The Effects Of Good Parenting

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Every parent has a big role in the life of their kids. Their parenting is one of the guidelines of their children to live as a good person from their young age, adulthood and till their maturity. All parents are using different techniques or strategies on how they will guide, teach and discipline their young ones. In our essay, we will tackle the effects of having good parenting. Parenting will always have positive outcomes if it is effective and good. Part of having good parenting is the pure love of the parents. Both parents should always be on the same page in terms of disciplining and teaching the right attitudes to their children. Good parenting can be achieved if both parents are using the same parenting strategies. They should have the same goals also.

The basic factors why there is good parenting are the consistency of the parents in their rules, no favoritism, no toleration of bad habits and attitudes, and of course giving praise to their sons or daughters when they have done good things. These are some of the causes of why many children can easily adapt to their parenting. First, if both parents are consistent in their rules, and no matter what happens they should stick on what is right and good for their kids. In a simple example, if you instruct your kids to always brush their teeth after they eat sweets or candies for them not to have a toothache but they did not follow, you should remind them about that rules again until they do it because that is for their good.

Second, favoritism is a big NO. This factor should not be tolerated inside the family and both parents should not practice this factor. It can ruin the trust, the respect of your children to both of you and it can also lead to jealousy and bitterness. No favoritism is one of the biggest factors to make your connection with all your kids deeper and intact. It can also help your parenting more effectively because if they feel that you treat them fairly and equally all of them can follow and listen to you easily. And by not tolerating the favoritism you are also teaching them to be fair and not bias in treating others. If there is favoritism inside the family, it encourages some of the kids to do rebellion because they always feel unfavored in your sight but on the other hand if favoritism is not practiced, all of your kids will feel happy and love each other without any jealousy or hatred.

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Next, no toleration of bad attitudes. Responsibility of the parents to teach their children to have good manners and attitude towards others. It is a must that all parents should also be a good model and example to their offspring on how to have a good manner. Parents should teach them to love, respect, share and consider others before they do something. For example, if one of your kid doesn't want to share his toys with his playmate, and it causes frustration to his your son and the other kid and they both fight. As a parent, you should talk to your son and explain to him your rules in sharing the toys, remind him that what he did is wrong but there is still a chance for him to share his toys next time, tell him again that sharing is also loving. In that example, the parent is not tolerating what his son did, but she talked to him, she tells the truth and reminds him that sharing is good. You as a parent is helping your child to share what he has and love other kids.

Lastly, giving praise and recognition to what their children did especially if they did good is so overwhelming to them. Part of having good parenting is praising your sons and daughters whenever they did something good. Recognizing their positive and good attitudes are also encouraging them to do the same thing again next time because what they did is very acceptable and very good. For example, your son behaves in the school and did not repeat fighting with other kids. The teacher informs you about the changes he has now. After his school, you talked to him and you tell him that you are so proud of him by doing the right thing in the school, praising him because he did not do fighting again, and after you praise him because he changes his bad habit, you gave him a small reward and your son feel so encouraged to not fight again when he will go to school again. Praise and recognition can be their motivation to do good things, even you are not with them.

Those factors that we have tackles are some of the factors only of good parenting. As we have explained the effects of having good parenting on the children, we know now that good parenting will always have a big part in your children's life. Being a good parent is not for you to be perfect but you should only put your love in everything that you are doing for your kids. Every discipline and guidance that you are implementing to them should not always authoritative but give them also a chance to enjoy their life as a kid. Parent's love will always be the key to be intact and connected to the children. If you have a deeper connection with them it is easy for you and your partner to discipline them. Parenting is not magic but it is an effort that both parents should work it out and give time to observe what is the best strategies or techniques that both of you can use. Also remember, that parenting should not be a burden for you but think of it as a privilege for you to be a good steward of your children, God trusted you to take care of them, so enjoy it and love them.

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