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The researcher has used the most appropriate research design that enables her to take a closer look at climate change skepticism. The researcher has been able to collect various sources by using a qualitative design that is explanatory in nature hence describing to the readers the behavior of who, what, where, when and how things stand at the moment concerning climate change skepticism. The use of a qualitative design has enabled the researcher to comfortably go through large volumes of...
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Skepticism is a key theme we observed over the progression of this term in our course in many of the ghost stories that we have analyzed. In its definition, skepticism is the opinion that real knowledge of any kind is unattainable. (OED) This definition explains that skeptics believe that knowledge of a certain opinion is impossible to obtain because there is no knowledgeable explanation to support its claim. In terms of our course material, skepticism subverts the idea that there...
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Philosophy is composed of several branches. Epistemology is one of the branches of Philosophy. Epistemology is the branch that is concerned with knowledge and our acquisition of it. Skepticism in Philosophy deals with doubting everything one knows. We must put into doubt anything we can or may know. Descartes and Hume both employ skepticism in their writings. In this essay, I will argue that neither Descartes nor Hume are skeptics. I will begin to explain what skepticism is. Then, I...
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Introduction Professional skepticism in auditing refers to “an attitude that includes a questioning mind and a critical assessment of audit evidence” and is at the foundation of the profession. Its importance has been underlined multiple times since auditing standards codification. Professional skepticism can be viewed as a lens through which auditors evaluate evidence and risk throughout the audit process (Ciołek, 2017, p. 34). Examples from my experience, reflection on the scores obtained for the 6 characteristics of skepticism. Questioning Mind...
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One of the three branches of philosophy is epistemology, otherwise know as the theory of knowledge is related to the philosophical scope and nature of knowledge. Epistemology relates to examining how the theory of nature relates to beliefs truth and justification, the three elements that make a means ‘knowledge’. Without belief, truth or justification, a thought simply cannot be known. The core of epistemology is skepticism. The contemporary issue of partisan dealignment is extremely prevalent in recent politics. Since 1974,...
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