Negative Impact Of Violent Video Games

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Computer games have become an increasingly important form of leisure, in which people live in the development of the computer and network popularization and electronics industry, and young people of one generation particularly welcome the violent computer game. The computer game with violence has stronger interactive, synchronous, repeatable and direct reinforcement features. Diagram 1

Violence computer game is a type that mutually presents the computer game of injury among the players, any person has a description (cartoon character and honorable person or is located between the two) to try to make the computer game of injury known as the violence computer game, its unique 'fighting' and 'slaughter' and 'war' and 'bloody' const. Campus slaughter incident of shock all over the U.S. in 1999, Elder Brother Lengby High School two students held a gun to intrude the campus, opened fire to the student crazily, after killing 12 students and 1 teacher committed suicide in fear of punishment, Anderson pointed out that the murderer subsequently looked at the murderer from committing the murderer's crime technique without doubling. The South Korean soldiers who performed military service in 2005 threw a grenade at other soldiers and snapped the rifle causing the death of eight people on the scene, the South Korean Defense Ministry said later before it happened that this soldier was unable to distinguish between murder and reality due to wallowing.

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[bookmark: _Toc1999770]One of the main concerns constantly raised against some video games is that most games have aggressive features. This may have led many people to argue that this can have a negative impact on groups of people who play such games. The only consistent finding is that the different studies on very young children show that children become more aggressive after playing or watching a violent video game compared to those in their young person.

Computer violence game correlation theories

The popularity of video games has entered incredible dimensions. The leader in the video game industry, Nintendo, sold an average of three games every second of the 12 years between 1983 and 1995 for a total of one billion sold games.

In 1994 and 1995, the popularity of the violence of Mortal Kombat led to the release of more and more bloody and gory versions of the game. In these 'improved' versions, characters can make special 'finishing moves' which involve, among other actions, burning opponents down to their skeletons or removing the head of an opponent and the connected spine.

The overseas countries had once done such a psychological test: let a group of young people watch the violence movie, then watch their responses. Finally, the children basically favor violence, imitate the rough stuff in the movie.

All problems in the game world can be solved by the military force. After young people know how to solve the problem, meet the current society's conflict and then choose the most familiar way to solve it. In their view, this and behavior in the game are not very different, which countless people have duplicated, but will actually lead to disaster in the game.

Among the players who compete in the wartime game, they have a high sound surface-atmosphere and enjoy the musical sense, but not too much difference in aggressive actual aggressive behavior. When the influence of discussion frustration has discovered that game frustration causes the aggressive primary cause, one of the players leading a comfort life also allows reasons for hesitation.

When the game has just begun to be chosen, it is mainly received in 3 accommodations by media propaganda and friends with the game, but it is the reason to choose, when the game has just been contacted, many may need some time to familiarize themselves with the law, public relations and game standards and other issues, this is the attraction of the game, when the game is familiar with accommodation,

In the world of computer games, the author will certainly try to present the most attractive place in the game, but the place of demon strength is often invisible between the training of many skills pursued by the player, for example: in the gun fighting game, apart from the fact that the mouse operates to open fire to attack, the collar must lead the organized operation. Needs teamwork in the game, as well as the ability to analyze the battlefield, must also change the sound of the rifle clip due to the sound of the gunfire and the sound of the footsteps of the enemy, achieve the ability to 'listen to distinguish position' and transmit the news to the team of the friend, attacks, allowing life to change all around, sensitivity and observation will increase dramatic effects.

Enhances the player's aggressive cognition

[image: ] The negative impact of the game of contact violence on young people is often manifested in three aspects. First, it affects the values of young people. It blurs young people in the quality of the wrong value judgment, causing young people to deviate from their value. Next, it affects the behavior of young people. Young people who play to confuse can form a corresponding moral and mentality in the game process, thereby resolving the conflict in today's world with other people who use violence together. Thirdly, affect the emotion of young people. Games of long-term contact violence are easy to accustom young people to a violent and bloody scene and then possibly create a dumb view of life. According to the Joint Theory of Socialism and the General Attack Model, the long-term effects of the long-term contact violence computer game are also likely to lead to real-life violence players. In the brain form of the player, the contact game turns to life hostility, because the cognition network of desensitization, by continuously activating this type of cognition repeatedly, can permanently change the individual personality and then display aggressive behavior to increase players. Diagram 2

The computer game of long-term contact violence also affects the processing of mood images, but does not affect the processing of a person to a positive mood face. This inference violence computer game can affect the possible reason for individual processing to a positive mood image if the game process causes the player's mood hypersensitivity.

