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Since its inception, Planned Parenthood has always stood by its mission of “Providing comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual” (What is Planned Parenthood's Mission Statement, 2019). On Planned Parenthood’s visitor website exists a multitude of positions the nonprofit has available to those who share the same values as the organization, and who want to be a part of its movement to advance technology, education, understanding,...
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Margaret Sanger’s first clinic handed out cervical caps. During World War I, many servicemen were diagnosed with venereal diseases. Due to this, the government responded by placing out an anti-venereal disease campaign. This changed contraception from a moral issue and began making it public health issue and research began. In Europe, soldiers began to use condoms, for which they brought back to the US and readily supported their use. In 1938, the judge lifted the federal ban on birth control,...
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​The fierce political debate surrounding abortion in the United States boils down to a back-and-forth between politicians on each side of the spectrum, writing bills to support their agenda and subsequently fighting the opposition—this can be said for attempts to both expand and reduce access to the medical procedure. At the heart of the debate is an organization that has made a name for itself by showing no fear in their willingness to get in the ring and fight a...
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Planned Parenthood, established in 1916, was built on the belief that every woman should have access to the information and reproductive healthcare required to live a healthy life without limitations. In the present day, this non-profit organization is not only a healthcare provider, but also an educator, passionate advocate, and a global partner to similar organizations. Planned Parenthood has existed as an organization in Texas for over 80 years; the first location to open in Texas was the Waco clinic...
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A leader is someone that is able to effectively communicate with people in a way that inspires and motivates them (Ward, 2020). A leader must be personable for those to follow their lead and provide them with an example of how to hold ones themselves accountable for their individual work (Ward, 2020). My leader of choice is the Vice President of Health Services for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. She is very persuasive when it comes to getting others to...
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In this paper I will discuss how Planned Parenthood has improve the lives of many women by providing a safety net for women's health, being economically friendly, and promoting a decrease in the social stigma surrounding abortion. Safety Many women are victims of cohesion or abuse, maybe they feel pressure from their husband, their boyfriend, or a member from society to maintain the baby and they do not realize until later that they do not have the option of providing...
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Introduction Planned Parenthood was founded on the idea “that women should have the information and care they need to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams - no ceilings, no limits”, thanks to Margaret Sanger (Parenthood P., n.d.-b, para.1). After the death of her mother, Sanger began her interest and studies of birth control, something that had been illegal in the United States at the time. On October 16, 1916 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Sanger along with two other women,...
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I currently work for a non-profit organization, which is Planned Parenthood, they are the most trusted reproductive health care provider across the country. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health care for those that are insured or uninsured at a low affordable cost. They provide reproductive health care to men, women and young people (Our Services, n.d.). The services that are provided are STI testing, infection check, contraception, wellness exams, education and much more (Our Services, n.d.)....
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The core purpose of this Community Assessment paper is to address any one of the many topics from Healthy people 2020. The one topic that stuck out to me most was Family planning. Family planning allows people to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of pregnancies. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility (Family planning/ Contraception, 2018). This practice has helped strengthen individuals’ rights to make such a choice. Unfortunately,...
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When a family welcomes a new life, they were excited, but they feel perplexed because they are not only taking care of the new baby, they are also adjusting themselves. Both mental and physical health suffer great changes. When couples experience changes in their roles, they will find that the new demands of the infant are difficult to keep balance with other responsibilities. In this essay, it will be divided into five parts, which are 'definition', 'the impact of new...
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BACKGROUND Being a parent is one of the sources of greatest joys in life while it is also the cause of some of the deepest sorrows. It is assumed that having children is the key to living a happy, meaningful life; on the other hand well-being of nonparents is observed higher in significant number of cases. Often parenthood is called to be a crazy ride on a rollercoaster with highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There has been...
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