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Climate Change Skepticism in Relation to Global Warming

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The researcher has used the most appropriate research design that enables her to take a closer look at climate change skepticism. The researcher has been able to collect various sources by using a qualitative design that is explanatory in nature hence describing to the readers the behavior of who, what, where, when and how things stand at the moment concerning climate change skepticism. The use of a qualitative design has enabled the researcher to comfortably go through large volumes of data to gather varied opinions of experts and make justifiable conclusion (Kumar, 2005). The writer has gained credibility amongst the readers by exploring and describing diverse documented views and explaining them quantitatively making her report seem reliable and highly factual (Silverman, 2001).

Problem or objective

The objective of the research is to take a closer look at climate change skepticism (Rabinowicz, 2010). The researcher has appropriately politicized the actions of skeptical and mainstream in order for her to achieve the goals of her research. The research was able to stick to the main topic throughout the research by comparing and contrasting conflicting views and supporting her statements with credible sources to meet the objectives of the paper (Kumar, 2005). Despite the fact that the researcher may be criticized for selecting a generalized statement as her problem/objective statement, she has managed to tackle the issue at hand by not deviation out of topic and looking at climate change skepticism from a generalized viewpoint (Silverman, 2001).

Literature review

The researcher should be commended for using appropriate literature to support and substantiate her claims. Additionally, the researcher has used numerous sources and gathered numerous divergent views. This has made her literature review be of high quality and credible to readers. The researchers use of subheadings within her paper has given the literature reviewed consistent flow as the researcher presents her arguments starting with general facts narrowing down to specific tangible facts thereby making her literature insightful and interesting to readers. The researcher has added credibility and articulated her work by substantiating findings using credible sources which are cited in the literature review thereby capturing the attention of an objective reader (Silverman, 2001).

Population sampling for study

The researcher did not carry out primary research by opting to use secondary sources of data. Due to a wide and broad objective of the research, it would have been time-consuming and costly to carry out the research. Therefore, when the researcher decided to use secondary data, she was no longer required to sample a population for her study and this was a good decision for her research (Silverman, 2001).

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Because the research was secondary, the researcher was not required to use any measurement methods. Measurement methods are used in primary research especially when a researcher is required to collect and record real-time data during observations (Kumar, 2005). This was a good move by the researcher since her secondary research required no measurement.

Data collection methods and analysis

The researcher’s choice to use secondary sources to address the objective of the research was highly appropriate for the research objectives which were very general and broad. The secondary sources of data that were used were collected from published books, journals, internet sources and published reports. The researcher was able to save time and costs and cross check numerous publications from trusted sources to compile literature review that was accurate and make justified conclusion based on data collected from trusted sources. This was possible because the researcher used a wide variety of sources. Due to the qualitative nature of data and the research methodology, the researcher opted to use qualitative analysis techniques.


The link between the analysis and other parts of the report such as findings and conclusions is clear and convenient (Silverman, 2001). The researcher analyzed her findings collected from many sources qualitatively enabling her to give meaning to her findings, and make subsequent conclusions. Even though the research methodology was qualitative, the researcher should have incorporated the use of summarized pie charts and graphs to represent statistical data so readers could easily follow through her findings and interpretations. The use of graphic displays would have made the findings of the research clear, uncomplicated, and accurate thereby captivating readers more (Kumar, 2005).

Limited and justifiable conclusions

The researcher has finished off the research by making conclusions based on findings. This has enabled the researcher stay within the topic. Before the researcher makes any conclusions, she is careful enough to present documented facts. This has enabled her to avoid using unsubstantiated opinions to make conclusions thereby adding credibility to her findings (Silverman, 2001; Kumar, 2005). A clear example is when the researcher makes conclusions that the public is becoming less aware and concerned of climate change using a study carried out by Yale School of environment and Pidgeon, a professor at Cardiff University, whose findings indicated that individuals are less concerned about climate change due to other prevailing factors such as hard economic times. The writer is careful to avoid introducing biased conclusion by using facts to justify her conclusions thus being very objective (Rabinowicz, 2010).

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