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Reduction of CO2 from Atmosphere Resulting In a Better Future

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“The beautiful creation of the Almighty has been destroyed by the Almighty’s mightiest creatures” – this topic could be a subject for debate, there will be motions against the house, for the house; but whatever will be the result depending on the strong opinions, the truth is Almighty is disappointed to see his creation in deep soup.

We the members of the mankind for our betterment have made injustice to the mankind in disguise of our comfort, betterment. Yes we demanded and gained those elements but are we capable enough for retaining them for us, for our future generations?

We have polluted our environment, earth, foods, health, lives to this extent that the effect of our deeds are almost irreversible. Though many organizations have been founded, many people became aware, many laws have been made to protect our earth, but there is a common decreasing factor – the awareness amongst the common people.

So, from the government side the steps have to be taken very firmly to restore the matter and respect our environment to retain the goodness of his creation, if not forever, then for few coming generations, by making the preventive measures our practice and habit.

To protect our environment the level of CO2, one of the most important generated greenhouses has to be reduced in a major proportion. Carbon dioxide, unlike methane, persists in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, so even if we reduce our emission rate, the level of the gas will keep going up.

At the moment, measurements show that this carbon level increase is exponential — it is accelerating. Currently, the best way to save our future is to remove carbon dioxide through direct air capture, a process that involves pumping air through a system that removes carbon dioxide and either liquefies it and stores it or chemically turns it into a substance either inert or useful.

The challenge here is to bring the cost of this process to below $40 per ton of carbon removed, since this is the estimated cost to the planet of our emissions.

Ways in which CO2 can be injected into the soil:

  • CO2 can be injected into depleted resources.
  • CO2 can be injected into saline formations.

Enterprising researchers have already developed systems that work by passing air through anion-exchange resins that contain hydroxide or carbonate groups that when dry, absorb carbon dioxide and release it when moist. The extracted carbon dioxide can then be compressed, stored in liquid form and deposited underground using carbon capture and storage technologies.

At the moment, most methods cost more than $100 per ton, but there are dramatic developments which promise great improvement. Three companies have opened pilot plants — Global Thermostat (United States), Carbon Engineering (Canada) and Climeworks (Switzerland). Climeworks is the trendsetter. They have opened a small-scale commercial plant in Iceland.

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This is aimed to remove 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per year and pump the carbon dioxide, with water, down into basalt rocks underground, using Iceland’s abundant geothermal power as a source of energy. Here the carbon dioxide is literally turned to stone — it mineralizes rapidly because of the type of rock and the pressure. The carbon dioxide, turned to stone, is out of the planet’s energy system for millions of years. This is an enormous breakthrough.

Even in Houston, the home of the oil industry, climate innovation is taking place. In October, using an approach called the Allam cycle, a company called NET Power opened a plant that burns natural gas to produce power, but it captures all the carbon dioxide produced because the carbon dioxide is itself the working fluid — a new concept. It is a totally renewable energy source based on a fossil fuel. In theory, cooling air so as to liquefy its carbon dioxide content could also be used to remove it. This could involve setting up plants on high polar plateaus such as Antarctica or Greenland but has yet to be investigated.

Their research seems almost to smuggle technologies out of the realm of science fiction and into the real. It suggests that people will soon be able to produce gasoline and jet fuel from little more than limestone, hydrogen, and air.

Above all, the new technique is noteworthy because it promises to remove carbon dioxide cheaply. As recently as 2011, a panel of experts estimated that it would cost at least $600 to remove a metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The new paper says it can remove the same ton for as little as $94, and for no more than $232.

At those rates, it would cost between $1 and $2.50 to remove the carbon dioxide released by burning a gallon of gasoline in a modern car. In effect, Keith (David Keith; American; Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics) have grafted a cooling tower onto a paper mill.

It has three major steps.

First, outside air is sucked into the factory’s “contactors” and exposed to an alkaline liquid. These contactors resemble industrial cooling towers: They have large fans to inhale air from the outside world, and they’re lined with corrugated plastic structures that allow as much air as possible to come into contact with the liquid. In a cooling tower, the air is meant to cool the liquid; but in this design, the air is meant to come into contact with the strong base.

Second, the now-watery liquid (containing carbon dioxide) is brought into the factory, where it undergoes a series of chemical reactions to separate the base from the acid. The liquid is frozen into solid pellets, slowly heated, and converted into slurry. These techniques have been borrowed from elsewhere in chemical industry, like, paper mills.

Third, the carbon dioxide is combined with hydrogen and converted into liquid fuels, including gasoline, diesel etc.. This is the most conventional aspect of the process: Oil companies convert hydrocarbon gases into liquid fuels every day, using a set of chemical reactions called the Fischer-Tropsch process. But it’s key to Carbon Engineering’s business: It means the company can produce carbon-neutral hydrocarbons.

God created Man, Man created none – they only identified and modified those which were already there, beyond their knowledge. The points discussed on taking the preventive measures to reduce CO2 from our environment to make it a better, healthier one, has to be taken care by our government to make its premises a good one to live in.

Many first world countries have taken initiatives on the same but the problem lies in India as well as other Developing countries and underprivileged. Most methods costing more than $100 per ton, if converted in today’s date it will be Rs. 6965 per ton. We have 40 billion tons and tons of CO2 in our environment; the point is as a citizen everybody pays tax, instead of the cosmetic care taking of the country, the health care of the country is more important. It sounds only Rs. 6965 per ton, but a huge amount (Rs. 27.86 crore) and a tedious procedure involved in doing so, which is not possible for an individual, but for constituent – structured body like government will be able to channelize the same for its own people’s benefit.

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