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The Concept of Car-sharing: Analysis of Research Design

1: Research Proposal · Introduction A global trend is increased urbanization, and most countries in the world are becoming increasingly urbanized. Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and this percentage is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. (UN, 2018) This fact, in combination with the projection of overall growth of the world’s population, this could add an estimated 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050. A large part of this increase is forecasted to...
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Research Design and Its Main Types

Research design refers to the overall strategy used to conduct research, which defines a concise and logical plan for addressing established research questions through the collection, interpretation, analysis, and discussion of data. The study design defines the study type and subtype, study problem, hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, experimental design, and, if applicable, data collection methods, and statistical analysis plan. Research design is a structure created to find answers to research questions. The main types of research design are: descriptive...
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Analysis of Castle Lager: Research Design and Data Collection

1.1 Research Problem The research problem with reference to the case study is the stereotyping and labelling that is prevalent in South Africa. Racism has always been a prevalent issue in South Africa, there are too many incidents that involve racism. For example, according to Jordaan (2018) the South African Human Rights Commission in 2018 had dealt with 505 complaints related to racism, this was an 82% increase from 2017. This shows how racism is still an issue in South...
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A Study on Perception Towards Branded Apparels Amongst Youth in Tricity: Research Design

Introduction Apparels and accessories retailing is the largest segment of organized retailing in India. To remain competitive and profitable in present marketplace, the apparel industry must continue to expand its capability to fulfil the needs and wants of customers, its overall retail picture has shown long-term growth with the increase of income, and increased exposure to foreign brands. In last few years, apparel market has seen changes with respect to dressing design, style, usage of branded items and choice of...
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Research Design: Case Study of E-Z Pass

Abstract Problem identification process includes different steps which are interrelated with each other. Going through the steps one at a time, leads to identification of a problem. Research design is setting an objective and setting up a guideline to what should be done to get to the objectives. In the case of E-Z Pass, it is recommended for the task force to perform an exploratory research design. Researchers are able to complete an entire research without a hitch when research...
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Research Design and Analysis of Student Satisfaction

As Harvey 1995 suggests satisfaction of learners in an institution goes hand in hand with the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement. It’s one path to identify areas of concern within the college. To depict the rate of satisfaction in students research needs to be conducted. Research is an activity done to discover new understanding or knowledge about a problem according to many dictionaries. Research emphasizes the systematic and careful nature of the work. The main purpose of...
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Water Pollution Index of Batujai Reservoir, Central Lombok Regency-Indonesia

Clean, fresh water is a valuable natural resource that ensures the survivability of the nation. Despite having 6% of the world’s water resources, Indonesia’s management and environmental policies have not only been raising concerns but also pushed the country to the brink of water crisis (“Indonesia’s water and sanitation crisis”). In their 2019 study, Rahim and Soeprobowati aimed at finding an answer to the following research question: “What is the water pollution index of Batujai, the largest water reservoir in...
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Definition and Key Elements of Marketing Research Procedure

Marketing Research: Definition The way toward social affair, examining and deciphering data about a market, about an item or administration to be offered available to be purchased in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the item or administration; investigation into the attributes, ways of managing money, area and requirements of your business’ objective market, the industry overall, and the specific contenders you face. Precise and intensive data is the establishment of all fruitful business adventures...
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Planning Process of Marketing Research for AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities Marketing Research Process AvalonBay Communities is a property management business for apartments with a presence in 11 areas in the United States: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. In addition to managing apartment properties, AvalonBay also develops, redevelops, and acquires existing apartment properties for continued expansion and increased presence in the market. With such a varied real estate presence they have an in-house marketing research team to...
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Analysis of Research Methodology and Research Methods

Introduction- This Chapter will focus on research Methodology and research methods that will be used in a research study. This chapter will be an Encyclopaedic initiation to research. A strive is essential to clarify and deliver a distinction within research methodology & research method. The Methodology behind the research will be discussed with Proper vindication. According to Rajasekar et. al. (2006), “Research is a logical and systematic search for new and useful information on a particular topic.” For any research,...
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