention ever created.

Phones had one purpose when they were invented,and that was to talk to someone when you were not with them.They gave you a way to hear someone's voice and the feelings they had behind the words they were saying.Since then they have transformed into a creation no one would have thought of.You can do almost everything on your phone now from searching the web to playing games and texting.

Though if we are gonna talk about the phone let's start from the beginning.The first phone was invented in 1876 by Graham Bell.Elisha Gray had also created a phone.Bell and Gray registered their inventions within hours of each other at the patent office. It was basically a race at that point to see which one made it there the fastest. Due to this a legal battle over the invention started.In the end Bell won the legal battle becoming the soul inventor of the telephone.

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In 1877 the first permanent outdoor telephone wire was created.The wire ended up having a distance of just three miles.Soon followed the world's first commercial telephone service in the United States.On February 12 of 1877 Bell was able to make the first long distance phone call.The call was from the Lyceum in Salem to Watson in Boston at the Boston Globe.”On September 1, 1878, a Boston woman named Emma Nutt made history—and all she had to do was pick up the phone. But the first woman telephone operator didn’t just connect calls and answer customers’ questions. Her soothing voice helped usher in a new era of telecommunications and create an entirely new job field for women”(Blakemore 1).By 1879 people using the phone began to be designated by a certain number instead of a name.

“In 1886, Reuben H. Donnelly produced the first Yellow Pages–branded directory featuring business names and phone numbers, categorized by the types of products and services provided”(Bellis 1).Soon followed the first phone that could be operated by coins. By 1900 it was installed in Hartford,Connecticut.The phone continued to improve by 1911 AT&T was born.They bought stock of the Union Telegraph Company taking them over and ended up merging their companies.By 1918 it was estimated that about ten million Bell System telephones were in service throughout the United States.Though in 1920 history was made,the first phone call from New York to London.They used radio waves to transmit the signal. Twenty-seven years later they decided to try microwave radio technology for a long distance call, which ended up working and making history again.

Since the creation of the phone they have done nothing but improve their inventions. Now today you can not go anywhere without it..You can go anywhere and see at least someone be on their one, people are addicted.People are so attached to their phone because all that you can do on it.From search the web ,talk to a friend and even try to find the girl of your dreams. It can all be done on the phone and that is why it is the greatest invention of all time.

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