Protection of Trademarks for Commercial Purposes: Analytical Essay

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Type is the name, brand, logo or design or any combination of these used to distinguish the supplier or supplier from the business or any other person and to indicate the origin of the product. Trademarks are often used by manufacturers to identify names, ideas, logos and trademarks in the display of their products. But shapes, sounds, smells and colors can also be registered as trademarks. In recent years, trademark legislation has expanded to include clothing and flood protection. Devices capable of distinguishing virtually any name, name, symbol, or source of a content can be used as a trademark for certain restrictions. A type is an intellectual property that carries a familiar type of product, design, or feeling that identifies a product or service from a specific source, even the types used to identify a service, commonly known as a brand, from a commercial or legal perspective. Come on The product type can be an entry, label, a coupon or a product itself. In the interests of corporate ownership, product types often appear on organizational structure. It is officially known as a kind of intellectual property.[footnoteRef:1] [1:]

It should not be read to determine or compare a trademark denial for filing a trademark application. The exact reasons for this rejection are:

  1. This mark is not included in the description of the mark. It's already been discussed, so I won't be back here.
  2. The tag is not unique.
  3. A product is a free description of a product or service.
  4. A registered trademark is a name that is commonly used commercially.

If the applicant shows that the product has achieved independence, which means that people need to verify the product with you, not credit, details or badges, these three areas of rejection can be overcome. For example, the slogan 'Compare Market' was presented separately, but it turns out that it has acquired a different character and therefore has a functional brand.

There are some common areas of total rejection, such as the use of confusing or scary symptoms. Article marks also have certain limits to prevent the spread of patent errors in life, for example, allowing the same product to be protected as a registered trademark. For example, when designing a product provides you with enough value, it cannot be protected as a trademark because the design laws are so good that I will not go into the details of these exceptions as the topic of your podcast already discussed and more complex than sufficient. Reasons Rejected, Parties Can Only Assert Rights Above:

  1. When there are trademarks such as the above and the registration refers to the same products and/or services.
  2. When there is a product similar or similar to the previous one and the article refers to the same product or service. In this case, there may be some public confusion about the two product combinations.
  3. Symptoms are received incorrectly or damage a good or different character in a previous, identical or similar sign. In short, this is where the brand supports the reputation of another type of Piggy.

These two relevant factors were compared with the overall customer experience. More specifically, the similarity of the phone, the visual and visual effects of the product will be taken into account. If they are intelligently separated, the average customer does not realize. If you use trademarks and/or services and determine whether they are identical or not, the actual use of the trademarks will be compared, among others, with the trademarks in question. Therefore, deciding whether a product is based on a relative rejection is a very difficult process.

Marks if you don't lie

In case of trademark infringement, the screen refers to the prohibition of trademark applications. In summary, a trademark violation occurs when a third party uses a registered trademark in the context of a company related to a product or service:

  1. The brand used by the author is similar to the registered merchant and is used for the brand registration team of the same product and/or service; anyone
  2. The type of product used is the same or a registered trademark and is used in connection with a registered trademark or a similar product or service; Or finally
  3. The brand used is similar to the registered trademark, which has a reputation for title and the use of a brand that damages or damages the character or brand.

How trademarks are protected for commercial purposes

Obviously, the first step is to use or use the product you are using. If the business is not yet operational or if it is part of the type of product, it is better to obtain approval before submitting the application. This will ensure that there are no conflicts with existing products. These two reasons are very important:[footnoteRef:2] [2:]

Firstly, the search for a trademark application in conflict with an existing trademark which fails to be filed will be judged, which is a waste of time and money.

Second, and more importantly, if the app works well, you are suing the current brand owner, you can waste time and money on the test, which can lead to repetition. Investments made in the original brand then completely disappeared.

If you already have a trademark, it is important to know and monitor the market so that no one can start using the same brand in a way that will harm your business. It can only invest in more sophisticated regulatory programs administered by the brand owner, such as corporate law, search for trademarks in Google and see if competitive results are displayed or if companies operate globally. if a competitive market is placed on the market and registered trademarks. Authorizations If no measure is taken for the implementation of a risk that the owner of a registered mark is guilty of an offense and thus losing the right to take legal action.

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To do this, you use the songs that are playing, which is beyond the scope of the podcast. However, the best practice is that all brands that can be used or used at an early stage are much more powerful than the trademark rights listed.

When the EU trademark rules were recently changed, a new provision was added. Sur now hopes that the brand's rules will guarantee full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression. At first glance, this is not surprising. Trademark law has never exceeded or exceeded the scope of fundamental rights such as freedom of expression. However, on closer inspection, it is clear that there are clear references to the fundamental rights of trademark rules and the rules of fundamental rights. Concerning trademark law, concerns trade The extension of trademark law beyond the historical beginning must be clearly addressed. In a sense, when trademark law largely prohibited the commercial origin of products or services to avoid consumer confusion and the simple word or number could be deleted, the risk of conflict of rights such as freedom of expression, like commercial use, was limited. Although trademark law is promulgated and protects well-known brands from non-pseudo-use, and new types of paint are adopted, the potential for conflict increases as the scope is broadly covered. At the same time, the law on fundamental rights has broadened in the sense that in recent years, the courts of the European Community have implemented a general restructuring of the interface between intellectuals from the European Community (CJEU) and national courts.

