Do Video Games Make You Violent?

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Since the start of video games, its sole purpose was to bring delight and the creativeness to children around the world. It was meant for a way for kids to interact with others and enjoy the fun a virtual reality could be. However, over time and into today’s world, video games are seen as a source as to why children act out and become violent from minimal to dangerous levels. I believe that many tend to be opiniated when it comes to this and I think that people should realize that video games are vary depending on many factors. There are multiple games that truly help children and that are actually not violent compared to a shooter game. There are people who play games to help another family member or entertain for fun and there are even people who play video games professionally and become a role model for others who if they want to play games they can. They give them that ability to express themselves on a platform and hopefully even influence others to be creative and full of hope and dreams.

Therefore, if people can have hope and dreams which is good does that make playing video games good and not make children violent? Well this topic came up In a video by “AsapSCIENCE”, a YouTube channel which talks about various topics and uses science, as implied by their name, and also uses any research that has been done so in other words, “statistics”, and uses these resources to assess whether or not the question at hand is true or not or simply answer whichever argument is trying to be made. In this video it talked about whether or not video games make you violent. The first look into it you can see they use drawings to show you any sort of statistics they use or any research results in a visual form. They also get information from all sides whether it was reports done by scholars or simple scientific studies but it is mostly on the factual side and not so much opiniated. For the Ethos part of this video, the source is reliable since the information brought forth isn’t just some random notes and is instead more detailed and well organized. The place where it’s coming from is also fairly good, although it may be from YouTube, it is a reliable channel that has been around for some time so it is well known and they also don’t take a side. This video shows that kids are the ones who are mostly affected and are the ones who usually play games which is why they are the top affected individuals. Now with any video they make they always use a various amount of statistics and do tons of research to get this. Furthermore, when watching the video, you can see that they use a lot of reliable information and tell you from where they got it from while explaining whatever it is they are proving. The whole Video overall is well put and brings forth everything needed to target whoever and whomever it may concern. The creator makes sure that not one detail is missing and makes it so that it is well supported and doesn’t have the “opiniated” sound to it.

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Of course, with a topic such as this there is always going to be other platforms that are going to put out their say in all of this just as CBSNEWS did. Being published August 9th, 2019 you can see that this is a recent article and it touches a bit on the mass shootings that happened in El Paso and Dayton, and also brings in President Donald Trump in how he had said that the glorification of guns and violence in games must come to an end. It goes on to say “Many had been quick to blame video games for real-life acts of violence, but experts say there is no such link”, and I have to say with this so far it seems that it targets a lot of the younger audience and how games should be banned or be restricted of a sort, so that heinous acts never happen. However, throughout the rest of the article it does bring in more of a real-world wide problems and factors for what is the real cause for violence and for that it’s more of a “everyone” sort of target. This article does use some statistics and support it fairly well but there isn’t too much of it and because of that it gives less a credibility to it and doesn’t make it a very good article to use to prove a point. It is published by CBSNEWS so it does make it a source that is well known therefore making it something you may look into whenever trying to get some information on a topic such as this, but of course because it is published by a news organization it also takes a bit off of how creditable it actually is since it could be opiniated information that is being provided.

Both sources talked about whether video games make you violent however, one was better than the other in the sense that they provided more context in their argument and supported every claim they made with statistics or any factual research/tests made to get the results which gave the definitive answer to their argument. AsapSCIENCE, the YouTube channel, made sure to back up everything with scientific research and tests that were done on people which gave their conclusion a more believable sense. They also showed with visuals the examples they presented which helped with understanding the claims they were making. With the CBSNEWS article they also gave good research and examples but had never presented anything that was definitive to really give their argument a finishing touch. They used only one person’s research on the matter which could’ve been well thought research or just opinions. Instead of backing up their own claims with a copious amount of examples/statistic/research, they just decided to lead with one professors’ findings and use simply him as the base to their argument against the matter. So when it comes to which source was better in how they presented their claim I would have to say that a source such as AsapSCIENCE is the way to go when it comes to how your claims should be presented and formatted. Both did present clearly what they felt or how they felt on the argument of Do video game make you violent, but CBSNEWS even being a news cast that can provide information about world-wide events, is probably not the best source to get information for a topic such as this.

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