How to Reduce Global Warming? Essay

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'Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening', by James Hansen. Based on this quote, global warming does occur and is not just a mere prediction. There have been many cases where various flora and fauna have been greatly reduced because many of their homes have been lost, replaced by many tall buildings and residential buildings. In general, global warming is a reduction in temperature on the surface of the earth because the ozone layer is thinning so that the air or temperature on the earth becomes rising or hot. This is caused by several factors such as many deforested forests or illegal logging of trees in the forest so that oxygen supply is reduced, and the air turns hot because of it. Besides, consumptive behavior in the use of electricity can affect air temperature as well. The greenhouse effect or the number of buildings made of glass can also be one of the causes of ozone depletion on the earth. All of these things will have an impact on the water or ice on the earth, like the ice in the Arctic will slowly melt and the polar bear population can be threatened. Global warming cannot be eliminated, but we can reduce the impact that occurs. Therefore, so that global temperature does not continuously increase we should save electricity and replant trees or can be called reforestation.

Firstly, reducing the impact of global warming can be done from oneself such as saving electricity. Doing so means that we have indirectly reduced the levels of carbon dioxide on earth. Quoted by, research by Cheng et al, published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences in January 2020, found that the rise in average global sea level in 2019 was 0.075 Celsius degrees above the climatologist average of 1981-2019. That proves that the temperature on earth is getting hotter and hotter. Therefore, we must make electricity savings as a form of reducing the impact of global warming. Furthermore, electricity savings can be made by turning off all lights when not needed. This can prevent the heat from the light coming out of the room, if the lamp is on too long then the temperature will also increase. Finally, the use of unnecessary electricity must also be reduced, such as turning off the fan or ac when not in use and unplugging the cellphone charger when it has been used. If we do that, the temperature on earth will gradually stabilize and will not get hotter in the future. Therefore, to do so requires awareness from oneself to improve or reduce the heat temperature that is on the surface of the earth.

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Secondly, replanting trees is very helpful in reducing the impact of global warming. Quoted from, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), trees play a big role in keeping cold cities in the future. This shows that trees have a large role in reducing the impact of global warming. Plants or plants can function to eliminate air pollution due to a large amount of smoke from vehicles or motorbikes as well as smoke from industrial sites. Planting trees does not have to have a lot of lands. Nowadays, land for planting trees is very rare because of houses and tall buildings have replaced them. Therefore, we can plant trees by hanging; trees that have been planted in small pots can be hung near the roof or gate. Doing this technique can also help to make the temperature better or cooler than before. As well as by planting trees, the supply of oxygen and fresh air can increase so that we can breathe air without having to fear pollution. Finally, the earth can avoid heat and pollution.

In conclusion, everything we do can have an impact on the earth. And that can save it, we too. We can do various things to save the earth from rising temperatures or global warming. Electricity saving is one way to reduce global warming. For example, we must turn off all electrical equipment if it is no longer in use and turn off all the lights when not needed. Then, pollution and reduced oxygen are also one of the reasons for the rise in temperature. Therefore, we must reforest or plant plants around us so that the air can be clean and fresh again. We must do these two things to reduce the rise in temperature and get clean air in the present and the future.

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