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Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Some of our finest work comes through service to others”. Fill in generic info. There are many opportunities for service in Charleston. By volunteering, you can make a major impact on our community, improve your character, and obtain a new perspective. The Ronald McDonald House, located downtown, offers amazing service opportunities that can have a major impact on others' lives.

The Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close to their hospitalized child at little to no cost. Volunteers are needed to cook, host, listen, nurture, or just simply be there to help in any way they can. By serving at the Ronald McDonald house you can have a positive impact on the lives of those who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Add funding, a number of volunteers, etc… The Lowcountry Food Bank is an organization that fights hunger in our community. Volunteers are needed to do a multitude of things, including preparing meals, sorting, packaging, distributing, donating, and teaching others about nutrition.

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At the Lowcountry Food Bank, they work to end hunger and make a difference. Add more stuff By serving at the Lowcountry Food Bank you can give back to those who are less fortunate and contribute to making their lives better. Lowcountry Orphan Relief is an organization in which you can help improve children's lives. Their main goals are to support and assist children identified as “at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse and/or neglect.” in the Lowcountry. Quote from the website“Together we have an opportunity to contribute to our children’s future, be part of an enduring effort that promotes safety and the well-being of our children, providing them with the necessities of life and a welcoming, safe environment.” Add more info By volunteering at Lowcountry Orphan Relief you can help provide resources and help to children identified as at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse, and/or neglect.

By volunteering, you are not just helping others. In a way, you are benefiting yourself. In the article “The Effects of Volunteering on a Young Volunteer”, the impacts that volunteer work can have on a student are shown. The article suggests that diverse, successful volunteer programs for adolescents, along with school-based support, are related to improving academically and socially. Results showed less suspension, failed courses, and school dropouts. Higher reading grades were reported students had an overall improved self-concept and attitudes toward society. By getting adolescents involved in volunteer work, they are able to obtain a new perspective and improve their character. The service opportunities mentioned in this piece are just a few among the many organizations that need YOUR help to succeed and make a difference. There are many volunteer work opportunities available in our community and by contributing to these causes you can change lives. By volunteering, you are not only making the world a better place, but making a major impact on our community, improving your character, and obtaining a new perspective.

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