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Discursive Essay on the Possibility of Applying Violence in Video Games

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The criminal justice system, which is made up of law enforcement, attorneys, judges, courts of law, and prisons, was created with the intention of protecting the public by prosecuting and jailing, while also providing justice to those accused through defending and sentencing. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is unable to work properly if members within the society are not provided with accurate and trustworthy knowledge. That being said, video games take a massive toll on the criminal justice system due to the negative attention towards law enforcement and bad influences regarding criminal behaviour within the games. Modern-day media feeds off of true crime and horror related stories. Everyone wants to learn more about the disappearance of others and the function of a serial killer. Video games are a prime example of how the youth of today being introduced to violence at such a young age. Games like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto provide the necessary tools for young children to being their distrust towards law enforcement as well as their fascination with criminal behaviour. Video games are designed with the intention of reaching out to impressionable individuals who will open up their wallets, or the wallets of their parents, and payback into the industry.

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Violence in video games has caused an uproar of questions, comments, and concerns relating to the mental and physical well being of children and teenagers across the globe. Determining whether or not video games harm developing minds has been a topic of interest for many, especially when it concerns their role in society. As humans, we are all expected to play a certain role in order to maintain harmony in society, a disruption of that peace may result in unnecessary chaos. The introduction of video games, violent video games, has created distrust in communities. This is because more and more people have begun to blame video games as a result of robberies, mass shootings, and other violent youth crimes. “Ultimately, it is not just the popular opinion that drives the fight against video games, but also the scholarly research that examines the connection between video games and violence,” (Foster, 2016). In certain games, the criminal justice system can be seen as a negative addition to the game, members of the criminal justice system are the enemies and the objective is to work your way around them, or even kill them if necessary. The problem in this situation is that violent video games appeared to be giving off the impression that it is okay to disarm and maul a police officer or even highjack a car. While many of the people that play these games are able to differentiate between the game and reality, there is a certain defiance towards law enforcement that can be created.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a prime example of an interactive video game that allows its players to tap into a more aggressive and powerful part of themselves. The objective of the game is to take out a rival game member while attempting to avenge the death of your character. The player has to drive on the streets of Los Santos in a car that their character carjacked, and the main way for them to gain ‘respect’ in the game is by killing cops, robbing stores, and a variety of other illegal acts. There is a certain thrill that comes with playing a violent video game. “Moreover, children of both genders prefer games with violent content. As there is no compulsory legislative standards to limit the type and amount of violence in video games, concerned adults must assume an oversight role,” (Vessey, 2000). Regardless of the content within the game, the violence draws the attention of potential buyers and increases the need to play the game.

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