The crime report initiated by the violence game has been common in recent years. Some are even in the rough stuff of the 'duplication' game, which further confirms the effect of computer game violence on aggressive behavior, just like the general attack model (gam), every time the game is played, it is a study experiment. The individual unceasingly anticipates the aggressive idea, the mood for beginning and attack, provokes the impulsive attack and enforces the violent behavior in the experiment. Interactive, direct stabilization, synchronization, reproducibility and other video game characteristics make offensive behavior easier to induce even habitual behavior. The present game is the role that the honorable person controls, basically in killing the killed, the 'killed' side is often sadder, angry, and at the same time the game process can also suffer from the language aggression of other thick local ruffians. Making a side - easy psychology unbalanced, uncontrolled mood 'was killed,' then finds the human being to retaliate in real life. Plays computer game violence to increase the player's hostile, nervous and frightened mood, and more obvious anger and frustration. Diagram 3

Plays compassion to other people with violent video games to drop frequently. Since contacts with violence are often exciting, they have often been shown to be violence, leading to 'hypersensitivity,' showing the victim a drop in sympathy and a huge reduction in the propensity to intervene and other elements of other people's struggles. In addition, their mentally healthy growth and psychosocial relationships will be affected by this type of numbness and oblivion, human and material. The research also made it clear that the violence electricity tour is also linked to other misdeeds. Smoking, obesity, drop in academic performance. Moreover, with real-life in different ways, the successful possibility is higher in the game than in real life, so that many young people evade realistic methods. Gains unreal game satisfaction, gradually becomes virtual between the realities and slowly blurs and causes a number of problems.

In short, it plays on different young people the negative effect of video game violence: It not only increases aggressive cognition, emotional state, and physiology but also promotes aggressive behavior and reduces prosocial behavior. Finally, the aggressive personality can also be facilitated, its physical and moral integrity severely impaired, which adds fuel to the occurrence of violence in general as a whole. Diagram 4

The entertainment industry must strengthen its independence. The game manufacturer should vigorously research and develop and promote the high - quality and positive health computer games, which guides young people in general to make the right game fun to be optimistic. The mood experience shown by the university student (including excitement and enthusiasm) does not differ greatly under the different conditions of the game type. Before other findings have been shown to some extent, as long as the situation pattern is fully used, the reward pattern, competition form, picture, music, and other facilities stimulate the player's mood, the maximum degree of attraction player, the violence game can also stimulate a similarly high and positive mood experience, so that even individual companies can develop and produce the computer game of science appropriate to the university student crowd green, healthy, interesting, but not limited to the superficial form of the game.

Suggestion & Solution

4.1 The game developer should take great care to develop the right healthy game for people

[image: ]The person who has still played a role in the game of violence, if discovered early, will cause some improper behavioral deviations and can advise and correct at the right time, can reduce the injury to society and the crowd. According to the findings, playing violence plays a person for one to three hours, reaches up to 41 percent, while playing time is not much, but if it can lead to a more important problem, the risk of behavioral deviation can be low, more knowledge and professional skills can be studied. Diagram 5

4.2 Control the game through consultation and treatment of psychology and other methods

Schools need to improve guidance and governance, helping young people to realize that the damage to the game of violence improves their ability to solve the problem. Gaming or internet addiction can be targeted at the university, special psychologically sound curricula and professional psychological counseling can be opened, psychological intervention and training can be quickly discovered and conducted through cognitive behavioral therapy, combination treatments, family treatment and other computerized game methods.

In the meantime, supervision and limitation of the guardian is also important. Research has revealed that: if computer violence is played more, it is negative, so the guardian is concerned to spend more time to limit the time of the game. However, the child does not control playing time simply, regardless of the content of the game, it should enhance supervision and guide the content of the game as a guardian. In cases where the child can also discuss with him/her in the face of interpersonal conflict, non-violent resistance options are available to help the child develop positive values and guide action by using violence. Diagram 6

In short, the negative impact of violent games on young people cannot be overlooked and the entire task of the authorities, the entertainment industry, schools and families must be taken into account in creating a stable environment for young people to grow.

In this modern era of popular online games, online games have become teenagers who live in an important part of their network for very high-frequency use, with a major impact on their physical and mental development. Many people play the game before the game confirms its grade, and most people believe that components of violent games or nothing more than bloody murder, as long as the game belongs to violent games, there will be a deviation in their behavior, but that they play violent video games does not irritate or often disagree with others, but most people now play.


Regardless of what kind of online games, Internet users should not be overindulged. The sense of property on the Internet should be a good time to avoid contact with a number of adverse factors.

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