The Truth About Global Warming

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Climate change isn’t just bad for the planet’s health, it's bad for people’s too. Since many people don't believe that there is no such thing as global warming, they don't know the effects of what could happen to them and what is really going on. Recently there has been a lot of things going on in the planet that overshadows the effects of global warming. Therefore, in summary, global warming, together with resultant changes in food and water supplies, can indirectly cause increases in a range of adverse health outcomes, including malnutrition, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, skin cancer, and other diseases.

Crop declines could lead to undernutrition, hunger, and higher food prices. More CO2 in the air could make staple crops less nutritious. Crops have been declining due to the drought in many areas and that makes it so that it is not very likely for people to get fresh crops and be able to produce the crops everyone enjoys and loves. Without crops people wouldn't be able to create the food that they use on a daily basis. Higher food prices could also have an effect on how people are with their health if they can't afford the crops then they won't buy them causing numerous health problems. When there is more CO2 in the air it causes plants to not be a nutritious and being able to be nervous for the body. For example, changing rain patterns and prolonged heat can create drought, which can cause forest fires, putting residents and firefighters in danger. There could also be an increase of the chemicals that are involved in the crops since the conditions are not the best.

More heat can mean longer allergy seasons and more respiratory disease. More rain increases mold, fungi, and indoor air pollutants.As well as the drought causing there to not be any crops it is also causing there to be a lot more dust and pollen in the air which is causing many people to have a prolonged allergy season and makes it harder for them to be able to breath. Three key ingredients-sunlight, warm air, and pollution from power plants and cars burning coal and gasoline—combine to produce ground-level ozone (smog), which humans experience as poor air quality. Warmer temperatures and high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air stimulate some plants to grow faster, mature earlier, or produce more potent allergens. If there is an abundance of rain it increases the chance for mold to grow from flooding and not being able to dry out you are just constantly sitting in water. “Malnutrition and undernutrition were highlighted as a concern for a number of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which discussed the impacts of climate change on food security, particularly in relation to floods and drought”(unfccc).

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Many people don't realize that skin cancer and global warming are closely related and more prevalent in today's society. If high temperatures, especially when combined with high relative humidity, persist for several days, and when nighttime temperatures do not drop, extreme heat can be dangerous. Many people stay out in the hot sun for many hours unprotected from the harsh rays of the sun. It has been proposed that behavior associated with climate change may be the largest determinant of sun exposure, with a result on skin cancer. The sun is responsible for the development and continued existence of life on earth. Skin cancer is the most common human cancer. Each 1% loss of total ozone leads to a 3-5% increase in skin cancer cases which is caused from extreme exposure to sun and heat. Many people argue that skin cancer isn't caused from global warming but from people not being smart enough to put on sunscreen or realize when to get out of the sun.

Mosquito-borne dengue fever has increased 30-fold in the past 50 years. “Three-quarters of those exposed so far live in the Asia-Pacific region”(National Geographic). Since many places are dry and some are very wet mosquito borne illness are more common mosquitos are always looking for very wet areas so when there is flooding you expect there to be a lot of mosquitos around. A main concern in both developed and developing countries was the increased geographical spread of diarrhoeal diseases. “Insects previously stopped by cold winters are already moving to higher latitudes (toward the poles)”(bioline). Warmer oceans and other surface waters may also mean severe cholera outbreaks and harmful bacteria in certain types of seafood. Heat stress can make working conditions unbearable and increase the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory and renal diseases.. Heat could make common viruses develop strains to which people have no resistance and increases in the ranges of disease vectors. Most infectious diseases are transmitted by insects and vectors that are accustomed to certain climate conditions.

Many people believe that global warming has no effect on them and some that it isn't even real. No matter what is really going on you should always be aware of what is really going on on the planet.That global warming is a burning issue of our times is not in doubt as the consequences, whether environmental or medical, are enormous. The solution goes beyond mere scientific discussions and involves health education and awareness in one and all in order to make timely amends to stop the devastation that accompanies this radical phenomenon.

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