Community Architecture

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Through olden times, architecture has been a representative of the social order, reflecting the success, morals, and ultimate downfall of civilizations over time. Architecture is more than just the built environment in which people live but also a part of our culture. While the aspect of shelter is a fairly simple thing, the building style was initially shaped by the values of the society building them, what materials were readily available as well as the climate of a particular location. It takes a material form for one to effectively understand the social aspects of space in the community. Therefore, society offers architectural behavior which is specific and unique to a certain community. The design strategies and any change in architecture are determined by society. Designing aims to create and build space that goes with the preferences and desires of human beings. Nevertheless, in urban spaces, they address monetary and land shortage concerns. Architecture affects society at a more individual level where it can have a profound impact on its tenants. The whole lot from material finishes to the layout of the space can contribute to the tenant's productivity, mood, and health. For instance, individuals who work in well-designed spaces generally contribute more to their company, are more focused and take less sick leave. A high level of stress is caused by unimaginative buildings and concrete, sterile landscapes. Humans feel more engaged, happy, and relaxed through mindful connections to nature through awe-inspiring architecture.

Fort Lane was used as a cut-through to Fort street by dispatch riders and any person in a haste and as a trade accessway to various buildings. High-end operators such as Michael Hill and Gucci have been long tenants of the retail space on Queen Street. The commercial space behind was largely unoccupied and had evolved into a rabbit warren of spaces of varying levels with a central services shaft. Sweeping changes to the stately buildings among Fort Lane and Queen St have revealed the building's history and transformed what was a dull service lane into one of Auckland's most renowned design achievements. Nevertheless, despite having many bars and restaurants, people eat and drink with family and friends but do not meet and interact with new individuals. Also, the price of food in the city is high and always increasing. Thus, people tend to go home after they finish working. Besides, people rely more on the internet than spending time doing activities and learning new things around them. To build a community, architecture should bring various people to share their culture through food and music. Culture is influenced by food in numerous ways such as family, religion, and tradition makes us different from others and creates a completely new society since food can impact religious aspects and how people eat. In a restaurant world, one needs to understand their purpose because anyone can serve a similar menu but the purpose is what makes an eatery stand out in a Spartan mass. Bits of knowledge in the food world are becoming more tangled from the hums that boost your meal to the vicinity of the producer's carefully chosen. Restaurant culture is placed around chefs and food but the involvement is becoming an ever more persuasive fragment of what jerks us in (gestalten, 2020). Also, the community can shape architecture, for instance, hip-hop music is often about a place that is cut off from the rest of the city, underfunded, and poorly designed through bad urban structure and planning racism (Sisson, 2017).

Architecture is the initial instrument that relates us to the time and space that we inhabit and understand. Various considerations are taken by an architect that is related to the function of the building and its use. Principally, an architect should put in mind when building a person's house that the place is where the person's memories will reside. Therefore, is it important to notice how architecture can cause emotions when a place is thought of or revisited? For instance, Plaza Mirador El Tossal Community Center is designed with the hillsides in color and shape, the culture in tone, and locals in mind as it is set within an area of pine trees, mountains, and countryside which adds a reflective and quiet atmosphere to its appeal and offers food for the mind's eye. The construction in La Nucia, Alicante features a rare irregular strategy and round windows that do its frontage. An auditorium and offices are featured in the interior of the center of the building while a wooden gazebo that is partly shaded by an overhang and affords lovely views is featured in the exterior part. Upkeep costs for the community center are cut down since the locals manage it (Social Work Degree Center, 2020). Also, the Youth Center, Public architecture in Spain houses a variety of activities from street theatres over acrobatics to skateboarding. The factory's program offers space on a project area of 3090 m2 for collective youth-centered activities such as a tightrope walking area, a street theatre, a concert area, and a skatepark. The building is structured into a series of volumes with oval floor plans for each activity making it a large publicly accessible canopy. The goal of the architect Selgas Cano was that 'no one will have to be filtered and this makes the factory be well accepted (ArchDaily, 2020).

