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Abstract Traditionally, trademarks were considered as convenient tools for source identification and were granted legal recognition on this premise. However, more recently, trademarks have progressed in a new yet challenging medium as an effective tool for both corporate and social communication. Given the dilemma, this thesis aimed to evaluate and analysis the current system for trademark in Pakistan and to propose change accordingly. The thesis argued that which and where Pakistan Trademark legal system is lacking by analytical approach by...
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#1 Concurrent use registration Rule: 15 U.S.C. §1052(d) That if the Director determines that confusion, mistake, or deception is not likely to result from the continued use by more than one person of the same or similar marks under conditions and limitations as to the mode or place of use of the marks or the goods on or in connection with which such marks are used, concurrent registrations may be issued to such persons when they have become entitled to...
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Trademarks have been there since the ancient of times and before all the technology has been established, even before al; the creation of shops and stores. When people used to trade goods through craftsmen; their creativity was so undrafted that they used unique and different ways to trademark their goods for example through signatures or signs to mark them. Trademarks took up its very significant and important role with the bringing of industrialization and since then have established their key...
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Under huge tension from the U.S., Taiwan passed the hotly anticipated updated Trademark Law in November, 1993. Albeit compelling presently, its usage guidelines were not given until July 15, 1994. Since that time, the structures, manuals and strategies of Taiwan's trademark office, the National Bureau of Standards ('NBS'), have been reconsidered. The Law improves security for earlier clients of an imprint, just as facilitating necessities for those authorizing, doling out, vowing, and enlisting marks. What's more, the law annuls the...
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Creating a business requires making choices that will contribute to the success of the business: from the colors of the website to the price of products or services. But, in my opinion, one of the most important choices to make at the start of business creation is to create a logo. After all, the logo will be at the heart of the brand image. It's something people recognize, it has to be in line with the company's values and mission....
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Have you ever experienced that could not remind the name when someone asks you what name this song is? You know what this is, but you just remember their visual, you can’t remind their name. Another example is that you met a person whom you don’t know and introduced to each other. One day you met him again. You remember that he is that you have met before, but you can’t remind what his name is. I have done that....
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Introduction The product market today is highly competitive. If a brand does not constantly evolve itself, it is at the danger of failing to satisfy its customers. To keep reinventing itself, it must ensure protection to the assets that bring value to the company. For this reason, it is important to give recognition to non-conventional trademarks, such as shape of goods, 3D marks, sound marks, smell marks, etc., through which we can identify various products and services provided by companies....
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Background/Introduction The Trademarks Act, 1999, defines well-known trademark as, 'a mark which has become so to the substantial segment of the public which uses such goods or receives such services that the use of such mark in relation to other goods or services would be likely to be taken as indicating a connection in the course of trade or rendering of services between those goods or services and a person using the mark in relation to the first-mentioned goods or...
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Trademark Type is the name, brand, logo or design or any combination of these used to distinguish the supplier or supplier from the business or any other person and to indicate the origin of the product. Trademarks are often used by manufacturers to identify names, ideas, logos and trademarks in the display of their products. But shapes, sounds, smells and colors can also be registered as trademarks. In recent years, trademark legislation has expanded to include clothing and flood protection....
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PlayNation served Velex with a complaint that stated Velex was infringing on PlayNation’s trademark. The district court ruled in PlayNation’s favor. The court employed seven factors when making the determination: the strength of the plaintiff’s mark; the similarity of the marks; the similarity of the products the marks represent; the similarity of the parties’ retail outlets and customers; the similarity of advertising media; the defendant’s intent; and actual confusion. The court ruled that the use of the trademark by PlayNation...
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