The Significance Of High School Sports

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The benefits of playing high school sports is it helps students stay on track and get good grades to play in their desired sport of choice. Not only that but it helps build teamwork and loyalty. It may also help with home life, like let’s say the student is having family issues he/she can go to practice and let off steam whether they are hitting a ball or tackling. It also brings families closer while the child is playing the sport and the parents and siblings are cheering them on.

For contact sports such as football, rugby, and wresting should require top of the line safety equipment such as Riddell speed flex helmets and Xenith shoulder pads full mouth guards compression shirts and a girdle. For rugby the players should have a padded helmet with full mouth guards ankle supports. For wrestlers they should have head gear so they don’t get cauliflower ear and a mouth guard and appropriate wrestling shoes. All the things I just listed is all to ensure the fact that child safety is the most important key to successful high school sports teams the safer the kid the less and less reports of injury. Even though a student is in sports doesn't mean you ditch class so whilst they are in sports they ditch less and stay awake in class and actually do work unlike students who don’t play sports that ditch more and sleep in class and dont do work when they are supposed to. If the school boards would provide more funding for high school sports the higher quality safety equipment the school can get. So the safer the students will be. Even with the proper equipment students still need to learn the safety basics of tackling so they dont lead with the crown of their helmets if they follow that main rule in football the concussion rate will be lower than what it is now. So even though injuries can be fatal it doesn't mean sports are bad and some injuries aren't that bad.

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If you want to reduce the risk of injuries follow these examples. Take time off from running and over exerting yourself. Wear the right protective gear. Strengthen your muscles and get them toned up so they can take the abuse. Increase your flexibility by stretching your limbs. Use the proper techniques so you don’t hurt yourself or hurt others. Play safe so don’t play dirty. And lastly and most importantly do not play through pain.

I will conclude this message by saying I truly believe that high school sports need to stay because it helps with academics and it helps with their success and team work.

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