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The Impact Of Violence On The Community

INTRODUCTION Violence impact on network on this essay my primary focus might be effect of violence on place of job work region aggression could have very disastrous impact on output of any group its impact may be decreased productiveness, increased pressure on worker, decreased customer pride and high-priced belongings damage. Because of place of work aggression there’s estimation of 4.2 billion$ loss in 1992. Also I would really like to emphasise on violence impact on our society the total loss...
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Understanding Prevention and Support in Community Setting: D.A.R.E Program

Introduction What is prevention? “Prevention can be defined broadly as policies, programmes and practices designed to reduce the incidence and prevalence of drug use (including alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs) and associated health, behavioural and social problems.” (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, UK, 2015) Defining drug prevention and education There is no commonly accepted definition of „drug prevention‟ in Europe. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) define this as any policy, programme, or activity that...
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Overpopulation And Immigration As Global Issues Causing The Community Change

“Which global issues are causing communities to change?” I. Introduction “You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it,” said Grace Lee Boggs (Boggs, 2007). Nowadays, there are innumerable global issues that the international communities are now facing up included conflict in religion, political dissent, overpopulation and lack of education. More than that, most of the issues have heavily influenced the community which creates a...
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Analysis Of The Community Workers Utilisation Of Frameworks And Practice Approaches In Australia

Community practice work, through its method of collective action, is a process that involves empowering and mobilising communities to drive social change and achieve cooperative objectives. The following essay will analyse the utilisation of community development frameworks and approaches in the case study ‘Dubai on Country Camp’, whilst simultaneously exploring the context, method and outcomes of working within the community of the Wi-abul/Widjabul people. Through an analysis of the case study, it is evident how imperative the context of the...
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Identifying Stakeholders In New Community Initiative

Community Overview The state of Ohio has been greatly impacted by the opioid epidemic. The epidemic has greatly impacted small cities, towns and rural communities in the state, compounding issues that already existed within the areas. A significant issue that has resulted from the nationwide epidemic in the Lima, Ohio community is the lack of housing and supportive services available for those who are being released from incarceration due to opioid-related felony charges. Many people during active addiction have lost...
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The Presence Of Healthy Lifestyle In The Modern Community: Importance And Effects

The Presence of Healthy Lifestyle in the Modern Society Did you realize that the absence of activity can cause such perilous diseases like stroke, diabetes, and lethal growth? Absence of physical movement is going on in different nations. Present day society is currently breaking away at building up the rates of physical exercises as an approach to battle illnesses. Accordingly, having a healthy lifestyle has an essential job in a person’s life. Benefits of Physical fitness “The benefits of physical...
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Sport And Recreation In The Community

Sport sector There are four main sectors of the QLD recreation industry, one of them being sport. The sport sector is very competitive. The sport industry is a market in which people, activities, business, and organizations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing any activity, experience, or business enterprise focused on sports. The sports sector industry is very popular due to how everyone wants to watch and listen to the most talented people in the word, playing national rugby...
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Community Gardening In Canberra: Benefits And Challenges

Introduction All around the globe, there are a large number of gardens for instance, in North America community garden ranges from the victory garden areas to street beautification planters. Additionally, in many places around Europe, there are various places which have “allotment gardens“ whereby there are a dozen of plots each of which measure hundreds of square meters and are generally rented by the same family for a period of time (Alaimo, Beavers, Crawford, Snyder, & Litt. 2016). The overall...
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The Concept Of Community Consciousness Raising

Many women in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement felt bewildered about what it meant to be a woman, what they were doing with their lives and why. Discover how consciousness-raising groups helped participants to discuss their feelings, needs and desires. Consciousness-raising and campaigning Women’s activists who occupied with awareness raising (C-R) typically joined this with other battling work. Numerous ladies dynamic in the Women’s Liberation Movement have underscored that the purpose of C-R was to politicize the...
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Historical And Contemporary Influences Of A Community On Architectural Design

Introduction The aim of this account is to identify how community may act as an influence on Architectural Designs. The beginning of the 21st Century has seen the general requirements of residential architectural change significantly, with an ageing population and the housing crisis putting an enormous strain on current housing. The issues with this situation result in a huge impact on the quality of life of the people living in buildings no longer suitable for them; with the elderly especially...
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The Problem Of Obesity In Hartlepool Community

Introduction The aim of this Community Profile is to assess the needs of the population within a geographically determined area. It will evaluate the resources that exist, and assess the needs of those within the community, to help improve the quality of life for the individuals across the age continuum. (Hawtin and Percy-Smith, 2007) The word ‘community’ is often used as an umbrella term to describe a group of individuals that share a collective affinity, it is used to describe...
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Impact Of Mass Incarceration On The Community

Mass incarceration can be defined as the incarceration or imprisonment of a large number of people. According to the Prison Policy Initiative blog (March 2014), the current rates of mass incarceration in the U.S are as follows: Local Jails has 721,654 inmates, Federal prisons 216, 362 prisoners and state prisons have 1,362,028 of prisoners. To have a better understanding, those in local jails are awaiting for trial while federal prisoners are in there because of drugs, weapons and immigration offenses,...
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Peculiarities Of Hacker News Virtual Community

