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What is the relationship between art and architecture? Is there a difference between art and architecture?

The question of what separates architecture and art is very confusing and has been repeatedly discussed for a long time. Artists and architects create visual compositions using a common knowledge base, but their goals are completely different. Some designers or architects consider themselves artists, but only a few artists consider themselves designers.

A good piece of art inspires. Good architecture motivates.

Perhaps the most fundamental difference between art and architecture, with which we all agree, is their goal. As a rule, the process of creating an artwork begins from scratch, with an empty canvas. The work of art stems from the representations, opinions, or sensations of the artist. Artists create a work of art to share their feelings with others, allow viewers to learn from them, or inspire them. The most famous (and successful) works of art today are those that establish the strongest emotional connections between the artist and his audience. On the contrary, when the architect is going to create something, he almost always has a starting point, be it a message, an image, an idea, or an action. The work of the designer or architect is not to invent something new, but to combine something for a specific purpose.

Good artwork is interpreted. The good design is clear.

Another difference between art and architecture is how the meaning of each of them is interpreted by the audience. Although the artist expresses his point of view or emotions, this does not mean that point of view or emotion has one meaning. An artwork is perceived by people in different ways because it is interpreted in different ways. Da Vinci's painting “Mona Lisa” was interpreted and discussed over the years. Why is she smiling? According to scientists, this is an illusion created by your peripheral vision. Romantics say she is in love. Skeptics say that there is no actual reason for her smile. None of them are right. Architecture has the opposite meaning. Many will say that if the design can be “interpreted” in some way, the designer has failed for his own purposes. The fundamental goal of design is to transfer the architect’s ideas to the user and his motivation to do something. If your design conveys an idea different from the one you intended to convey, and your user does some action based on this received idea, then the design fails. With a good design, the exact ideas of the designer are conveyed to the user.

A good work of art is talent. Good architecture is a skill.

Most often, an artist has natural abilities. Of course, from an early age, the artist grows painting, drawing, sculpting, creating, and developing his abilities. But the true value of the artist lies in the talent with which he was born. Good artists, of course, have the ability, but artistic skills without talent, perhaps, are useless. However, designing is an ability that is taught and practiced. You do not need to be a great artist to be a great architect, you just need to learn good design. Some of the most respected modern buildings in the world are known for their minimalist style. They do not use a lot of colors or textures, but they pay a lot of attention to the size, positioning, elements, and distances between elements, which can be learned without innate talent.

What is the essence of architecture?

Architecture is referred to as a spatial type of art, as the architect organizes the masses, volumes, lines, and silhouettes, not only in three-dimensional space but also in the time of perception of the composition by the viewer. Only in motion, that is, in time and direction of the composition unfolding in space, when points of view vary in a certain sequence, as the spectator passes along, around, and in the building, do the design, idea, and artistic image of the architectural composition reveal.

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Architecture - artistic and imaginative organization of space based on building structures. Utilitarian construction and the concept of construction corresponding to this technical activity should be distinguished from architecture as an artistic creation in stone, wood, and clay. The architect uses the concept of composition and uses expressive (compositional) means meter and rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, and ratios of quantities and proportions. These tools correspond to the methods of emphasis, balancing, and proportioning.

The architecture belongs to the bifunctional arts, in the composition of which utilitarian and artistic functions are combined. Their combination and interaction are determined by the genre of architectural creativity. Architecture is traditionally compared with the cosmos arising from chaos, “humanized matter”, and frozen music.

Can architecture improve human well-being?

It has long been known that the architecture of buildings affects the human psyche. The human brain subtly influences the shape of buildings and the color scheme. Monotonous and gray-colored buildings of the same type introduce people to anguish, increase the level of stress and fatigue, and their mood worsens.

After the 60s in Russia began a massive building of typical structures. The reason was the idea order to provide a separate apartment for each family. So, they needed to build a lot of apartments in an extremely short time, so the construction of identical houses began. All buildings were not multi-story, with compact apartments, painted in gray. The main goal at that time was the construction of a large number of houses in a short time, and the social factor, like the psychology of people, was not taken into account. As a result, years after, we can see the terrible situations with psychological illnesses among the population.

The influence of architecture on a person at the present stage is estimated highly. Formation of the appearance of cities solves not only purely special planning and stylistic tasks. Given the influence of architecture on the mental characteristics of a person, the architecture of cities is one of the active factors in the formation and development of the psyche and mental activity of citizens, whose impact has not yet been thoroughly studied, but is indisputable. American architect Louis Henry Sullivan argued that 'architecture is the art that affects people most slowly, but most firmly'

The question of the place of emotions in the professional consciousness is complex and controversial. We are forced to judge architectural emotions not only by our own experiences or personal data but also by texts expressing the contradictory opinions of different people. We brought up on unconditional admiration for the Renaissance architecture, is difficult to understand, for example, John Reskin, who spent his extraordinary talent on proof that the architecture of the Renaissance was a shameful fall of taste, a betrayal of the courageous ideals of the Middle Ages and the expression of luxurious effectivity, moral degradation, and powerlessness. While reading Reskin's passionate periods, one involuntarily thinks not only about the relativity of judgments based on feelings, but also about the relativity of feelings based on judgments.

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