Heating of the Atmosphere Essay

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We humans are engaged in a variety of behaviors that are antagonistic, destructive, and catastrophic to our own kind and to our nature. Those performances have very devastating impact in human nature and to our one of a kind environment. We are dependent of inhumane behaviors that involve deforestation, mining, destruction of animal habitat, intensive pollutionary works, urbanization, and perilous invention of technologies. Those endeavors can root to degradational problems and depletion of resources, loss of wildlife habitats, forest fragmentation, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and climate change. Nowadays, we humans are deteriorating and being more cruel towards our nature just to provide our needs and wants. But we didn’t notice that it can affect us and we are slowly making our future life miserable. Yes, we undergone evolution, we learn more things but those advantageous traits punishes us and our nature through worse evolution of the future.

We humans began to change the land. We are in the generation where industrial revolution is continuously evolving and we began to urbanize large areas in the world. Urbanization is the process of making an area more urban, that can lead to forest fragmentation and destruction of large areas of agriculture. The level and growth of urbanization in the world is increasing as the time goes by. As we can see in different datas in the world, the projection of global urbanization is fast, that means rapidly continuously losing large areas of agriculture. Urban people change their environment through their consumption of food, energy, water, and land. Probably, another areas of urban are polluted so it has environmental factors such as pollution and killing of other living organisms. Large forest in the world are urbanized just to have highway systems and buildings. One example is Overton Park with ponds, paths, and old-growth forest that were actually now urbanized. Energy consumptions for electricity and transportation are mostly in urban areas. These consumptions can lead to island heating, atmosphere pollution, and increase of greenhouse gases that can destruct the ozone layer. Also, flood volumes increase because of forest fragmentation. If we look beyond the lines, the world we design for ourselves is for our own needs but doesn’t benefit us.

Another human behavior that has negative effect on our nature is deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing and destroying our forest or removing the trees. It can happen in any territory thickly populated by trees and other vegetation, yet most of it is now occurring in the Amazon rainforest. The deforestation can cause climate change, flooding, soil disintegration,

landslide, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people. Deforestation happens for various reasons, like cultivating, generally cows because of its speedy pivot and logging, for materials and advancement. It has been going on for a huge number of years, seemingly since man started changing over from tracker or gatherer to horticultural based social orders, and required bigger, unhampered tracks of land to suit dairy cattle, yields, and lodging. It was simply after the beginning of the advanced time that it turned into a scourge. People are more likely to cut trees just to sell so they will live but they are not noticing that we are slowly destroying our nature that has big impact for us to live.

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Third human behavior is mining. Mining is the process of useful minerals from the surface of the Earth and the seas. Mining is one of the most popular way to earn money. But mining has a bad cause in our mother earth like disintegration, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, or the pollution of soil, groundwater, and surface water by the synthetics transmitted from mining. These procedures additionally affect the climate from the emanations of carbon which have impact on human nature. Some mining strategies may have such critical ecological and general wellbeing impacts that mining organizations in certain nations are required to pursue severe natural and restoration codes to guarantee that the mined region comes back to its unique state. Many mountain were destroyed because we need some minerals.

Intensive pollutionary works and animal destruction are also human behaviors that can affect the nature. Pollution comes from factories, cars, oil spills, and garbage just on roads. Pollution causes global warming, smog, and be dangerous to humans when the world started to be fully polluted. Ozone near the ground can can be harmful to crops, human tissue, and many more things. Pollution can also destruct animal habitats. Animals is important to us, they are one of the reason to balance our ecosystem, animals need to sleep and eat like us, humans. Destruction of animal habitat is one of our problems because many animals need place to live. Many places here on earth is already destroyed because of climate change human acts.

Perilous invention of technologies have also effect in our nature. Though people seems enjoyable using technologies and love to make things easier, normal living quite change. People are slaved by technologies. Some people can’t live without air condition that can destroy our atmosphere. We love to use automobiles that we direct contribute to air pollution. Also, power consumption is high due to technology that means large scale of electric energy are generated everyday. We contribute a large amount of toxic waste in the name of technological up-gradation. We tend to adapt the trends using new gadgets for portability. We are noticing that it is definitely affecting the nature.

In conclusion, we should conserve the beauty of our nature starting with ourselves. That means, we are the one who will design our own future so think of solutions and we should take care of our environment. Also, we should have limitations to avoid sufferings, because what we do will reflect with our own benefit so we should start to love our nature aside from ourselves and start making things to happen. Retain to our mind that, all of us can make a difference in this world that we start now and in our journey in this life.

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