In this paper, through very close observation and investigation in the Hacker News social news virtual community focusing on entrepreneurship and computer science, I argue that through each comment made these people within this virtual community gratify one’s “intellectual curiosity”, verses real community’s in which it’s more of a diverse and opinionated when a comment is made. Individuals like conveying on-line, in this manner, virtual networks additionally have a few preferences in examination with genuine networks. The ideas of computer-generated...
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Role of Youth in Democracy Essay

The action “Role of Youth in Democracy” supports youth participation in democratic life. Our goal is to encourage the active participation of young people in the life of the European community. Through the program, we will enable young people to learn about democratic processes and to become active citizens at all levels – local, regional, national and European. European Union’s main concept/ values, such as democracy, equality, solidarity, social inclusion, justice, cultural diversity – are under discussion, because of the...
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Democracy Advantages Essay

Democracy is a system of government. All qualified individuals or members in the country have the opportunity to vote directly on the issues or to send someone to choose to make these decisions on their behalf. This is a government structure, where the government comes from the people, not from the army or the country. Although this is an option generally associated with the United States, the Declaration of Independence has no record of this term. America’s founding fathers were...
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Issues of Chinese Migration to Australia: Analytical Essay

Chinese migration: Why did the community migrate to Australia? Migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the intention of settling, permanently or temporarily at a new location. The movement is often over long distances and from one country to another, but internal migration is also possible. News of a gold rush in Australia had reached southern China by the early 1850s, sparking an influx into Australia in Chinese migration. Approximately 7,000 Chinese people are believed...
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Essay on the Vietnamese and Laotian Communities in the United States

Thesis: Vietnamese and Laotian refugees were able to acculturate, but socio-economic factors in the United States caused difficulties with the process of acculturation From the 1960s to the present-day United States, various Southeast Asian communities such as Vietnamese and Laotians have greatly increased in population size. With the withdrawal of American troops in the cessation of the Vietnam War, countless individuals were left with only their broken communities. In a humanitarian effort, the United States allowed Southeast Asian refugees to...
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Human Trafficking: Srime And Human Rights Violation

Human trafficking has been recognized as one of the most expansive and challenging human rights issues affecting the entire community and worldwide. It involves the recruitment, movement, and exploitation of a person. There are many different types of human trafficking, but the most known ones are sex trafficking, forced labor, and forced child labor. Despite the fact that human trafficking is a major problem in today’s world, human trafficking in the United States can be reduced and possibly eliminated through...
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Human Trafficking In South America

Human trafficking within South America is strongly pervasive and detrimental to the community and political system. 80% of the reported victims are women, from there, 51% are adults and 31% are girls under the age of eighteen. Girls are more vulnerable than boys concerning sex trafficking, and most of the victims are from South America. “Peru is the third country with the highest rate of human trafficking in America and places eighth among 167 countries,” says the Public Ministry in...
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Control And Reduction Of Racial Profiling

The current practice of racial profiling has been used significantly all around the world for centuries, demonstrating the need for control and monitoring to prevent and incite change. Gathering facts, statistics, and stories from the local news will further explain why racial profiling needs to be put to an end. Some issues that have occurred as a result of racial profiling would include unreasonable search and seizures, stop and frisk, and their impacts. Implementing guidelines to control racial profiling and...
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Argumentative Essay on Homelessness

Homelessness in Our Community Homelessness is a critical issue in our community that requires everyone’s attention and poses a danger to our society and its ability to succeed. In this paper, I’ll present ideas about the causes of homelessness, assistance programs for the homeless and organizations in place that have been proposed for the problem, the economic impact on the community, and the solutions to solve the problem. One of the solutions to homelessness in our communities is closing the...
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Effects Of Individualism On Family Structure, Its Negative Impact On Both Families And Communities

What is Individualism? Cambridge dictionary defines individualism as “the idea that freedom of thought and action for each person is the most important quality of a society.” It is a concept or idea or behaviour that each person should think and act independently, each person or oneself is more important than the group and one should work for our own advantage. It urges a person to strive for oneself. Self-progress and personal achievements are prioritised creating a strong sense of...
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Obesity in Low-Income Communities in the United States

On the off chance that individuals are lifted from poverty, can they adequately and productively battle obesity? The U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and in the same manner has high obesity rates; 33% of the populace has obesity in addition to another third that is overweight. The issue is anticipated to decline; rising childhood obesity rates caution of intensifying measurements. While it concurs that both individual factors, for example, hereditary helplessness, and conduct are significant...
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Elementary School Safety Patrol Essay

Introduction Elementary school safety patrols are a vital component of maintaining a safe and organized environment within schools. These dedicated students take on the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of their peers and promoting a culture of safety. This informative essay will explore the role and significance of elementary school safety patrols, discussing their duties, training, and the positive impact they have on the school community. Duties of Elementary School Safety Patrol Elementary school safety patrols are entrusted with several...
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