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Effects of Video Games on Society

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There is no simple black and white answer to this question, however we can make an educated guess based on a thorough analysis on every shred of evidence we have gathered on the topic over the years. First of all, what kind of benefits have video games given to the people who spend a substantial amount of play hours during any given week? Well, the most popular games that the majority of people play, require the application of many skills that are important to real life, including, but certainly not limited to, problem solving and logic, hand eye coordination, resource management and logistics, multitasking, fast and accurate decision making and analysis of situation, strategy, planning, situational awareness, perseverance, amongst a seemingly endless list of other benefits. Tasks in video games almost all include one of these, or other skills that are important and applicable to everyday life in the real world, and constantly performing these actions in video games subconsciously hones these skills very rapidly depending on how much time a person spends gaming. This is especially impactful on youth, as their brains are still developing, and mental tasks like the ones in most video games has an undeniable impression on how they think, and how their brain develops its skills to deal with the real life equivalent to these situations. These can have a permanent benefit on their brains and abilities.

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This is barely scratching the surface of the benefits to playing video games, however, we can’t present the positive without acknowledging the potential negative effects. One of the biggest issues people have with video games and their children playing them, is the violence a lot of these games seem to glorify, which they believe will also leave a lasting impression on the children playing, however this is not as simple as many believe. After numerous studies from multiple experts and universities of children and adults all over the world, has come up with the conclusion that there is a level of increase of aggression and bad attitude of children who get mad or frustrated with these games, particularly violent ones, but the majority of the time they found that these negative effect are temporary, similar to anything in life that can upset or infuriate a person, it simply can just take a bit of time to calm down and get over what has bothered them. However, this is not the case for some children pre-disposed to mental disorders or issues, including but not limited to Attention deficit disorder, Schizophrenia, as well as most other mental disorders that affect emotion or the way we think.

As for adults, they’re mostly unaffected by things such as violence in video games, as their brains are developed, so given the person in question was entirely sound of mind, evidence suggests the things they see in video games would have no significant effect on them at a conscious or sub-conscious level. Let’s talk about percentages; an article in Forbes magazine, discusses the results of a survey undertaken by a data led discussion platform known as qutee. The survey was entirely made up from 4500 people, across 10 nations. 89% of gamers believe gaming is beneficial to society, 44% say the most important benefit is improved emotional well-being, 93% agree that the media’s obsession with linking violence and video games is not justified. They also believed it to be an excellent way to make new friends, with 66% of them saying they made up to 5 new good friends while gaming, and 37% said they made more than 5 friends, additionally, a third of them say it inspired future careers. Many people don’t regard the findings accurate, with the point that because a high volume of people surveyed were gamers, so they think its plagued with bias, on the contrary, I believe it to be an opposite. Those commenting on the subject who aren’t gamers themselves have a biased and inaccurate opinion, because they don’t play games and experience them, so whatever their opinion of games, they aren’t speaking on experience, they’re simply finding a scapegoat to blame violence in society on. Gaming certainly has its negatives, like gaming addiction that need to be addressed. It’s nowhere near perfect, and I don’t think gamers ever claimed it was, rather they want it to be known it’s not even close to being as bad as the media portrays.

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