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Essays on Fight Against Crime

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Socio-Cultural Determinant of Female Criminality

The earliest explanations of female criminality, centres on biological understanding. Emphases then were placed on the role of biological and psychological factors in explaining female involvement in crime. Although, early explanations of crime focused heavily on male criminality and treated female crime as somewhat of...
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Data Security in Cloud Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Number of data security models have been developed to address the data security issues in cloud computing. M.R Tribhuwan, V.A Buyar, Shabana pirzade considers the data security model using Two-Way handshake is a method which utilizes the homomorphic token with distributed verification of erasure-coded data...
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National Security: What it is

National security is defined in international law that the concept of national security develops with the emergence of the first state, e.g. through social and economic change from the first human society in the slave society. In theory, the concept was applied to early cultural...
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Features and Functionality of Endpoint Security Products

Endpoint security is the process of securing the various endpoints on a network, often defined as end-user devices such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs, although hardware such as servers in a data center are also considered endpoints. Precise definitions vary among thought leaders...
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The Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Hackers

In this universe of pervasive CPU and persevering dangers from specialist, ensuring your CPU is an unquestionable requirement. The key pathway through which malware assaults the framework is the Internet and its famous administration, the Web. There are various approaches to shield and expel malware...
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Reasons Why is Criminology Important

In this essay I will be showcasing the importance of the study and practice of criminology and why it has a firm placement and fixture in society and law. Criminology is an important aspect of law and social structure within society because it studies why...
3 Pages 1565 Words

The Fight for Keeping The Drinking Age: Alcohol Law

As we address the public health and safety concerns two subjects are spoken about in this paper. The two concerns are the sobriety checkpoints that focus on the drinking age and the random drug testing for public employees and high school students. Many states have...
2 Pages 864 Words

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The given situation implied that I am the one who created the procedure that may predict violent prone individuals, thus it also gives me the freedom to share my own version of truth. Given that we live in a society wherein crime is almost impossible...
1 Page 517 Words
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