Do Violent Video Games Cause Illusive Behaviour?

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Contrary to what a lot of people think, violent video games don’t cause violent behaviour that looks out of character from their kids. that’s because it doesn’t have any effect whether the play a violent one like Fortnite or just a round of Wii Golf with your family on the Saturday morning.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today I am talking about violent video games and their impact on society by increasing the difficulty of a game it becomes harder leading to violence, The violence is out side of the game not inside of it and parents and other adults think that violent games are the centre of attention.

The relationship with violent behaviour and video games has been constantly misinterpreted by the media and others since the creation of this new entertainment. The cause of the violent behaviour is difficulty of video games. Picture this, you are versing your family members in a game of Mario Kart in you’ve been in the lead for a while and just a you get to the finish line the family member sends out a blue shell that stops you right in your tracks letting them to win the race making you lose. The decision that was made by your family member made the game difficult leading you to get angry and violent. That was because you knew that you couldn’t win the race thanks to something that increased the difficultly. The violent behaviour wasn’t caused by the violent video game it was something cartoonish that didn’t have any connection to the real world.

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The actions that are made in every violent video game to be made has kept in mind that this isn’t real a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game made by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto 5 has violence with lever action revolvers, tomahawks and rudimentary explosives. The game is set in 1899 yet people are still claiming that this impacts people. In the game there is an option to converse with a woman who is advocating for rights. there is the option to greet her and antagonize her these option give the player a sense of choice depending on the way that they want their character to be the could be a mischievous outlaw or a hero among the town either way the go there is no impact on there real day to day interactions whether the were kind or evil to the woman. In the end she is just some pixels on a screen, A piece of someone’s imagination. Not a real human being with feelings and a dream.

The constant revival in the media about what video games do to children is a constant topic with any new release. Following the release of the PlayStation portable or PSP for short it was a target for news websites to grab hold of and not let go of. The handheld gaming device let people connect to the internet to access multiplayer features, but the news reported on its ability to connect to young children with paedophiles. The entire news story is a scare tactic to get viewers to watch their story’s because if little Timmy is watching the news rather than in his room than that’s another viewer watching. This also happens in Australia A Current Affair and the Today Show both reported on the new game Fortnite. They talked about it being addicting like cigarettes and alcohol. Which may be true in specific cases but most people you see playing Fortnite do not immediately bludgeon a tree or building when the see it.

The Violence in Videogames has no correlation to aggression and hate toward any race or belief the statement made that violent videogames make people violent is as reasonable statement as saying watching a sad movie gives you clinic depression.

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