In this scenario, eCialt is one of the main countries in Germany, called the most popular sleep model EPC Alt Sleeper atractiva.The attractive shape of the shoe has received much attention in the media, but other l 'corrected during lifting. To protect the EC-ALT market, they registered the Imagery brand in January 2017 under the EUIPO and the 3D brand in February 2017. On the other hand, the largest real market in the United Kingdom: X&Y launched a similar product, which was sold in the early 20s

Consequently, Echo-Alt violates X&Y in the UK, claiming that the sale of illustrated shoes violates the Echo-Alt brand. In my opinion, Eco-Alt has the right to sue for violation of X&Y, and X&Y has no right to sell prospectuses registered in trademark law.

After this situation, the following branding issues and policies are discussed:

  1. Echo Alt is registered under decorative and three-dimensional marks, which means that digital symbols are symbols that contain only one image or an image with one or more words. Words from certain sources are also considered metaphors. Metaphors can be black and white or recorded in color. If the product itself or the product packaging has a special shape, for example aromatic bottles or alcohol bottles, you can register it as a three-dimensional mark. For the registration of three-dimensional signs, the form must be different from what is known on the market.
  2. To register marks in EUIPO, a community must have a mark, which can include a word (with the person's name), a design, a letter, a number, a color and a packaging of different sizes. products or products or words. A mark must also meet other requirements, for example, it must have a special mark so that the product and the service for which it is registered cannot be descriptive. Since 2017, the graphics presentation requirements of any brand have been removed, which allows the aroma to be saved, although this is extremely difficult. Then, ACIP Alt has the right to be a registered trademark in the field.[footnoteRef:3] [3: Eurorean Union Regulation article 9]
  3. According to article 3 of EUTMIR, letter C), a shape mark is a mark which is a container which extends over three-dimensional shapes, including containers, containers, the products themselves or their appearance. The word 'stretch' not only constitutes these symbols, but also means verbal or decorative elements, labels, etc.

By accepting trademarks, trademarks of the European Union make certain exceptions in accordance with article. Article 9 European Union trademark regulations. The registration of the EU trademark has obtained exclusive rights. With the exception of the rights of the owners acquired or the EU preference for the date of service, where this EU logo is not authorized to accept the use of a label or a product during the operation of the owner by a third party:

  • The mark is similar to the EU mark and is used as a sign in the EU for registered products or services;
  • The mark is the same or similar to the EU mark and if part of the public is at risk of confusion, the product or service registered with the EU mark is used for the same product or service. The possibility of confusion is the possibility of associations between symbols and symbols;
  • Mark's mark is similar or similar to the EU trademark, it is used for a product or service that is similar, similar or similar to the EU trademark, while the answer has the same name in union and without its use. Logo of the European Union Abuse or theft of identity or individual reputation.
  1. Trademark owners can file fraudulent charges which prohibit packaging, labeling or other preparatory measures related to the use of the substance when the substance is used in relation to the product or service, and there are a risk that such use is contrary to the owner and the owner. Rights. Brand owners can prevent similar or similar brands from being applied to content and prevent others from opposing, marketing, preserving, importing or exporting.
  2. This is a violation of ESPC ,Alt, X and Y without the sale of products and loss of reputation for EPC Alt products.
  3. Counterfeiting a registered trademark is the unauthorized use of a registered trademark or service mark registered with a product or service which can lead to confusion, fraud or misrepresentation of the source.

In the event of a violation, a violation is triggered by sending a stop sign and a warning letter with a declaration of cancellation. If this warning letter does not resolve the issue, the owner of the trademark (or other intellectual property rights) generally classifies the commission as an appropriate district. You must complain to the court. Both parties are to appear with a German lawyer as a criminal case for a lawyer ('patent lawyer'), probably in cooperation with a patent lawyer (patent lawyer). Judges acting as applicants outside the European Union must ask the German courts to guarantee the protection of costs and expenses. The claimant must provide evidence of all the factors related to the identification of the crime. In the case of a German dispute, the conclusion is generally not that it is possible to work with information which cannot be justified by the document by providing evidence during the oral testimony. On the other hand, many parties make decisions on the basis of a written presentation of the parties and subsequently clarify the opinion of the court by an oral request to the president of the department and allow the parties to present their arguments and comments. The provision of formal evidence in a trademark infringement is largely confined to proving the difference in reputation or use of reputation; The likelihood of confusion is generally judged by the court as a question of law.

[footnoteRef:4] [4:]

Violation for punishment

Violations are broken down by law or the law, and civil penalties generally result in loss of copyright, patents or trademark owners for intellectual property. The criminal sanction can lead to imprisonment and heavy financial sanctions. The EPO can also ask for fines or compensation for writing down Alt's reputation.

The European Union has been replaced by all references to society. Then the new control would be the European Union logo (RMU) and the Community logo would be called the European Union logo (RMU). The Internal Market Coordination Office (OHIM) will be the main European intellectual property organization (EUIPO). Regarding the future application of trademark law, the capitalists combine open standards for fundamental rights with a list of restrictions that explain the existence of a two-level framework, a framework generally recommended because it combines flexibility and transparency in the approval of courtrooms. Using your brand is as important as creating a brand. If you don't, the brand value can be questioned and the brand value can be lost.

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