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Similarities Between Republic and Democracy

Australia’s government has many similarities and differences to other governments. For example, Australia’s government and Indonesia’s are very similar. Some of the similarities are that both countries have elections for their government. Some of the differences is that Indonesia is a republic whereas Australia is a democracy. A republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. A democracy is...
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Essay on America's Transformation from a Constitutional Republic to an Oligarchy

Imagine a world where people, who do not frequently monitor the news, think they should be the ones deciding its future broadcasts. Where the ones who can only recall the president’s name, when asked what they know about politics, think they are entitled to choose the next one who follows. Where millions of voices are solicited and encouraged to be heard, yet less than half of them open their mouths and speak up. Welcome to the United States of America,...
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Republic Day as One of India's Greatest National Festivals: An Essay

Republic Day is one of the great national festivals of India. It is celebrated on January 26th every single year to celebrate the day when the Constitution of India came into place. India was under the British’s rule for over hundreds of years, and Indians were forced to follow the harsh rules and laws, which were against the freedom of Indians. The immense sacrifices of our great freedom fighters and under the guidance of remarkable leaders helped the country of...
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Plato’s Use of Myths and Stories in His ‘Republic’: An Essay

Throughout the ‘Republic’ Plato looks at many themes and uses a wide range of stories and myths to make and back up his various points. There are many different myths and stories used throughout this dialogue and it would be difficult to look at every single instance Plato reference one of these works, picking out some of the most interesting and key myths that are used. In Plato’s ‘Republic’, one of the things Plato does is use ‘Republic’ as a...
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