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Social benefit is elaborated through the involvement of the end-user and community architecture in the planning process. Architecture can only make the meeting places attractive and useful, remove barriers, and plan the crossing points rather than forcing people to connect. Architecture holds the potential to set the stage for social interactions and chance encounters therefore influencing the fabric of our social culture and nurturing community building. Architecture can help build various design plans and social capital generating fertile ground for social interaction and numerous unintended activities. For some ins and outs of tackling mental health and loneliness, promoting social justice, and fostering social cohesion architecture encourages social interaction. The potential for architecture to bring people together lies more in the programming of the building than the spatial form. The driver for social interaction is the careful assemblage of activities and space is a container for whatever function suits the collective. Architecture creates a building that is set for various activities from music events, theatre performances, and movie screenings to yoga classes bringing people from different cultures together. An element of cohesion is created when almost two hundred people from all kinds of backgrounds dine together at a long dinner table. The many collections of events create a lively place completed by its informal scenery. For instance, in the Youth Center, Public architecture in Spain developed a building typology centered around movement. The building design and the spatial typology employed here stimulate connections between people that would not otherwise come together and creates a fertile ground for interaction. There is the emergence of an intergenerational housing project in Europe that involves individuals sharing their time and skills and people having different ages living together. The communally helpful prearrangement provides to the increased sense of loneliness and lack of affordable housing in the young generation. Intergenerational living bridges the gap between different social groups as it fosters learning. Jeanne Gang the founder of Studio Gant Architects in an interview with Vladimir Belogolovsky in her views concerning architecture as a relation builder explained that 'I think of architecture as a system; how you set up various opportunities for people to relate to one another, and to be empowered. What are the opportunities for people to interact? How can buildings spark new relationships?' (Cutieru, 2020)

Arguably, shapes form the most rudimentary structure of the commercial design. The shapes of windows, doors, floors, roofs, and walls work together to enhance and complement each other while contributing to a visually thrilling artifact. Vertical shapes are equally vital in creating structural components and interesting lines of a design shadow and design silhouettes by the shape of flowers or leaves, the shape of the materials used in vertical hardscaped elements, and the landscape lighting. The shape in Fort Lane will contribute to the attractive three-dimensional qualities in a landscape, for instance, the topography of the landscape, the flow between outdoor areas, and smaller elements such as hardscape, foliage, trees, and hedge structures. 'There's something about a 150-foot ceiling that makes a man a different kind of man,' remarks architect Louis Kahn during his visitation at the Roman Baths of Caracalla (Adler-Gillies, 2017). He impulsively understood what neuroscience and cognitive psychology tell us today whereby the buildings around us play an important role in our very identities, our memories, and our experiences. Also, author Vitruvius and Reverend architect firmly contend that 'architecture depends on order, arrangement, eurythmy, symmetry, propriety and economy' (DOLA RC, 2016).

Long wooden blocks placed on the cooking part wall create useful as well as decorative and beautiful objects. Also, wood is a renewable material and uses fewer resources and energy to process compared to most building materials. It can also have a chiefly useful influence on the environment because it can store and remove carbon IV oxide from the atmosphere creating a conducive environment for Fort Lane individuals. Wood is the only carbon-neutral construction material. Wood does not rust, and this makes most people prefer to include them on kitchen surfaces. Therefore, placing wooden blocks on the cooking part wall creates a conducive environment for people since rust causes illness to people. Wood is a combustible material and does not weaken when heated, unlike inorganic materials and steel building materials which weaken when heated collapsing the structure. If you want to spend less money on heating, the coolness, and to keep the house warm, wood is an incredible substitute for stone, concrete, and brick.

The circle shape is among the most versatile geometric elements in graphics and can be utilized to make stunning artworks. When it comes to graphic design, circles can make the world go round. Therefore, a circle in the karaoke area creates a notion of wholeness, integration, and unity, and offers a sense of harmony, confidence, and completion. Also, a circle is a powerful element in design since it has no angle and no begging and end creating a mild, soft, and safe architectural design. Since the beginning of time, when it comes to symbolism, circles were always linked with cosmic objects such as the earth, the moon, and the sun which denote mystery, imagination, and magic (Popa, 2020). To capture people's attention, karaoke is normally designed using bright colors to get a clean aesthetic that keeps the focus on what is important. People are mostly attracted by beautiful patterns, therefore, to create a sense of beauty multiple circles can be used in the karaoke area. The circles are mostly in form of lights having different colors.

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