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Religion and Search for Spiritual Values in Modernist Poetry of T.S Eliot

The poetry of T. S. Eliot is memorable in nature as he is able to resonate with both his immediate context, and future contexts by formulating a detailed illustration of human life, presenting one’s modern-day turmoils within an atmosphere fueled by anxieties yet is futile. This modern era saw an age of heightened anxiety and the collapse of traditionalism. With industrial advancements and technological developments came spiritual and moral uncertainty, creating breakdown and disorder within society. Eliot’s insightful poems –...
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Baptism And Jesus In Art

Christianity and art have always been intertwined. God creation of earth was a work of art, as was his creation humanity. The first mention of art as a craft in the Bible is in Exodus 31. In this the Lord is instructing Moses to fashion a tent for the ark of the covenant. God mentions several artisans whom He chose to create “artistic designs” to decorate the tent. The Lord says, “In the hearts of all who are skillful I...
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The Peculiarities And Sacrament Of Baptism

Christian adherents may find that the straightest path to God may be challenging at times, but the end result is the greatest reward. Christians can follow the sacrament of Baptism to be led “along the best and straightest paths to Himself [God]”. “The word baptise is said to derive from the Greek words baptizo or baptisma, which means to bath, wash, or immerse [Byer, 2019]. Baptism, in the Christian tradition, is a ceremonial act, an outward proclamation celebrated in the...
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The Roles Of Baptism In Christianity

Christianity is expressed in a variety of different ways by adherents as there are many different ways individuals interpret Christianity. Saint Francis of Assisi is a venerated figure in Roman Catholic history contributing greatly to the way Christians chose to live their lives. In the 12th century, he reminded all that Christianity was supposed to be simple and charitable. The Christian Church was becoming greedy seeking money and fame. Therefore Saint Francis of Assisi was pivotal in developing the expression...
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Reconstructing The Christological Framework Of Ecclesiology Through The Principle Of The Spirit Baptism

“It is surely a fact of inexhaustible significance that what our Lord left behind him was not a book nor a creed, nor a system of thought nor a rule of life, but a visible community.” The above statement sets the direction of reflection in this section, precisely, to examine a Pentecostal form of ecclesiology with emphasis on the Spirit over a structured ecclesiology. Looking through the perspective of Macchia, this visible community of persons is governed by the principle...
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Spirituality And Ritual Of Baptism

Overview The purpose of this research report is to take a look at the nature of the ritual of Baptism in the Lutheran Church. My report will include a detailed explanation of the ritual with a focus on purpose, participants, place, structure and objects. In addition, an evaluation and reflection will be included. I chose this ritual as I have been to a baptism before and I want to understand more about what everything means. Purpose Baptism is a demonstration...
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The Meaning Of Baptism In Christianity

A ritual is the performance of a ceremonial act prescribed by tradition. A ritual is a specific, observable mode of behaviour exhibited by all known societies (Encyclopaedia Britannica 2019). Christianity is a monotheistic religion that grew out of Judaism. There are many life cycle rituals that are included in the Christian faith, some of these rituals include; baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage and the Holy orders. Life cycle rituals in Christianity are not as rigid as...
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Christianity: Baptism, Marriage And Leadership Structure

Introduction This report will analyse the New Zealand religious tradition of Gloriavale Christian Community, a small and isolated Christian group located at Haupiri on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. In 1969, Australian-born evangelist Neville Cooper founded the group bound together by a common faith in God and the hope of Salvation, known as the Springbank Christian Community near Christchurch. Cooper intended to see the gospel practised as well as preached. The community began to grow...
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The Meaning Of Baptism And What It Signifies

The issue of infant baptism has been debated among Christians for centuries. This is because the Bible does not give any explicit instruction for what the church should do for the case of infants and whether they are baptised or not. Therefore, any drawn conclusions on the issue have been based off texts written for other situations. A few of the key issues surrounding it are firstly, what baptism signifies; secondly, the biblical background of Old Covenant promises and the...
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The Stages Of Baptism

Rituals are very important to many different religions. Rituals are religious ceremonies consisting of a series of actions that are in a predetermined order. There are many religious rituals throughout the world such as Marriage, Bar mitzvah and Communion. Good morning boys, today I have chosen to talk about the ritual of baptism. Baptism is a Christian ritual that is instrumental in the Cristian faith and as Cristian’s we all must partake in the ritual of Baptism. There are 5...
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Paul Of Tarsus, Sexual Ethics And Baptism In Christianity

Christianity is an “integrated belief system” bound by the interrelated teachings and their pivotal role regarding the attainment of salvation. The foundation of Christianity is built upon the obedience of God’s will through emulating his son – Jesus Christ. Significant people, ethics and practises among Christianity hold the common thread of Love, Death and Resurrection and salvation which emphasise their necessity towards living in accordance to God’s revelation. Hence, Paul of Tarsus’ letters, sexual ethics and Baptism all provide adherents...
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The Significance Of Baptism In Christianity

Beliefs and Traditions are inherited habits through specific Religions that are practised daily by their followers. A similarity between all Religions is that each have certain beliefs and traditions. Specific beliefs and traditions are passed down through generations. Through practicing traditions from a Christian perspective, Christians are able to focus on the figure of Jesus Christ and that their Religion is more than a system of religious beliefs. This research report will analyse how beliefs and traditions are lived expressions...
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Public Baptism And Clovis

Clovis’s conversion to Christianity allows him to influence the beliefs of thousands of Frankish people, which in turn displays his power and influence over his tribes. In the text, Bishop Gregory gives insight into Clovis’s initial conversion to Christianity and the effect that it had on the Franks. He explains that Clovis, like many other Germanic leaders, worshipped the pagan gods. Catholicism was introduced to him by his wife, Clotilda, who was Christian herself; however, he refuses to believe in...
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