Spirituality And Ritual Of Baptism

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The purpose of this research report is to take a look at the nature of the ritual of Baptism in the Lutheran Church. My report will include a detailed explanation of the ritual with a focus on purpose, participants, place, structure and objects. In addition, an evaluation and reflection will be included. I chose this ritual as I have been to a baptism before and I want to understand more about what everything means.


Baptism is a demonstration of obedience symbolizing the believer's faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Saviour, the believer's death to sin, the burial of the old life, and the resurrection to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus. It is a testimony to the believer's faith in the final resurrection of the dead.


Within any given ritual are the participants. In the case of a Lutheran Baptism this includes a number of people who play set roles.

  • The baby (to be baptised)
  • The parents
  • Pastor
  • God parents - The role of godparents is to help the parents and support them as they encourage the unfolding if the child's faith-life.


The ritual of baptism in the Lutheran Church takes place in a church or a chapel. This ritual is generally done at the end of a service. The ceremony takes place in the sacred place on the alter. This is conducted near the baptismal font.

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Within any religious ritual is a set structure. Many of the structures in religious rituals are 100’s if not 1000’s of years old. The structure of a Lutheran Christening is

  • Baptism starts us into a community which maintains certain ethics, qualities, standards, and morals which in turn, help us to oppose the tendency to sin

The five realities for the Christian that are celebrated in Baptism are

  • being invited into the community of Jesus, the church.
  • beginning a long lasting transformation, getting some distance from sin to grasp the Christian lifestyle
  • being reborn to a new identity as a son or daughter of God
  • sharing in the mission of Jesus and embracing it as one's own life reason
  • receiving the gift of the Spirit of Jesus that empowers the Christian to partake in God's life of affection.
  • A white article of clothing is worn in submersion to speak to another life or fresh start with a fresh start.
  • A lit flame is given to a recently baptised individual as it speaks to the light of Christ who helps manage us through the obscurity of sins.

Types of baptism:

  • oil on hands and chest + water 3x + Trinitarian recipe blessing of hands and chest with oil, at that point on head to seal (Trinitarian formula – “I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
  • Desire – opens up the gates for everyone. E.g. If your goal is love you can get into heaven.
  • the water ritual. This fundamental custom comprises of the pastor's pouring water over the individual's head or submerging the individual in water, while articulating the Trinitarian Formula, 'I immerse you for the sake of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.'


There are generally objects associated with religious rituals. This is the case within Lutheran baptisms. For instance, the conventional dress for a child being baptized into the Roman Catholic confidence is a baptismal gown, a long, white babies' piece of clothing currently made particularly for the service of christening and generally just worn at that point. Baptismal clothing is attire worn by Christian converts (and now and again, by pastorate individuals additionally) during the service of baptism. White clothes are for the most part worn in light of the fact that the individual being baptized is 'new like the determined nourishment'.


The main difference that I recognised whilst studying this ritual was the difference in the substance they use to do the ceremony and what they each mean.

  • The difference is when you get baptized in water, it is an image of being cleaned by God,'
  • The Oil of Catechumens is the oil used in some conventional Christian houses of worship during baptism; it is believed to strengthen the one being baptized to get some distance from evil, temptation and sin.


The process of this research report was very interesting as I got to learn a lot more about the notion of Baptism in a Lutheran Church. There are many things I would’ve never known if I didn’t research them. I learnt the different ways that someone can be baptised and what the different substances they use stand for. Overall this research report was very helpful with my knowledge of baptism.


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