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High School: The Influences of Facebook to the Youth

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Over the past years, people’s lives have been slowly taken over by technology. It has mechanized agriculture, improved the transportation, communication, education and the learning process of the youth. Today it is possible to bring news, ideas, and entertainment to millions of people through social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow college student which are Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mc Collum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service which provides a good communication globally. It also uses over 140 languages for them to understand easier.

Facebook is the most common online app which all teenagers nowadays are addicted to surf in. It is also the most usual application that is use to communicate with others from far places anytime and anywhere in fastest way than ever before. By this, people can post photos, thoughts, comments, and ideas that can share to public. This can work a lot of things but is this enough to give individuals their full trust on it especially their private life and information?

Significance of the Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of using Facebook. This study aims to help the students to at least minimize their time using Facebook, to manage their behavior or personal values towards other people and to give other students some knowledge to the positive and negative effects of using Facebook.

Teachers and parents can also benefit to this study as it can help them to be able to understand what challenges of their student and children are facing.

Future researchers of this study can use this research as guide and reference material in doing their own problem or study.

Statement of the Problem

  • How does using Facebook affects the academic performance of a student?
  • What are the advantage and disadvantages of Facebook use into a persons’ health?
  • How does Facebook use affect the behavior of young students?
  • How does Facebook use influence individuals’ relationship?


By having a clear communication is one thing that can really help people to have a strong bond and can build into a new relationship. Facebook can be a destruction when it comes to studying as it diverges one’s attention, but it is helpful since students tend to communicate and talk about their school works and stuffs through Facebook.

Some students claim that visiting social media sites during class time helps them deal with the boredom they experience. Students may also suffer to some health disorders such as blurriness of sight and dizziness after using Facebook.

Scope and Delimitation

This study focused on the ‘The Influences of Facebook to the Youth”, and was limited and conducted only at 50 Grade 10 students of Don Jose National High School during the year 2018.

It is intended for the student’s audience, specifically Millennials. Furthermore, it only attempted to identify the effects of using Facebook on students.

Review Of Related Literature

This chapter includes the review of related literature which the researchers have pursued to shed light on the topic under study. This chapter also helps in familiarizing information that are significant to the present study.

Foreign Literature

According to Boyd & Ellison (2008) social networking sites are the latest online communication tool that allows users to interact with people in their networks. Youth spend a lot of time in browsing the network, particularly Facebook, as they find it the best form of communication mode. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg to help residential college and university students to identify students in other residence halls. It is defined as “an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities” (Zuckerberg,2005). It is becoming popular and even official communication is carried out on them as well as personal. Facebook allows individuals to present themselves to other users using a variety of formats; including text, video and chat services.

The generation of 15-18 year-old users has been referred by many as a post-millennial. Their irresistible need to connect with their peers, coupled with the development of 24/7 accessible technologies, can make the use of sites like Facebook all consuming. These young media consumers are more connected than any previous generation, and they have an expectation to remain that way in all aspects of their lives. People from different age ranges interact and exchange content; they share videos and pictures, discuss subjects, chat, public advertisements for group events or play available applications.

Students spend many hours surfing this socializing website and over usage of any media does have its impact, both positive and negative. Facebook provides the latest news of the world and most of the newspapers are available online, which are immediately updated with the latest news. It offers significant advantages for its users such as sharing and collecting information, searching for jobs, communication and entertainment; for instance, users can play games with other people in any part of the world, watch movies and listen to music. It also permits individual to develop their self-identity as Facebook is a ground for face to face communication. Improvements of moods as one is able to communicate with far off friends and family or relatives.

Academic performance refers to how students deal with their studies and how they complete their studies given to them, by teachers. Students are paying more attention towards this social networking activity rather than utilizing their time for their studies and this surely affects their academic performance.

The destructive effects of this social networking site overweigh the improving ones. This site has caused some bad effect to society. The students become addicted more often than anyone else because when they are studying or searching materials online, they get attracted to this site to kill the boredom in their study time, sidetracking their attention from their work and they forget why they are using internet. This split attention paid to multiple tasks causes distraction and results in reduction of time for other activities that are related academic, physical and social hobbies that requires face to face meeting. According to Fogg and Lizawa (2008), although the use of social networking sites is subject to persuasive attitude of the social website and the attitudes of the users toward social networking in general, online behaviors also reflect personality traits, values and culture(Hofsted,1984). Nalwa and Anand (2003) found that Facebook addictive users used for long sessions, resulting in personal behavior problems and neglect of important work responsibilities. According to them, young individuals having lower self-esteem have the high level of usage of instant messaging than those who have high level of self-esteem. Surfing Facebook does show abnormal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and excessive aggression. Furthermore, one can suffer from isolation as one will tend to be glued to a smart phone and move out of the house and meet people. One may put on weight as one will sit in front of the computer or lay on bed facing their phones for a long time and eat. The reason is because of lack of exercise and they will suffer from obesity. Too much exposure to the screen is bad for the eyes. Teenagers must go out and spend time doing some outdoor activities rather than facing a smartphone.

