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Essay on Computer Game Addiction

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Someone has correctly quoted that “access of anything turns out to be bad”. This essay completely relies on this quote and proves it correct. The topic of computer games and dangerous addiction is not just an essay topic, it is a widespread problem in society that needs to be curbed. Addiction to computer games is considered one of the most chronic diseases, which has been part of the culture for a very long time. This paper will center upon the current situation of this issue, it’ll focus upon the reasons for having this issue and what sensible steps can be taken to decrease the problem of this addiction and what levels as of now have been taken to control this issue by the society and the government. The studies by Antonius J. Van Rooij, Gert-Jan Meerkerk, Tim M. Schoenmakers, Mark Griffiths & Dike van de Mheen (2010) and Oliveira, M. (2018) will help me validate their observations and studies and give justifications for their claims and arguments. Their arguments and claims would provide the information about the previous years and the current situation as well as it will allow me to prove that computer games can be dangerously addictive and how this problem should be curbed from the society.

Current Scenario of the Society

Antonius J. Van Rooij, Gert-Jan Meerkerk, Tim M. Schoenmakers, Stamp Griffiths & Dike van de Mheen (2010) claim that in prior times relaxation exercises did not utilize to have any notices or disturbing sites that get to of their utilization would lead you to understood to be an addict, for the exceptionally to begin with time the world’s grandest online gaming stage known as the World of Warcraft cautioned its clients to play their game in a particular constraint or else they would end up being an addict. According to the studies and data collected by Antonius J. Van Rooij, Gert-Jan Meerkerk, Tim M. Schoenmakers, Stamp Griffiths & Dike van de Mheen (2010) the access playing of computer games have made people of the young generation and working-class addicted towards the game and further they have been facing considerable problems in differentiating between real life and the virtual world, they have given more priorities to the virtual world which have been declining their performance as an employee in their office or a student in their schools. Playing computer games has led to an extreme alter within the nature and identity of the caught person, the issues as an observant confronted are behavioral habit, correctly striking character, disposition adjustment, resilience, withdrawal, struggle and backslide issues. The reality and the practical world have become an undesigned dream for the video game addicts, even if they strive to achieve a life without the virtual world, they are not able to meet their goal as they are excessively addicted to the video games and are not able to differentiate between reality and the virtual world. The authors state that video gaming is not at all a negative activity rather online video gaming is a kind of a social platform for the gamers to explore themselves and the social environment, they get to know a little more about their personalities and traits and ultimately get addicted to the new social life, which they gained through gaming. This is what make gamers addicted to gaming. The youth has made gaming an inseparable part of their lives as they get a huge social platform to represent themselves as a much more superior personality than their real personalities, this helps them gain a feeling of confidence which makes them go and play the games repeatedly, as claim authors. Ultimately, the authors conclude that video gaming isn’t an addictive propensity only if it is drained a certain way which does not influence the life of the individual and brings negative impacts to it.

Computer Game Addiction and Its Consequences

According to my inference and study the current generation is digging its own grave by the overindulgence in computer games. They have been prioritizing video diversions more than anything in their lives. They have turned into lounge chair potatoes and give sittings on an hourly premise before their computer screen. The social stage given to the youthful eras by online gaming has given them a feeling of opportunity, and they have an attitude to attain everything within the virtual lives which they are not able to perform in their genuine lives. Such video diversion addicts cannot separate between reality and the virtual world. It has as of late been watched that all the understudies who have been dependent on online gaming or video gaming have shown an extreme ruin in their scholastic scores which suggests that they have not been learning anything since they have been dependent on gaming. Additionally, investing hours before the computer screens lead to a tall sum of jun. The problem of access to video gaming has been observed a lot in contemporary times. This problem has led to various mental disorders and disabilities, such as mental fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, and many more. Other than mental problems, personality traits have also changed drastically, which has given rise to stubbornness, pessimism, and violent behavior. There have been many instances wherein people who were very successful in their fields and careers have shown a huge downgrade in their performance and ultimately got fired or couldn’t achieve their goals in life. The claims of Oliveira M. (2018) also express that excess video gaming has evolved and has given rise to a disease known as ‘gaming disorder’. This is a disease whose trap has been capturing gamers in such a way that coming of this trap is nearly. Oliveira also argues that the disease ‘gaming disorder’ has led to infants committing suicide just because of not getting access to their computers and enter the virtual world. Another issue which has been derived is that the captured victims or the patients of this disease feel uncomfortable discussing this problem with their parents, doctors and many more close people, this is so because there is a sense of shame which holds them back to express their problems and another reason is that the speaking and verbal skills of the victim are not that efficient enough which could allow them to express their issues. The problem of ‘gaming disorder’ has destroyed many lives and is still on the verge of destroying people. Therefore, someone has correctly quoted “everything in a limit is not bad, once it’s off limit one goes off track”.

