Reflective Essay on Research Strategies

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“Research Strategies”

“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso. A research strategy introduces the main components of a research project like the research topic area and focus, the research perspective, the research design, and therefore the research methods. It refers to how you plan to answer the research questions set and the way you'll implement the methodology. This paper tackles the different types of research strategies like experiments, case studies, ethnography, grounded theory, and action research. This chapter offers a summary of established research strategies and methods with attention to inquiry within the social sciences.

In the first part of this course, you began to identify your research topic, develop your research statement, and consider possible research question(s). While you would possibly have already clear research questions or objectives, it's possible that, at this stage, you're uncertain about the foremost appropriate strategy to implement so as to deal with those questions. This section looks at a couple of research strategies you're likely to adopt.

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There are four main types of research strategy, case studies, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and action-oriented research. In case studies, information is sought from different sources and through the use of various sorts of data like observations, surveys, interviews, and analysis of documents. It focuses on an in-depth investigation of one case or a small number of cases. While in qualitative interviews, require extensive planning concerning the event of the structure, decisions about who to interview and the way, whether to conduct individual or group interviews, and the way to record and analyze them.

Quantitative survey is a widely used method in business research and allows access to high numbers of participants. The supply of online sites enables the wide and cheap distribution of surveys and therefore the organization of the responses. Action-oriented research refers to practical business research that is directed toward a change or the assembly of recommendations for change.

It is possible for you to settle on a technique that includes the use of secondary data. Secondary data is data that has been collected by people. Using secondary data for your scientific research must be justified in that it meets the needs of the research questions. The utilization of secondary data has obvious benefits in terms of saving money and time. It's important to notice that there should be consistency between the attitude (subjective or objective) and therefore the methodology employed. The other five research strategies are descriptive, correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental.

Different research methods have different objectives and different levels of validity. Making the decision to seek help and gain knowledge can be a big step, which is why we’ll want a reliable source for our research that will help us achieve our specific goals. If you're getting to understand an area of study, you've got to become knowledgeable in the research methods it uses. This is important for the study of human growth and development because many various research designs can be used. The knowledge about research provides good training, especially to the new research worker. It helps us to do better research and observe the field objectively.

This topic gave me additional knowledge about doing research. It will be an advantage to know how we can do the process correctly and accordingly. Knowing the research strategies will help us to do research easily and it will give us ideas about the important things that we need to consider in doing research. The things that we acquire as undergraduates will be an advantage when we consider going to graduate school. Those skills will be a good help for us to determine what we want to study. And being able to understand scientific research is valuable, research methods course is one of the most important courses that will help us, especially the psychology students.

The research strategies should be considered and learned because this will be a big help in conducting research. This paper discusses the importance of research strategies and how they can help us in our studies.


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