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Social Workers and Working with Community

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Social action is the method process in social work . it is a very essestial social practice for the transformation /change or improvement /development for the community in a positive way ,so social action we can be say that it is a type of action that are practiced in a community work process that this action try to change the community setting and functioning into a better way and make a healthy community life also in preventing the good things that are in the community through medical process ,institutional education, awareness and with other organizing programme.

As we know social action is that the method in social work which are used for mobilizing masses that are used to make a structural changes in the social system or toprevent adverse change ,it is an organize effort change and for improving social and economic institution . some of the social problem like poor housing ,lack of the women rights children etc ,drugs abuse health dustruction of natural resources , lack of education ,unfair means practized especially in political sphere ,unequal distribution of resoures ,administration etc ,that can be tackle through by the methods through social action .

Concept of social action

Social action is an important method in social work professional. It is one of the method in which working with the people it has remains a dabatabvle issues among the social work professional. It is one of the social work method which are used for mobilizing the masses in order to bring about a changes in structural changes in the social and also also to prevent the negative change in the social .

Social action has a wide with very important and purposeful objective in the field of community which means to create an effective programme for the development preventing protecting saveguarding ,mobilizing through by organizing and developing education , medicinal programme and also by organizing programme .etc

The following are the type of action and work that the worker practized using the social action method to have a good result and good finishing .

Reducing the discrimination is one of the objectives in social action method ,in mizo society and also in the india context discrimination is happening in many fields like in gender discrimination, class discrimination ,economic condition , caste , and religious discrimination etc it also can be found in the mizo society by our experiencing the lamchhip community field work this the discrimination on the ground of gender can be found and so the trainees were conducting and organizing the women rights from women protection and helpline ,this help in many ways for the community people in knowing the women rights and the discrimination of gender in the lamchhip community is found to be removed from their social life, those discrimination were tackle by social worker by applying the social action method as the objective is well achieved .all this problem and all this discrimination is removed by the social action process.

Emancipating of the deprived ,downtrodden ,this objective is very effective in the community work process ,this objective try to remove the social inequality ,unjust and unfair means and also the discrimination , this social action process help in removing the unfair things happen in the community and also the unjust and unequal action by the community leader .by the lamchhip community work experiences the village political leader like village council leaders in distributing the government scheme and other government fund . in some areas the village leader were giveing the scheme not to the neeedy people but give this to the political party member ,this unfair practiced that are unjust unfair pracitzed is removed by social action by guidance and also from the organized programme by the trainee.

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Socio-economic development ;this social work method social action process is for promoting and developing human resources ,equality ,education , health and sanitation by the trainees experiences in the lamchhip community by applying the social action method the traineed were promoting education by organizing the carrier guidance programme for the students . and in the economical ways like employment road and transport entrepreneurship ,market creatively the trainees were also organizing the carrier guidance programme in entrepreneurship for the community people as well as for having the creative market mind for the people especially for the farmer family .

Focus in solving the social problem . this process focus in like poverty alcoholic abuse ,child labour , drugs abuse , exploitation, inequality, maldistribution ,crimes ,stress, illetaracy by this social action process the very important objective is solving social problem by social awareness etc.the trainees were conduct and organizing the awareness programme in the lamchhip community ,like in awareness on the protection for the child labour and child rights and duties of the child parents and also by applying the social action for promoting and minimizing the illeteracy rate in the lamchhip community this help in the communiyty people make more and more interested in the community work

Building the social change from unexpected situation in like social injustice ,drugs abuse ,racism ,violence unfair labour etc and so on. If a very bad practises in the society is happen social change need to be change those point ,by the public hearing and also within the community programme that the trainees were applying the social action method some of this point were tackle by many process in the lamchhip community .

Making the field of social policies for better and change in adjusting of social policies in planning ,by this method and process the worker is trying to make a change in making a good social policies and also inmaking a field for policy planning and also developing the existing good policies and programme,and modify some polices that need to modify for the betterment of the community social life .in the lamchhip community by applying this social action process the trainees were having a talk with the village ngo’s leaders.and also withn the church leader this process is very effective form their experiences.

Building awareness within among the community people in by making the people for having a clear understand of the problem in the community .the origin and the causes of the social problem in their community .what things that make this a problem in the community . why this issue became a problem for them .what things blocked the community way for improvement . by this process in the lamchhip community also the trainees were giving an awareness programme with the agriculture department in this programme the resource person say why the people cannot be economically developed . also why their agriculture product cannot be valuable in money .why cannot they cannot sell by high prize. This programme that the social action process create can be very important and useful for the community people as well as for the well success of the community work.


One of the the social work method social action aims to make the programme of development and also the welfare programme in many ways . the social action promote the good practice that are already available in the community ,protecting the good resopurces and saveguarding in many ways also it help the community people in their economic condition ,social life condition and also in including the political process to go in a positive ways .

Also the social action remove the bad practice in the community the unjust things and unlawful practices , removing the feeling and practicing of the discrimination in different sphere .and also giving an awareness to the community people ,that the trainees were also practically used this social action method for the achievement of the community work process for having a good intervention in community work this social action practiced and used highly help the trainee for their good intervention in the lamchhip community field work experiences.

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