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The Issue of Lethal Force by the Police

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In 1982 James and Kelling proposed the idea of broken windows. The theory ties disorder and hatefulness within the society to subsequent events of serious offence. One of the principles represented in the broken principle of windows is that there is little empirical evidence that conditions are causing crime when left unchallenged. Law enforcers tend to concentrate on serious crime involving crimes that are perceived to be serious and significant to the victim, such as rape, robbery, and killings. Police brutality and reporting crimes article explores how cases of unnecessary police violence impact citizen coverage. African americans are less likely to call 911 for reporting abuse, and it was more nearly a year after the heavily reported police attack or death of black men. California's latest legislation aimed primarily at preventing police shootings. The police officers are supposed to save the lives of men.

Window broken principle

Broken window acted as a symbol for community chaos. The Department of Police in New York City was responsible for the drastic decrease in crime levels during the 1990s. Officers in plain clothes were trained to apprehend turnstile jumpers, and boosted arrests for misdemeanors. Baraton also implemented his broken-window 'standard of living initiative' based on windows which cracked down on loitering and disorderly behaviour. As per Wilson and Kelling, a lengthier series of events and theorizing criminality emanated from chaos inevitably led to violent crime.

The key benefit of the theory is interventions in the area of criminal justice reform to bring about change instead of rely on social policies. The disorganization of social and cultural theories offered expensive solutions and it took a very long time to be successful. People see the broken windows theory as a way to adapt rapidly and at minimum risk of modifying the approach of police crime. Attacking disorder was successful rather than attacking alarming social hills such as deprivation, and insufficient education (Kelling & Wilson, 1982). The anxiety creates social structures to fail and this causes crime. Window theory broken doesn't explain anything but it's true as it describes the crime thoroughly. There is good support for theories according to the hypothesis that anxiety enhances a person's willingness to leave dysfunctional societies and migrate into more hospitable environments. The choice is only open to the working class who can afford to move out but will remain the poor. The poor are going to be underprivileged and this suggests neighborhood concepts theorization surge.

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Police violence and citizen crime reporting

Readings provided a clear connection between police brutality and decreased involvement by residents in ensuring their own health. Witnessing a crime or even being abused, and failing to report it, is quite another. The analysis concluded that high-profile incidents of excessive police force represented a significant breach of the current social contract between civilians and the justice system (Desmond et al, 2018). Investigators were adamant not to be able to expect to see similarly large declines in suburban 911 calls because the underlying demographic causes are not the same as in black communities. Many of the historical reasons were decades old state practice supporting black body attacks that were sanctioned.

The article's body has skipped understanding why certain people might be less likely to report similar crimes, and this makes legislation ineffective because it is potentially more of a problem. Many research shows that as a result of adverse personal and vicarious experiences racial and ethnic minorities have pessimistic attitudes towards to the police. Attitudes towards the law differ by social class and this has been claimed to play a major role in reporting to the police. Scholars have found, for example, that marginalized groups including ethnic minorities and low-income people have greater legal distrust than white. Black and African American are less likely to report crime on a voluntary basis, according to psychological studies, and that has demonstrated fewer optimistic convictions regarding procedural justice.

California’s new law

California had been on the verge of passing a law that would eliminate shootings at officers. California police normally kill somebody every two to three days on average and this was higher than the general population. Legislators made new laws on the use of lethal force by police, which was influenced by Stephon Clark's death (Coaston, J., 2019). Police acts were made possible by a statute in California known as the Gun control Protective order. Extreme Risk Safety Order legislation will minimize gun violence chances by targeting people at the greatest risk of injuring themselves or others. The research was fairly limited, and it took further work to avoid mass attacks in California and elsewhere. Policy on Extreme Risk Security Order has been successful and it would help reduce gun violence.

Tweaks that can meet three evaluation criteria

The government should restrict the kinds of force it may use to respond to specific types of resistance. The strategy will reduce abuse by the police and will ensure justice for people. Before applying force, the government officials should give verbal warning and this helps citizens avoid possible consequences. The police officers are expected to explore all options to lethal force. The authority will also compile a comprehensive report on the use of force.


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