Single Parenting And Its Attendant Effects In Nigeria

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From prehistoric times, marriage as a concept and as a sacred institution involved two individuals who agree two come together to become husband and wife. The reasons for marriage among other things is for relationship and companionship as well as for procreation. Furthermore, each party (husband and wife) has its own different roles in the home. However the role of child training and inculcating moral discipline has always been a joint effort. This is because two are better than one. However, in most times this is not always the case because there are certain factors that may come to play. These factors render it impossible for the individuals to stay and live together. Such factors include: divorce, death which causes widowed parents, workrelated activities which can temporary separation etc. This is what has brought about the concept of single parenting.

Single parenting according to Wikipedia, therefore is a situation where an individual (male or female) does not lives with a child or children and does not have a wife, husband or live-in partner. Hence, A single parent may have either sole custody of the child or joint physical custody, where the child lives part-time with each parent. The concept has increased over time as a result of increased mortality, spread of diseases, poverty as well as wars. In Nigeria, it is almost common with all ethnic groups and tribes, the worst hit individuals been females and girls who are most times as a result, forced to fend for themselves and their children. In the Nigerian Society, death can also warrant single parenting. Though worrisome it might be, the concept of death is still regarded in high esteem. It is unpredictable and it most times comes knocking at the door without prior notification.

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There are several effects of single parenting especially in Nigeria. First of all, there is the issue of financial hardships. This is especially applicable for the feminine gender. Since many groups in Nigeria believe women are not entitled to work but rather stay at home and look after the kids, there is always the breakout of financial hardship which can cause severe and untold hardships for the woman and her children. The children are innocently forced out of school which in the long run leads to increase in the rate of uneducated children. Furthermore, for the children living with single parents, they most times experience poor mental health, bullying stereotyping, stigmatisation and poor family relationships. This in the long run affect their cognitive abilities. Also, there is the problem of loneliness and emotional turmoil. Thus the affected parties may loose expectations in their relationships later in life. The society also share in this because there will be high rate of crime.

The solutions to the aforementioned challenges include: a change of environment to avoid depression, meeting with relationship and marriage counselors for best practises and advice, managing finances effectively to avoid hardships.

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