A Bright Future Without Global Warming

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Imagine if this world ended because of natural disasters, and your family became one of the victims. There will be much sadness experienced by the people who lose their loved ones. 'Global warming is not a prediction; it is happening,' according to James Hensen. Global warming is the process of the increasing average temperatures in the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. It happens because of bad habits from society like doing illegal logging, spending excessive fossil fuel vehicles, and using excessive CFC gas. Global warming causes many natural disasters to occur, which causes many victims. It cannot be ignored and considered trivial. Hence, society should look the best way to reduce the impact of global warmings, such as reducing the use of fossil fuel vehicles and doing reforestation.

Firstly, reducing the use of fossil fuel vehicles is the best way to reduce global warming. The Earth's temperature increases every year due to the uncontrolled emission of carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases damaging the atmosphere on the planet. As noted in a TV broadcast, the trend of global warming is the most visible impact in the North Pole or Arctic region, which during the last decade, is reported to lose a considerable volume of ice each year. The rate of shrinkage of the ice sheets in the oceans around the poles has an impact on increasing global sea levels, making it dangerous for living creatures to life at the poles. Fossil fuel vehicles, such as cars or motorbikes, are the most significant contributors to carbon dioxide in cities. With so much use of private conveyance, it will lead to the wasteful use of fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide emissions. If the community can reduce the use of transport, then at least they have reduced carbon dioxide emissions released by the vehicle. Using public transportation can be an alternative way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. Furthermore, we can use alternative energy to minimize substances that can cause global warming—for example, replacing the use of fossil fuel vehicles with natural powers such as, sunlight, the geothermal, wind, natural gas, and hydropower. Other than that, electric cars and electric motorcycles are using alternative energy which is solar energy, and they can be a future vehicle energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Therefore, limitations on fossil fuels can reduce the impact of climate change and carbon dioxide gas emissions. The evidence that we feel now is many factories closed and vehicles parked in the garage, it makes air pollution subsided in several cities in the world, and the view of the sky is much brighter.

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Secondly, doing reforestation can minimize extreme climate change. Climate change is increasingly apparent to see from the Amazon forest fires, Brazil to the melting of the Okjokull mountain glister, Iceland. The Amazon forest is a home for many ecosystems from various species of animals and plants. Extreme climate change has resulted in the worst fires ever. Living beings of multiple species die and cannot do the regeneration of their species. National Geographic states that the Amazon forest is known as the largest rainforest in the world, with essential carbon deposits that can slow global warming. Therefore, doing reforestation is a step to balance carbon dioxide gas levels in the atmosphere. The trees will absorb carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis; it also releases oxygen and refreshes the air in the atmosphere. The result, now the ozone layer continues to recover. This recovery occurs due to a decrease in forest burning and encouragement doing reforestation. Moreover, reducing illegal logging also plays a role in preserving heavily damaged forests. The survival of living creatures in the woods can be better if the community pays more attention to the surrounding environment. Indonesia has launched a 'one-man one tree' program to respond to the impacts of global warming and climate change. So, we need awareness of each person if one tree that we plant will have a significant effect on the survival of our children and grandchildren in the future.

In conclusion, global warming is very dangerous for the survival of ecosystems on Earth. Global warming impacts the melting of ice at the north pole and burning of the Amazon forest, Brazil to the fusion of the Okjokull mountain glister, Iceland. As a result, the Earth's temperature is rising every year, and extreme climate changes are happening in all parts of the world. The community can decrease the use of fossil fuel conveyance which contributes a lot of carbon dioxide emissions and other exhaust gases. Likewise, reforestation and avoiding illegal logging is the effort in balancing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas levels in the atmosphere. Public awareness of the dangers of global warming must be increased even more. Let's begin to save our Earth for our children and grandchildren in the future. If not us then who, think about it?

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