Negative Impact Of Fake News

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Over the past decades, social media has become a major component in the modern human society. We tend to use this technology for both entertainment as well as acknowledging news around the world. While news can bring us precise and realistic information regarding the world around us, it can also be manipulated into fake news that aim to strike with a purpose. Nowadays, it is easier for others to generate fake news since most of the people across the world obtain their information through internet. The reason why they are so gullible is that they do not know what is happening. Moreover, human beings have the tendency of accepting news that will benefit them and neglect the cruel truth. Therefore, fake news can ruin a nation.

At the beginning, fake news has been widely spread across the internet over the past decades. A series of fake news regarding both educations and video games are posted online in order to change the perspectives of parents. For instance, in a news article, study shows that music does not help students with their learning. Not only that, it will only make their effort less efficient. This will drag down their quality of learning which in return can make them fail their exams and assignments. However, in another new article, it shows how music can improve an individual’s memorization and his focus while studying. These two news article contradict with each other. Family members who adopt listening to music ruins study efficiency will embrace this strategy on their kids. This will only create a conflict between parents if the other parent adapts to the other strategy where listening to music does help learning. Not only that, series of fake news have been imposed on video games as well. For example, when it comes to video games, different parents form different perspectives about it. Some believes video games are dangerous and cause young people to like violence actions while other treat it as an important step in growing up. These two perspectives come from the news that these parents are reading. Parents who believe video games are harmful likely have read the news where it shows an increase in physical aggression after playing a game that includes violent actions. In the other hand, parents who treat it with calm perspective must believe their kids can learn something from it. Games like Assassin’s creed is filled with rich historical background which can intrigue teenager’s interest in learning more about related environments. All in all, fake news can change a kid’s environment while growing up. Parents who believes in the statement from fake news will oppose those who adapt to the real ones. If both of them live under the same roof, there is tension which can potential tear up the relationship between them. Fake news are harmful and it should be eliminated.

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Furthermore, fake news can destroy a person. In this entertainment to death era, human beings would like to ask for celebrities’ gossip in leisure time rather than caring about their contribution. However, lots of rumors and gossips are the fake news which is used for attracting public’s eyes. Fake news affect famous people a lot not only the mental but also the body health. Due to the fact that internet has a rapidly transmission speed, then there will be hundreds of people who is surfing the internet to attract him even though these rumors are the fake news. which is harmful for the famous people’s mental health. The famous singer Michael Jackson dead due to the fake news frame him up. Dentist Evan Chandler accused that Michael Jackson had sexually abused his son. However, this is a fake news, Chandler’s purpose was to threaten Michael Jackson. However, after this fake news spread during the report and internet, the public started to insanely accuse Michael Jackson. That causes huge mental pressure which is the prime reason causes his death. In a word, spreading the fake news is harmful for a person, and fake news is like a murderer.

Finally, fake news can potentially lead to Internet fraud. There are some people want to get money by internet. They would like to deceive others’ sympathy to package themselves like a helpless person. There always be kind person in the world, and they would like to help others. However, they did not realize that is a trap waiting for them. Fake news lead to lots of people lost their money and cannot get them back. Nowadays, internet fraud hidden everywhere in the internet. They use some sweet words to ask for your money. Some of them will illustrate their fake identity which will attract your sympathy.

In a words, internet is like a huge jungle, each of type of birds are living there. The quality of birds is also not the same. We need to distinguish the real and fake. In the real life, fake news cannot harm others and benefit oneself.

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