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It’s All Over The New: Video Games Cause Children To Be Violent

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Have you heard that video games cause children to act violent or more aggressive? , It is clear that video games cause children to behave violent and aggressively .The video game industry is everywhere around us, causing aggressive behavioral attitudes for people of all ages. According to many studies, it is proven that video games not only encourage people to be aggressive ,but to develop other serious problems such as physical consequences, mental disturbance, and psychosocial problems.

First and foremost, video games are one of the most common ways of entertainment all over the world despite the fact of how games can affect negatively your body and your brain. This article noted ”Playing video games for extended amounts of time can cause children to experience many of the same symptoms seen in computer vision syndrome in adults. Extensive viewing of the game screen can lead to eye discomfort, fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches”,(“Video games and Eyestrain” by Troy Bedinghaus, OD,verywellHealth). As this article addressed , game players get their head wrapped into the screen for hours and hours without taking any breaks forcing their eyes, mind and body to keep playing. “Game players” are skipping important meals, hours of sleep and even forgetting to do assignments for school. A study from McGill University states “human-computer interactions, such as playing video games, can have a negative impact on the brain. Some negative effects of videos games are: Noticeable changes to behavior, ignoring or not prioritizing responsibilities or interests over game time, continuing to play games despite the negative impact it may have, difficulty sleeping or changes in sleep patterns, declining grades or difficulty in school ,can lead to social isolation ,and poor time management skills.”(Effects of video games by Smart Social). Moreover, it is important to bring awareness to video game lovers of serious consequences it can bring if video games are misuse.

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In addition, video games cause mental disturbance in children. The content of video games nowadays can be described as violent and rated R . Popular video games such as Fornite, Call of Duty, League of legends, and Grand Theft Auto are just a small percentage of millions of video games with a lot of controversy since its content seems to disturb a children’s mental status. Moreover, video games play an important role in the mind of a child, if the content is good it will not disrupt the child otherwise it can guide the child to imitate and believe that certain attitudes are normal. “I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,”(Donald J Trump.2019).In addition, children and youth are easily exposed to video game content that goes beyond everything they’ve seen in movies or internet. “What studies fail to include in their data is that all video games rated Mature contain graphic sexual content and sexualized violence. One of the major “enhancements” in Grand Theft Auto 5 is that the player can not only rape and kill women, but they’ve now added torture scenes.” (“Violent Video Games” by Craig A. Anderson, PhD.).The video game industry should follow certain guide lines and be more cautious and even more restrictive with their content age rating system, it is concerning to see how games reward for killing innocent people, policeman , prostitutes with weapons such as guns, knives, and swords. Also, it is important to motivate parents to monitor what their kids are playing occasionally.

As a final reason, video games cause psychological problems. Therefore, when a child gets attached to violent video games the communication with family is reduced which makes the child psychological isolated and at greater risk of experiencing delayed social skills. Psychological studies indicate that playing video games more than 13 hours a week may lead to isolation.(Video games and Isolation by Dr Wendy James).It is important to take in mind that isolation and depression are mental health issues. Parents, friends and professors are in the obligation of recognizing the signs and keep a close eye on their love ones.

Overall, there is enough data and base evidence to state that video games cause children to act violent and behave aggressively. The video game industry is responsible for the negative impact caused to children and all those who are using this type of entertainment. Parents should be more aware about what type of entertainment their kids are getting attached to and try to monitor the time they used avoiding addiction

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