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What Is The Anti-trafficking Framework And How Do The Sectors Fit Together?

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The anti-trafficking framework is made up of four different components. These include the “prevention of human trafficking, protection of trafficking victims, prosecution of human traffickers, and partnership across disciplines and with survivors to accomplish the work within each sector” (Ladd, 2019). Prevention stresses the need to be informed and knowledgeable about trafficking. This happens through knowing the signs of trafficking, raising awareness of the severity of trafficking, and empathizing that it is an issue in communities.

Protection focuses on the victims of human trafficking. This component fights for the overall well-being and safety of the individuals affected by trafficking. Protection of potential and current victims has a wide range. It can span from providing simple necessities such as food, water, clothing, and shelter for them or stretch to more complex needs like aid in the support of any physical, emotional, or mental within victims (United Nations Institute for Training and Research, pg. 25, 2019).

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Prosecution of human traffickers is used to track down and punish any individuals responsible for the capture, torture, and enslavement of others for their own gain. Prosecution is used by governments on a local and national level to criminalize these offenders. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (2019) explains that prosecution activities include “implementation of specific anti-trafficking laws, provision of training of police officers, lawyers, and judges to effectively respond to trafficking and the establishment of special anti-trafficking police units” (pg. 25) Being able to successfully and appropriately prosecute any and all individuals apart of the trafficking process is a vital part of lowering the magnitude of trafficking and will help victims on their journey of recovery. All the components fit among one another because each category has their own unique and specific role of helping victims of trafficking. When each component of the anti-trafficking framework work among one another, it contributes to the overall decrease of individuals who are be associated with enslavement within their community, state, or country.

The sector of the human trafficking framework that I would most like to learn about and or possibly work within would be the protection aspect. Through the readings and articles so far in this course, I can say with confidence that this sector is what I am most passionate about. Victims of these crimes the ones directly affected by the actions of traffickers and or slave owners. The abuse that they endure is often catastrophe and effects them in an extremely negative manner. I feel that it is important to be educated and advocate for the protection and well-being of these individuals.

For example, there are numerous misperceptions in terms of what the demographics of traffic victims are typically like. Unfortunately. many countries believe that only certain individuals are the prime targets of trafficking and enslavement. The Trafficking in Person’s Report (2019) states that “authorities may not consider men and boys as victims of sex trafficking due to a common misperception that sex traffickers only exploit women” (pg. 2). While women make up most of the sex trafficking on a broad scale, that does not dismiss the fact that people of other genders are impacted too. This way of thinking is extremely dangerous in the fact that it prevents certain victims from receiving appropriate resources and other forms of support that they deserve and need. Trafficking does not discriminate and impacts a multitude of people from all walks of life. Proper education, research, and advocating of victims can help in the process of easing the difficult stages that victims go through on their way to recovery.

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