Facebook also promotes laziness and can have a lack of emotional connection.

It is but natural that Facebook can have a positive effect as well as negative effect. Definitely everyone must be careful of the negative impact of Facebook.

Research Methodology

This chapter shows the method and procedure to be used in study. It also describes the subjects of the study, the procedure of data gathering, and the instruments used. These procedures help the researchers in formulating the outcome of the study.

The location of the researchers that conducted a survey was within the school premises which is the Don Jose National High School.

The statistical tool used in this study is the descriptive statistics. The researchers aim to summarize a sample, rather than use the data to learn about the population that the sample of data is thought to present. Thus, the researcher used the application of percentage in the computation of data to determine the accurate ranking of each factor.

This study will be dedicated to the description of the methods and procedures done in order to obtain the data, how they will be analyzed, interpreted and how the conclusion will be met, as this research seeks to discover the impacts of Facebook use among students.

I. Research Method

In order to gather the necessary data, the researcher used a descriptive method as a research design.

This type of method is suitable for the study since the data were collected through a survey. Quantitative approach shall be observed as it will obtain numerical data from the respondents through survey questionnaire.

The quantitative method is ideal since it focuses more on the ability to complete statistical analysis.

Also, the researcher does not manipulate the research setting, but rather seeks to understand the present existing condition.

II. Research Instrument

For this study, researcher designs a self-administered paper, a pen and paper type of questionnaire for the data gathering to get quantitative data. The main point of the questionnaires is to determine and evaluate the influences of Facebook use.

After the survey, the researchers organized and processed the data through tally.

The researcher used a closed-ended questions. A closed question is the simplest to ask to which the respondents must answer yes or no. As it makes it quick and easy for other respondents to answer they were also benefiting and a good example is for testing their understandings. Through this, the researcher will be able to limit responses that are within the scope of this study.

The questionnaire was structured in such a way that respondents will be able to answer it easily. Thus, one of the researcher used as a questionnaire that requires the subject to indicate his or her degree of agreement or disagreement to a statement.

III. Respondents of the Study

The researcher randomly selected and surveyed exactly 50 Grade 10 students of Don Jose National High School.

The respondents are as follows:



IV. Validity

In order to test the validity of the survey questionnaire, the researcher tested and interviewed the questionnaire to 5 students. The answers of the respondents who have been tested were not part of the actual study. After answering the given questions, researchers asked the respondents for suggestions and correction to make the instrument improve further.

The researcher removed and replaced the unrelated questions and change difficult to understand terminologies to make it simpler and make the survey more comprehensive for the selected students.


This section organizes the results of the study. It discusses the data gathered before, during and after the implementation of the research. The researcher transfers what they have learned into words and examples. This chapter gives graphs and tables and its verbal interpretation of the data related to the study which is the influences of Facebook to the youth of the selected Grade 10 students on Don Jose National High School SY 2017-2018.

This contains survey questions related to lack of time management, bad effects to their health, technologies, and also the inability to cope up to their academic performance, and relationship.

Table 1: Age of the students

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.

Table 1 shows that the students who got the age of 16 with the percentage of 70% are greater than the students with the age of 15 with 16%, 17 with 8%, 18 with 4%, and 19 with only 2%. Based on the results, it states that most of the respondents with the age of 15-16 are suitable for their grade level.

Table 2 Table Question Number 1: Facebook as Entertainment.

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.



Percentage (%)









Table 2.1 shows that 86% of the students consider Facebook as an entertainment while 14% of students does not found Facebook so entertaining.

Table 2. Question Number 2: Facebook as Medium for Communication

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.



Percentage (%)










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Table 2.2 shows that 88% of students consider Facebook as their medium for communication while only 12% of students do not use this app for communication purposes.

Table 2. Question Number 3: Prioritizing Facebook Than Household Chores

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.



Percentage (%)









The table 2.2 shows that 54% of students still manage to do the household chores rather than using Facebook but 46% of students are still prioritizing Facebook than the household chores.

Table 2. Question Number 4: Negative Effect of Facebook to Mental Health

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.



Percentage (%)










This table shows that 42% of the students were negatively affected by Facebook to their mental health while 58% of them does not suffer mental dysfunction cause by Facebook use.

Table 3: Student’s Allotted Time With Facebook Use’ disfunction cause by facebook use.

Table 3 shows that most of the students are limiting their use of Facebook. Some answered that they mostly spend 30 minutes-1 hour of using Facebook with the total of 58%. The lowest number of respondents with 20% are spending their 2-3 hours on using Facebook while 22% of the students are allotting their 6-24 hours on Facebook use.

Table 4

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.


Question #
















Question number 1: Facebook as A Source of Information shows that 2% of the students answered that they never gather any news or information from Facebook while 26% of them answered that Facebook sometimes provides them social informations. Some are aware of the fake news which is the current issue today so sometimes the information on Facebook was not that reliable to make it as a source. And lastly, 23% of the students are always discovering some informations about the society, this only implies that Facebook is effective for them to know more about the society.

