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My High School Life: Memoir Essay

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The most reliable way to predict your future is to create it. I am 17, a junior in high school doing full-time running start. Last quarter I took FYE, Psychology 200, Sociology, and Walking 1 and 2. This winter quarter I am taking Psychology 100, English 101, and Art Appreciation. Along with being a full-time college student, I work at Hot Shots. I work four days a week and make minimum wage, it is better than nothing though. During the shifts I work I do not make tips which also sucks, but I am just thankful I have a job. This is my five-year plan and I hope I have come a lot further in life by then. In five years I hope to have graduated from LCSC, be a lot closer to my dreams, and have accomplished a lot of my goals.

I am in the middle of my first year of college, I am enjoying it a lot more than being at the high school. I am so grateful that I am able to have the opportunity to do a running start and get moving with my future faster. I do not like high school, it was not my pace and I did not really fit in. In my junior year, I decided to take advantage of running start and do what I want to do, and get closer to my goals faster. I like being challenged and moving fast with work. I felt that I was getting babied at the high school and we spent a week on each thing and I did not feel I was living to my full potential. I was also having a lot more problems with my mental health when I was in high school. I much rather be happier and get through two years of college while I am in high school rather than dread going to class every day for seven hours. In seven weeks, it will be the week before finals, but I got the opportunity to go on a family trip to Hawaii with my dad's side of the family and I just started to fix things after not talking to them for almost two years. That has also had a big impact on my mental health and my grades. It feels good to be happy, I want this feeling to stick around. I am so grateful for how far we have come in bonding. I am hoping things get good enough to where I could maybe move in with my dad in hopes that they get that red house my stepmom really loves. They are just waiting for someone to buy their house. Next school year I will be doing my senior project and going to college for my sophomore year. I am nervous about my senior project, I do not have any ideas about what to do it on and I do not like talking in front of a lot of people or people in general. I will get through it, I hope that the year 2020 will be a year of growth, self-care, happiness, getting fit, and finding my worth. Things have been rough for a while, but I know they will get better. Healing takes time. Anyway, I will be doing math, history, and maybe science next year. Since I can not do it this quarter or they do not have classes available for next quarter. The next thing I know I will be graduating high school, then a month later graduating college. That is so crazy to think about.

Since I have graduated from high school and WWCC I hope that I was able to go on an amazing trip to California before enrolling into LCSC. Then I will be partaking in classes to be getting my bachelors in social work and a minor in psychology. I have always wanted to go into social work because I love helping people and I had to deal with it a lot my whole life. I hope that in that two years, I make some friends and find a partner. I have always been a loner, I wish it was different because I am a really nice person and I love and am super supportive of my friends if I had any. I also have been single for a long time and I do not want to waste my time just having a “thing” with someone. I want this to be my last relationship. I will always be in class early and turn my work in on time and try to maintain really good grades. I also will work really hard at work. I hope to still have my job at Hot Shots, I love everyone I work with. I also hope that I have a job where my stepdad works and I can start to work in the field I want to go into before I get my bachelor's. He said he could get me a job as an “assistant job coach.” He helps disabled people get great jobs. Although, I want to work with kids, and foster kids when I graduate. It will still be a great opportunity.

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Now that I have graduated from LCSC and I am almost 21, I hope to have found a partner and some amazing friends. I do not want to spend my summer after graduation without friends and doing nothing but work. I also hope that I have saved money to get my dream car. I really want a 2019 Subaru Legacy. I also want to move out of the valley. I do not like it down here. It is not as fast pace as a bigger city and there is nothing to do around here. I plan to move to the tri-cities so I can live closer to my nana and have more job opportunities. My nana is my best friend and I love her with all my heart I would love to live closer to her and spend more time with her. I barely get to see her and it sucks. Also, it is more fast-paced and there are way more job opportunities for me. I want to get a nice apartment or a small house. I have been dreaming for years to be able to decorate my own place and be on my own. I want a simple place with neutral colors. I even have a list on Amazon for things when I move out and things I am going to ask for, for my birthday in the next few years so it saves me money. I also really want to get a dog when I move as well because I love dogs and it would be nice to have a companion if I do not or do have a partner when I move. I am so excited for that day to come.

How I plan to reach these goals, such as going to school every day and turning in my work on time. Waking up two hours before I have to be somewhere. Put forth all my effort in my school work. Basically, I will just continue what I am doing because I have had pretty successful school years. I dread having bad grades so I am always putting my best foot forward and working hard. I always show up to school at least fifteen minutes early if not more. I never leave class unless I have to. I always start my homework as soon as I get home. If I can turn in my work early I do. If there is anything I can start early I will. I also always ask for help or guidance if I need it with any assignment. If my grades are not where I want them to be I always will see if I can redo something or if I can do any extra credit. When it comes to tests I will study for twenty minutes, then take a break, then go back until I feel I am prepared. When I go to take the test I have a good mindset and try my best. Then of course put me out there so I can get a job in the field I want to go into.

I hope to have grown in the future and proceed with my dreams and just become a better person. I hope that my college experience has been as good as it is now. I hope that my grades are good. I hope that I get my dream car. I hope that I get to move to the tri-cities. I hope that I still have my job at Hot Shots, I also hope I get that job with my stepdad. I hope that I was able to go to California, I also hope Hawaii was great. I overall just hope that I am genuinely happy and doing good in life.

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