Exploring A Career In Social Work

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Going into the pathway of Social Work or becoming a Nurse would be a good choice for me simply because I love being around kids and making sure their safe and in the right care, and helping them learn right from wrong. “Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.” Diana, Princess of Wales. This to me goes deep because some kids don't know how to help themselves when they've been physically, and mentally abused in ways no kid would ever dreamed of.

Education and Training

A Social Worker provides clinical and case management to individuals and families dealing with a range of challenges which include physical,mental issues,addiction and family issues.

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They provide therapy, counseling and will reach out to more people in order to give you the best help possible and ensure the issues that occur get helped. However sometimes there isn't enough help you can give to somebody when the issue keeps occurring and an individual keeps getting hurt and affected which in these cases it goes into a serious matter.

In order to become a Social Worker individuals usually start by completing their bachelors degree in either social work or human services. Most states require Social Workers to be licensed which includes completing a graduate degree program as well as supervised work experience, you roughly have to complete 3,000 hours of supervised fieldwork before they can become licensed.

Bachelor in Social Work programs take at least four years to complete but if you attend a full time Master of Social Work program it should only take two years. Part time programs are available for undergraduates and graduate students.

In the fall I plan to attend one of the Alamo Colleges for two years to earn my Associates degree in Social Work and then go out of state to either Georgia state university or university of Michigan for 4 years to earn my bachelors. Once i've got my associates degree i will start training and preparing to get licensed but also still learning to get my bachelors degree so I can start working and helping those in need.

Job skills, Talents and Experience

In order to become a social it's a good idea to be able to listen, which means reflecting back what a client says to you and be engaged so they know they can tell you all the information. In addition to helping clients you must be organized and be ready to put your client first including making phone calls for the extra help if they need it. Having communication is key simply because you have to be able to ask questions and get all the right information for the report of the incident but also to reflect on.

Gaining experience would be by volunteering and just seeing an average day in the life of a Social worker. One of the places you could volunteer at is American Red Cross or Heartland because it'll give you practise and seeing what children in the foster care system do go through and how emotional it really is.

Patients,Persistence,Flexible and organized is all part of being ready to become this. Having notes taken down and willing to sit and wait for an answer is what makes a client comfortable knowing that your not pushing for an answer and that you'll help them through everything.

Having a mom who worked in Child protection in the united kingdom inspired me to become a social worker because on multiple occasions she would of brought children home to live with us if there wasn't anyone adopting them. Since the age of 5 I knew this would be my career because ive seen how hard it is but thats what makes me push to do it. My 2 year old cousin is now going through this right now and it makes my family wants to get him and bring him to Texas.


Most Social Workers earn $47,980 or $23.07 depending on their location. But also there level of education makes what the salary would be. If your a social worker for a hospital you earn more than being an individual/family services. The average salary is $51,528 per year but can start to change when certain things jobs move with their locations and also the industry.

Before you can even start earning you have to pay $260 for licensure at the clinical level and $230 for the masters levels but also pay fee for application.

Health benefits and factors

Being a social worker you have more flexible hours meaning you get more time to help somebody to get through the tough situations they may be facing. You'll also get a sense of accomplishment because you’ll of impacted them. You'll be making sure there safe and tell you everything.

Social workers are often engaging in risky situations without proper safety training, a partner or limited safety equipment. Many social workers have been the targets of verbal and physical assaults and some have even tragically lost their lives while performing their job responsibilities. Being in this career is risky because you don't know what is going to happen on that day.

There's more time for you to learn and gather the right techniques. It also gives you the clarification that your doing the right things even if your dissed about what you do.


“According to the most recent (2010-2011) report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field of Social Work is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, with job opportunities expected to continue to increase through 2018.”Outside factors are noncommunicated which means the injuries and violence towards social workers that we can't see unless were with them during the time of the appearance. I want to be a Child & family & school social worker if an option because children are everything to me and ensuring that they get everything possible including giving them a second chance in life even when its hard and they feel defeated to know there doing this for a purpose and they'll be a good outcome from it.

Healthcare social worker also sounds like a good job because everyone goes through tough times and we all persevere through it but some people need the extra help and push them. Including helping them keep track of taking medications and making sure they attend counseling.

Typical day

social workers perform myriad tasks relating to counseling, administrative duties, interviewing clients and potential clients, meeting with lawyers. This includes making sure the client is ok and proceeding to what has been suggested via them or the judge. A typical day for a medical child protection person was ‘Typing child protection reports with a turnaround of seventy-two hours. If the case was urgent and sometimes a Monday was just crazy, the reports were needed to be done within an hour of arriving for the day at work, then running around the hospital trying to find the consultant who had dictated the report to sign asap to send off. This also meant liaising with multi professional agencies i.e. social services and police. Sometimes the police would need my consultant to attend court hearings and give statements and then that would mean I need to organize my consultant’s diary too. I also had my admin duties too of answering calls, etc so it was a balancing act.Typing of Police statements if requested for a child by the police or by the consultant leading the case and general administration duties typing clinics and arranging follow up appointments and diary management for my consultant. Communication was vital to this role.’- Julie Whiteley. So for a social worker they'd have to be talking to each other and with the family that the incident occurred and discuss the options or the plan that is going into action.

The most challenging part will be the fact you'd have to see what has actually happened to the child and the condition of them which can be heartbreaking but at the same time you're giving them another chance at life and your the one who helped them.


In Conclusion i do think this is the right career for me even though it may be challenging, I do think it'll benefit me and show what some lives are. I know for one I am lucky that i've had the best parents that have raised me and gave me unconditional love and support when others don't have it and it honestly shows us what some deal with.

I will have to develop my communication skills because i am at first really quiet until you fully get to know me then m fine. Learning more about this when im in college and actually getting ready to go out into the workfield will benefit and each day will be a new lesson including listening to the client and making sure I get all the right information to proceed onto the report that has to be submitted.

My plans are going to stay the same unless I go into nursing but either way it's going to be with kids and ensuring the best for them and doing everything in my power to make sure there given the best in everything. After reading up about this it does shock me a little that a lot of kids have been taken from their original families for reasons and placed into foster care until their adopted which honestly takes a long time because you have to assessed and be approved by the social services before anything goes into place. I know this because it happened with my friend she got taken and placed into a care home because her foster parents aren't giving her the right love and attention.


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