Question number 2: Expressing Emotions Through Facebook shows that 30% of the students answered that they always get so overwhelmed every time someone liked or commented on their post, this simply means that Facebook is giving them affection because it became a part of their lives. 60% of the students responds that they just sometimes feel the affection brought to them by the said social media application while only 10% of them are never been satisfied or overwhelmed by the attention and appreciation of their Facebook friends with their post on Facebook.

Question number 3: Negative Effects of Facebook to Our Health shows that 26% of the students always suffer some health disorders such as the blurriness of sight and dizziness after using Facebook while those who often suffer this is 58% and those who does not are 16% of the students. This implies that Facebook still causes damage to our health, limitation is real applicable.

Table 5. Question Number 1: Facebook as A Hindrance in Personal Communication

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.

Table 5.1 shows the answer of these 66% of students who consider Facebook as a hindrance for their personal relationship with other people. Some explained that it was because the more they become closed through Facebook, they are being complacent about the relationship they have, so it’s okay for them if they are not communicating personally because they are being used to it.

Also according to the research, because people tend to focus more on Facebook, they are being unaware of what’s happening to their surroundings, they forget about how to socialize personally.

But 34% of the students answered that they are not seeing Facebook as a hindrance, instead it actually helps them grow more on socializing personally. Facebook is urging them to make time for people personally.

Table 5. Question Number 2: Benefits of Facebook Use to Academic Needs of the Students

Responses for the survey of the Grade 10 students on the influences of Facebook to the youth on Don Jose National High School. S.Y. 2017-2018.

Table 5.2 shows that 28% of the students answered that they do not found Facebook so helpful when it comes to their academic needs.

According to the research, some students just use Facebook for entertainment purposes only. Some also says that even though they can communicate with their classmates and teachers regarding their homework, still most of the informations now in Facebook are false.

On the other hand, 72% of the students answered that they consider Facebook as a helpful medium to excel with their academics because some of them are searching the pages from Facebook regarding the different kinds of trivia and information that improves their knowledge and is helpful for answering the logics in some class discussions. Also they can ask some of their classmates about the things they get confused into through chat even when they are apart.


Young teenagers spend a lot of their time in browsing the network particularly the Facebook as they find it as the best form of communication mode. The most popular mode of networking is undoubtedly, the Facebook apart from other social media networking sites. Using Facebook sometimes has a big help but also a big distraction.

Facebook provides a development platform for many social gaming, communication, feedback, review and other applications related to online activities. It has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways. Facebook has also a large impact on students. Some students are using it for educational purposes. Students would like to do some online collaboration with classmates. Since most of the students consider Facebook as their medium for communication base on the findings. Facebook also allows people using computers or mobile phones to continuously stay in touch with friends, relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world, as long as there is an access to the internet. It has reunited lost family members and friends. It allows users to trade ideas, stay informed with local or global developments, and unite people with common interests or beliefs through open and closed groups and other pages. Facebook has let people to join large group of peers and acquaintances to socialize with them by means of video call and chatting.

The social networking site has become an addiction for many that can lead to the lack of productive activities, instead of students concentrating to their homework or studying for a test the next day, they are spending hours looking through pictures, answering page comments, and chatting with their friends on the site’s instant messenger. On the findings, students mostly spend their 30 minutes to 1 hour of using Facebook but take note that the time that students spend on chatting and video calling is not yet included. When people are connected online there are always something to talk about but when it is face to face interaction it becomes awkward to make conversation without social media. It also ruined relationship because Facebook builds up jealousy; which causes quite a bit of tension in a relationship, insecurities, due to the fact that it makes people compare themselves to others. Bullying is also the negative effect that can lead to depression and low self-esteem.

Using Facebook definitely comes with negative effects, but not everyone who uses this site is affected. Many users are able to use the site responsibly by not posting too much information and not spending too much time on Facebook. Although the social networking site includes some negative effects, it is still worth using. The site helps people to stay connected to friends and family, and share important or exciting news to a large group of people. The site is not completely negatively viewed, as long as a user thinks about how they are using it.

I. Recommendations

Time management, commitment and focus as the attitude help student decrease the negative effect of Facebook.

Researchers recommend some ways in which students can at least minimize the amount of time that they spend on Facebook.

Be offline in chat: Facebook chat is where you end up wasting far more time than you originally intended. This way you can minimize chat request from friends through Facebook. If you want to talk you your friends call them up instead of chatting them on Facebook.

Avoid apps and games. This is also the biggest time waster in Facebook. Games should be played not virtually but in the real world. Like playing games, why not choose a sport that interest you and try to practice it. This way you were able to avoid Facebook games and at the same time you were engage into physical activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Because on the researcher findings, 58% out of 100% students sometimes suffer some health disorders such as obesity, blurriness of sight and dizziness after using Facebook.

Also Facebook should make the privacy settings more clear and easier to use. Additionally, Facebook should monitor the amount of time a user spends on Facebook each time in order to prevent addiction.

This way students will be able to control the amount of time that they spend on Facebook.


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