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Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming? Essay

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Are humans actually affecting global warming? Humans have been worsening the state of our planet for over 50 years now (MacMillan, Amanda). Various activities such as driving, having barbecues, and even something as simple as throwing out our waste produces gasses that will cripple our atmosphere. Once you begin to look into the origins of global warming, and how these forcing and feedback gases we produce will alter life as we know it, or even how we can help then, you will begin to understand our planet further and become more educated on the topic of global warming and the changes humanity needs to make. We need to learn how to adequately protect our planet; it is crucial that we tend to and speak out about the gravity of this topic now before it is too late.

Humans have been warming the planet over the past 50 years (MacMillan, Amanda). Most of the products that we have been using are releasing forcing and feedback gases. “Forcing gasses,” force climate shift while, Feedback gasses, react physically or chemically to climate change (The Causes of Climate Change). Activities such as; Irresponsibly leaving vehicles operating, kitchen appliances on, water running, and lights turned on will waste enormous amounts of energy. As a result, harmful gases will be released into the atmosphere.

Humans have been rapidly expanding on the Greenhouse Effect. Human activities that are releasing Forcing, and Feedback Gasses, into the atmosphere, are only making things increasingly worse. Gases such as Water vapor (H2O), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Methane (CH4), are the main gases damaging our atmosphere (The Causes of Climate Change). Everyday people that are generating these gases know what they are but, do not exactly know what they are doing to our environment. In fact, in the United States, we burn fossil fuel to create electricity; over time, this method has balled up to in return make the coal-burning plants become most massive polluters by far. Just the pollution from the power plants alone comes out to about two billion tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) every single year (MacMillan, Amanda). Some unsusceptible things that release these harmful gases into the atmosphere are, Non-Biodegradable waste being thrown out, oil field gasses being released into the atmosphere, barbeques, and lawn mowers that produce pollution just like cars.

Many people suspect that global warming is solely caused by the sun, but that statement is a result of complete ignorance. There are several reasons as to why it cannot be the sun. Yes, the sun's energy production does have the potential to causes climate change. The only flaw with that theory is the fact that our sun's solar activity has not raised. Our climate has been going into the extraordinary heats and Ice Ages over several centuries and now it is happening more swiftly than ever before. Our climate change is no longer a gradual change; It is now a complete spike in climate. Current global warming cannot be explained by alterations in the sun's activity and energy spike. Our sun has not increased its activity (The Causes of Climate Change). Several scientists have been monitoring the sun and its activity for years now and they have concluded that it's nearly impossible for this much of a temperature spike to be coming from the activity of the sun. The only way that the sun could be causing the atmosphere to warm would be with the help of “forcing,” and “feedback,” gasses to make use bake like a potato in tin foil.

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The effects Global Warming has had on our planet, and humanity over the years is no joke. Glaciers are beginning to melting a lot quicker than they are being made. In consequence, arctic animals are suffering from their environment deterioration happening right below them. Glaciers are presently melting four times faster than we originally thought. Our wildlife populations are now slipping and the habitats are changing along with the is the threat of extinction floating over several animals heads. In effect, the shifting of habitats creates more of a restriction on natural resources; this forces animals to move habitats after their own has been destroyed (Weaver, Sharon).

The global warmings cause consists of several distinct components. Deforestation which is damaging wildlife environments along with the generation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This forces the critters to acquire a new way of life when they migrate into new habitats. Not to mention the intimidations of starvation, reconstitution of the food chain, and altering of a natural selection becoming a new threat (Weaver, Sharon).

The climate is obviously changing; “The number of high-temperature events in the United States has been increasing, while the number of record low-temperature events has been decreasing, since 1950. The U.S. has also witnessed increasing numbers of intense rainfall events,” (Climate Change Evidence: How do we know?”) but along with that even several weather patterns are now changing; which, could eventually be fatal. Several people have noticed intense and unusual weather events have been taking place which in return, causes natural destruction that could have been prevented if we would have cut down on releasing these harmful gasses.

Sea levels are rising which can have devastating effects. The world seas have absorbed more than ninety percent of the atmosphere's heat (Nunez, Christina). At this rate by the time a century has gone by the sea levels are expected to rise bt 10 to 32 inches or higher (Global Warming Effects). The water is absorbing excess CO2 from, of course, the atmosphere which can cause ocean temperatures to climb. Raised temperatures cause the volume of the water to expand. Another factor is The melting of the ice caps and glaciers along with stormy weather such as enhanced hurricane activity and land alteration. Hurricanes and other similar storms will become stronger, contrasting storms such as floods and droughts will become less rare, decreasing fresh water, a portion of diseases will spread like wildfire, and ecosystems are nowhere near coming to a halt with changing (Global Warming Effects). One frightening case of this is the fact that The wetlands have been deteriorating at a rapid pace. In particular, from 2004 to 2009, the percentage of loss was 25% higher than from the prior years recording the period of 1998-2004. Aquifers are now being contaminated by salt from the rising water. Environments for fish are being squandered. Habitats are lost for birds. Habitats for plants are being completely destroyed. Even soil that is being used for agricultural purposes is being corrupted (Weaver, Sharon).

In conclusion, global warming has obviously been caused by humanities poor choices and fast-paced life. We are releasing hazardous gasses into the atmosphere which causes our planet to quite literally cook while it does us the favor of burning holes in the ozone layer. We need to take action now before its too late, the future has already proven to be detrimental if we do not alter the way we are living. From the sea levels growing, and threatening sometimes deadly storms, to the erosion of once flourishing environments, we are negatively transforming our planet in its entirety.

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