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The Psychology Of The Anti Vaccine Movement

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The scientific controversy over-vaccination and its foreboding threat has been constantly brought into the debate. Over the past few years, the anti-vaccination group has risen and continues to rise as the days go by. I believe in the vaccination of not just children but of adults as well. The risks and eluding threats of not being vaccinated are far more severe and threatening compared to the minute chances in which receiving a vaccine can result in having autism. Throughout this essay, we will be looking at both sides of the argument to discuss the stance, proofs, and evidence they have to back up their claims.

The anti-vaccine movement argues that vaccines simply inject you with a disease/illness with which you could have possibly had no association just to simply fight it off. They state that by reading package inserts reviewed by the US Census Data dating back to 1912 on disease incident rates, read FDA warnings, researched pharmaceutical company studies for these and other drugs, sourced the government's vaccine adverse events reporting website, collected reports on outbreaks and how many affected were previously vaccinated that they have then made an informed decision to be unvaccinated. The most common point made by the anti-vaccine movement is that empowering the state to ‘force’ inject you or your children against your will is far more dangerous than measles.

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While the anti-vaccination movement often brings up a few concerns on the effects of vaccines and how the same threats that were once in the past are not an issue in the 21st century many argue that even with better hygiene, sanitation, and access to safe water, infections still spread. 'They're so effective, they take diseases like measles away. But then we forget those diseases are dangerous, says Kathryn Edwards, M.D., director of the Vanderbilt University Vaccine Research Program, in Nashville. When people are not vaccinated, infectious diseases that have become uncommon such and measles, mumps, polio, etc can quickly reappear once exposed. When you do not vaccinate your kids you put other children (children who are too sick to receive vaccines, people going under chemotherapy, etc.) are at risk. Children who are not healthy enough to receive a vaccine risk their health and even their lives every day by interacting with children who could handle vaccines but never received them. By not vaccinating your kids you are putting the health of other kids at risk. They also bring up the point in which there is no actual evidence that vaccines cause autism. The 100-year-old study that previously elucidated the impression that vaccinations cause autism that is still used by many anti-vaccination movements to back up their claims was disproven.

All things considered, my view on the matter is that there is no soundproof or evidence that can state that vaccinations cause autism. The CDC did a study in 2013 that debunked the myth in which vaccines cause autism. Vaccinations are there to protect us from diseases that could potentially kill us or make us dangerously ill. Vaccinations have helped us adapt to viruses that would otherwise be deadly. Ultimately vaccinations make your body stronger by educating it about all the threats it can face. Vaccinations include a harmless, neutralized and stable version of the diseases that pass through the immune system so your antibodies can learn how to fight it. Vaccines prevent you from either contracting it again or contracting a potentially lethal form of the disease, As for vaccines like the polio vaccine or measles vaccine, it's highly unlikely that the patient will contract the disease at all if they get the vaccine. Although vaccinations aren't completely harmless the tremendous benefits and the effectiveness of getting a vaccination are outweighed.

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