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Solutions and Measures

Computer games have begun getting to be indivisible parts of the youthful era and the working course, and this thing have been within takes note of the government and the proprietors of the online video amusement stages. There have been colossal illustrations in nations, such as India, China, Russia, were within the government has held up exceptionally strict rules against online gaming or video gaming. But the government can as it were direct rules and controlled their suggestion is the work of the individuals of society who truly need to check this issue and get it the common sense of their lives. One of the greatest cases was a game called the ‘Blue Whale’ was entirely prohibited in India since it included children committing suicide and murdering other children, this diversion had such an effective impact and compulsion that the average playing time for this game was five hours and furthermore a day which is considered to be exceptionally tall. This game was prohibited by the government, but still, there were some individuals who empowered individuals to play this diversion with unlawful implies. Usually, what is the issue of the current eras, the theory of their lives is ‘rules are implied to be broken’. In such a case, the government cannot be faulted, but the maladaptive and in dynamic society ought to be faulted. Another huge example which is winning illustration may be a game called ‘PUBG’, which could be an amusement which includes tall levels of violent substance and advances slaughtering each other within the virtual world. This diversion totally advances the act of having forceful nature, viciousness, and mental weariness. This diversion came into taking note by the Indian government and the Prime Minister Mr. Narendre Modi himself gave a speech, which made the youth realize how they were wasting their precious time on unproductive and a violent game. This led to a huge deduction of the PUBG players in India.

The effective way to curb this issue contains separate roles for the government and separate goals for the youth. The government can implement various rules and regulations to reduce online and video gaming by creating courses at school which teaches the children of the upcoming stage from the scratch that computer games can be considered to be unproductive. Secondly, the government should launch some rules and regulations and imply them as soon as possible by taking ideas from the IT team. The youth also play an important rule. The government can just launch and regulate new rules and regulations, but it is duty of the youth to spread awareness about them and help the government implement those rules in an effective manner. The youth can do so by putting posters, taking workshops at schools and universities, plays and skits can be performed, advertisements can be put up, and support workshops should be conducted for the ones who are addicted and seriously want to get rid of the diseases, such as ‘gaming disorder’.


The analysis and observations made in the above paragraphs is an overview of the current scenario of the society which is compared with the situation in the past with leisure activities, side effects of excessive computer games and a solution to the problem of video game addiction. The essay contains many claims, shreds of evidence and studies which depict that video game addiction brings a drastic downfall in the lives of the young generations and the working class. The upcoming youth is considered to be valuable as it is the future of the upcoming world. In this developing era, the adaptation of the developing changes and signs of progress is a major requirement of the upcoming generation to survive. The given claims and evidence above prove that excessive use of video games can have adverse effects in the lives of the prevailing generation and the upcoming generations. Various steps and measures can also be taken to isolate society from the problem of computer game addiction which are discussed above. To sum it all up, the question of whether video games are dangerously addictive has a relative answer, and they have essentially changed the question into a true and proven statement, which is, ‘Yes, video games are dangerously addictive’. Tom Bissell has correctly quoted: “We are no longer worried that children are missing school because of video games, though. We are worried that they are murdering their classmates because of video games”.


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  2. Oliveira, M. (2018). Video Game Addiction a Disease? Who Prepares to Codify ‘Gaming Disorder’. The Canadian Press , p. The Canadian Press, Apr 4, 2018.

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