Video Games for People Experiencing Social Isolation: Useful or Problematic?

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As a one-of-a-kind interaction tool, digital games assist optimal care management program operation in all dimensions. In fact, a digital game is a realistic application of information and communication technology in the delivery of care that is cost-effective for many entities. Games are becoming a prominent kind of media, even greater than the film business, and are appreciated by people of all ages, genders, and cultures. Health games are a fun way to get people's attention and encourage them to modify their health and behavior. Over 300 health-related digital games have been created for consumers, patients, and professionals as of today. The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines ‘game’ as “an entertaining pastime or sport, especially one played by youngsters”. There are several types of games, including video games, Internet games.

In a throng, you may feel lonely, but you will not be socially isolated. Loneliness is a subjective sensation, whereas isolation is an objective situation in which the amount of connections a person has can be counted. Despite the fact that the terms have slightly different connotations, both can be painful experiences with negative consequences for the individual. The absence of social contact is known as social isolation, and it can lead to loneliness. It's a feeling of being cut off from typical social networks, which might be brought on by reasons like lack of mobility, unemployment, or health problems. Staying at home for long periods of time, having little access to services or community involvement, and having little or no connection with friends are all examples of isolation.

Video games are a slashing technology and an interactive medium that is engulfing the globe. The effect of video games on the neurological system has piqued the interest of researchers and neurologists (like Seyed Mohammad, Ali Seyed Hosseini, Mohammad Mehdi Hadipour). Because of their nature, these games help involve many parts of the brain.

Social isolation can increase psychological pain, and psychosocial assistance is essential for mental wellness. Multiplayer video games provide social interaction via the Internet. Despite adding gaming disorder to their international classification of disease codes in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently teamed up with 58 major video game companies to launch the PlayApartTogether campaign, encouraging people to stay at home and play video games during the pandemic (WHO, 2018). It is important to understand how video games can reduce social isolation through the positive effects they can have on your body.

Various video game formats appeal to varied audiences and have different outcomes. Fans are immersed in a world of excitement thanks to moving images and fascinating noises in video games. This attraction transports the user's soul and body to a fantasy world, making him or her feel like the protagonist of the story. These effects employ a variety of strategies and tricks to influence the players' thoughts and perceptions to the point where they believe they are a part of a larger whole.

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The symphony of tiles relaxes the player and helps him or her avoid becoming addicted to the game. This game falls into the category of musical games. The thrill created by the rapid and synchronous movement of the fingers and eyes, which culminates in the construction of a lovely melody, is another source of interest for this game. Time constraints are the source of tension in this game. Games become more beneficial when such stress and loneliness are present, whether they are video or online. Various types of video or online games exist, and it all depends on how the game is created. Playing a game-like puzzle enhances concentration, memory, and hand-eye coordination. Mathematics' sum function is the basis for this game. Surprisingly, this type of game has gained a lot of popularity quick at appeal, which keeps the player entertained for hours. This means that those who are socially isolated when they play this game, will have a focused mind, which can help them recover from depression.

Many structural and behavioral characteristics of slot machines and video games are similar, such as visual stimuli controlled by a software loop, the requirement to play with good hand-eye coordination and concentration, the rapid pace of the games, which requires skillful play to some extent (but more so in video gameplay), and players being given instructions.

Exergames promote self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, prosocial behavior, and repeated play. However, there is a difference between people who play cooperatively in the form of competition and those who do not, as highly competitive people report more positive moods and greater pleasure when placed in a competitive exergaming environment, whereas non-competitive people report higher levels of pleasure, humor, self-efficacy, motivation, engagement, and play for longer periods when placed in a non-competitive exergaming environment. As a result, video games are beneficial to the brain, albeit the advantages vary depending on the type of game.

Keeping healthy and cheerful during the global epidemic has been difficult for many countries, including China, Germany, Spain, Ghana, and Canada. As a result, it's more crucial than ever to discover methods to play. Playing games can make you feel better and provide a welcome escape from stress and anxiety. To get the most out of games, play them in moderation, just like any other aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Video game technology is constantly growing, becoming more diverse and intertwined with modern culture. As a result, it's critical that scholars comprehend and recognize the good and negative psycho-social consequences and implications that structural elements of video games might have on players. People face a variety of hurdles, including social isolation, extraordinary anxiety, and bodily disorder.

These issues can be mitigated in part by adequate planning, good design games, and the use of appropriate and ongoing monitoring. Since exergames provide a unique and exciting opportunity for positive effects on social interaction and cooperation in this audience, the majority of studies included in this essay with moderate quality found that active video games improved any aspect of health mental (self-esteem), physical activity, and energy expenditure in children and adolescents.

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