How Car Emission is Affecting Global Warming

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Global warming is experienced when the earth’s surface heats up and this causes the average temperature of the earth to rise, the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans also rise. The sea level also rises with the increase in temperature of the globe and this affects the weather patterns and can cause unusual weather events such as drought, heavy rainfall events, etc. Man is responsible for globalization and in return globalization causes very severe harm to humans, plants, and also animals. Dr. Trisha Macnair states, “Car emissions contain various substances that are toxic that have caused a severe effect on human health such as bronchitis, asthma, blood pressure, heart attack and such kinds of diseases that are lacking effective treatments in the world today.

How are car emissions affecting global warming?

This paper examines the concept of global warming with a focal point on the emissions of gases by cars and other automobiles. Cars burn fossil fuel and emit CO2. In America for example smaller cars and pickups count for half of the greenhouse gases emitted in the globe. In the United States, cars use fuel that has a higher content of carbon and they also face lower fuel economy standards than those in other countries. Numerous studies have also linked carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline to global warming.

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Reducing car emissions, which include new cars, new communities, and new fuels. There are several terms associated with global warming like air pollution costs, tailpipe emissions, and lifecycle emissions. Air pollution cost implies to the automobile atmospheric noxious wastes injuries such as human health, ecological, and esthetic degradation. Tailpipe emissions are chemicals emitted directly from vehicle exhaust pipes and lifecycle emissions include both tailpipe emissions and indirect emissions during the process of fuel extraction and in the refineries, as well as vehicle production facilities, and building of facilities for the logistical purpose.

Mobile emissions are believed to be more difficult to control than other emission sources like power generation plants and industries, because there are many of them, and can cause more harm or destruction costs because cars are used closely by the people. Hence, health effects are likely to be felt by climate change. Motor vehicles emit a range of dangerous discharges in the air. Car emissions pollute the air by producing dangerous gases which include: “sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, polycyclic hydrocarbons, lead, and tiny suspended particles,” which are very harmful to human health (Macnair). Some of the effects of these pollutants are felt locally, therefore, when these gases are released into the atmosphere, it affects the locals, as well as the people populating neighboring regions. “According to a report by Environmental Defense, U.S. automobile industry and light vehicles are responsible for almost half of all the greenhouse gases emitted by automobiles worldwide” (Wilson). Surprisingly, small cars emit more carbon dioxide compared with other types of vehicles such as buses and trucks in the US according to the Environmental Defense report, in 2004; small cars emitted the highest percentage of carbon dioxide. The amount is larger because more small cars are on the road which has lower fuel standards. The study concludes that the big three manufacturers, “General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler, Toyota ranked the fourth produce the most emissions” (Wilson). It’s hard to believe but it’s true that “nearly-one third of the emissions come from vehicles made by the GM” (Wilson).

“Respiratory disease is known to be aggravated by car fumes” (Macnair). A Dutch study conducted on children aged seven to eleven years concluded that as the air pollution increased so did the respiratory disorders. Lung disorders increased in older Dutch residents due to the exposure to exhaust emissions. Air pollutants like “benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and small particles affect the immune systems and can cause changes ranging from overactive immune response to immune suppression” (Macnair). Despite the widely publicized impacts of gas emissions on the climate, some institutions still believe that the available facts are not conclusive. For example, the center for the study of carbon dioxide and Global changes argues that there is a weak short-term correlation between carbon dioxide and temperatures which proves nothing about the cause of global warming. They speak mostly for factories that reap from the increased production of CO2. The group also believes that Carbon Dioxide is useful as a powerful aerial fertilizer this directly enhances the growth of almost all terrestrial plants and many aquatic plants). The biosphere is also boomed by the elevated levels of “atmospheric CO2 and since CO2 enhances plant growth, increases plant water use efficiency, and greater food production for both people and animal” (

The singer also visualizes carbon dioxide as a benefit that helps in the growth of agricultural crops and other plants. S. Fred Singer a professor at Virginia States University and president of science and Environmental Project Policy states that “America should not reduce its use of Fossil Fuels.” He argues that Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty to reduce carbon emissions, “would be economically costly to the United States.” The treaty would not significantly impact the global temperature because “it would reduce the calculated temperature rise by 0.05 degree Celsius at the most, which can hardly be measured” (Singer). Although Americans believe that the air is deteriorating, Balaker and stately believe that “the air is getting much cleaner.” Air quality has been getting better over time because of the “more stringent regulations and better technology as a result of driving more and getting cleaner air” (Balaker & Stately). The study has shown that “since 1970 the total vehicle miles have increased up to 155 percent, yet the EPA reports a dramatic decrease in every major pollutant it measures” (Balaker and Stately). However, he claims that mild global warming would be good for the economy as plants tend to thrive better in warmer weather conditions, and also animals also have a higher like hood of surviving in warmer conditions than in cold environments.

It would be important we look at the measures to reduce global warming caused by these cars emissions. First, there needs to be a reduction in driving, there needs to be less driving which means fewer emissions. Walking and bicycle riding are ways of exercising. Individuals’ identification and knowing their community mass transit systems, and selecting alternatives such as carpooling to work. Citizens need to ensure that the tires are well inflated to ensure the car is operating on optimal. Cars users also need to purchase energy-efficient cars and car products. This means inculcating the behavior of buying cars and home appliances that use energy effectively is very important. Awareness creation must be made to ensure citizens shun away from materials that have been packaged using excess materials and avoid the use of plastics that cannot be recycled.

Lately, hybrid cars have been gaining popularity. “Hybrid car is not only fuel-efficient but its emissions are much lower than conventional cars” (Haber). Hybrid cars when stopped “automatically uses electrical power and once the car begins to accelerate, it reverts to using the fuel engine” (Haber). “Hybrid emissions can be reduced from 25% to 90% compared to conventional cars” (Haber). Hybrid cars are introduced with a green-designed which has many other features other than fuel efficiency which include “improved aerodynamic, lower body weight, and smaller, lighter, and less powerful gas engines” (Haber). Hybrid cars are specially designed for city traffic in order to reduce gas emissions which affect global warming. “What a great way to help save the environment and improve our overall quality of life” (Haber).

In conclusion, to minimize some of the lasting impacts of global warming due to car emissions, countries, societies, and citizens should work together. It is definite that car emissions are hazardous to the health of both man, animals, and plants, however, there is a solution to this problem. Singer states that “the Kyoto Protocol would be economically costly for the United States and would not significantly reduce global warming.”But still, the overall impact on human health is very terrifying as the studies have shown. Taming global warming or greenhouse gases on the road is a collective responsibility. Each and every citizen all over the globe can aid to lessen the need for fossil fuels, eventually curbing global warming, by using alternative sources of energy that are less hazardous to the environment.

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