The Power of the Logo: Critical Essay

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Have you ever experienced that could not remind the name when someone asks you what name this song is? You know what this is, but you just remember their visual, you can’t remind their name. Another example is that you met a person whom you don’t know and introduced to each other. One day you met him again. You remember that he is that you have met before, but you can’t remind what his name is. I have done that. And I think you also have that too. According to the article by Quartet Communications, people get much more information from their visual senses in five senses. It literally means that we are better at remembering a picture than a name. Nowadays, every company has its own logo because they know the above fact. Interestingly, their logos are so tricky, sometimes they are funny, cute, and little a bit weird. Surely, their logos are devised to make them easier for people to remember. So, I picked up two companies and their logos – McDonald’s and 7-Eleven – and searched about why they used them by their history.

First of all, about McDonald’s. The logo is just ‘M’. What is that? What kind of means does that have? Who can notice ‘M’ sells hamburgers? However, everyone knows what kind of shops that is by just looking. McDonald’s was started in the 1940s in the United States. It became famous for its speed service system, factory-style hamburger manufacturing method, and self-service mechanism. And now is also McDonald’s is loved in the world. But the logo was different now. At first, McDonald’s had an imaginary character named Speedee, the meaning must be that I can serve a hamburger quickly. Where was the M mark from? At McDonald's, a different logo was used at that time, but since the building called the Golden Arch at the first Chicago store was symbolic, the shape of the arch was used as the logo. In other words, the McDonald's logo was completed because the golden arch looks like ‘M’. And the simple and easy-to-understand logo made McDonald’s famous.

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Next is 7-Eleven. This translates literally to 7 and 11, but what does that mean? A convenience store was a small ice retailer in the United States in 1927. At that time, electric refrigerators were not yet widespread in homes, so ice cubes for refrigerators were essential for daily life. As the times changed, they started selling not only ice but also daily foods, such as eggs and milk. The store that suits the customer's needs was a convenience store. These retail stores were initially called ‘totem stores’, and the totem poles built in the store's garden and the totem poles on the side of the store became the symbol of convenience stores. In 1946, the name of the store was changed to 7-Eleven as a chain that operates daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Therefore, this means that it is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For these facts, each of their logos has its own meaning and history, however, these histories and the power of the logo are completely unrelated. So, what is the power of the logo? The logo has two powers: easy to settle and unlimited possibilities. For example, which is easier to see if there is only the name? Of the store on the map or only the logo? Of course, it would be the logo. In addition, the logo has another pro that logo can be anything because as you can see from the facts above, we can determine what store without knowing the meaning of the logo. These are the reason why companies use logos and make them tricky.

In summary, companies are using logos and human mechanisms for making customers remember what kind of companies they are. From this, I’ve been very scared because I thought that the world was doing a lot of things the opposite of human behavior and psychology.

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