The Stages Of Baptism

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Rituals are very important to many different religions. Rituals are religious ceremonies consisting of a series of actions that are in a predetermined order. There are many religious rituals throughout the world such as Marriage, Bar mitzvah and Communion. Good morning boys, today I have chosen to talk about the ritual of baptism. Baptism is a Christian ritual that is instrumental in the Cristian faith and as Cristian’s we all must partake in the ritual of Baptism.

There are 5 stages of baptism that fit the criteria of Terence Lovats theory. Lovats Theory breaks down all rituals to 5 simple stages, these 5 stages are the entry, the preparation, the climax, the celebration and the return to the normal world. Lovat saw that all rituals followed this model, and that the model gives a clear beginning, middle and end this. Looking closer at the model it is clear to see the importance of the ritual and how it follows the set pattern.

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The first of the five steps are the entry. This is a very important step for all Cristian’s, and it allows us to leave our ordinary life and enter the home of god. The entry entails a few important steps starting with the sign of the cross than the priest will trace the sign of the cross on the forehead of the recipient being baptised. This sign of the cross is a way of symbolizing the presence of god.

The second step of baptism is the preparation. This is when the guardians and godparents of the child being baptised are called to answer on the child's behalf. The priest asks the gradians “Do you believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth?”. This is where the patience answers yes and the climax is started. Also, in the preparation there is the anointing of the person being baptised which symbolises the struggles and hardships of the life ahead and how God will always be with you.

The climax is the third step of Lovats Theory. the climax Is where the ritual is at its peak. At this point in the ritual the reason for everyone gathering has become a parent for the purpose of the ritual becomes clearer and becomes more obvious. The climax of baptism is the anointing of the baptismal water. this is water is pored over the recipient’s head as the priest says, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Water is used in baptism to symbolise the cleaning of your soul; the point of the climax is to wash away the original sin from Adam and Eve. This is where the child's Christian life begins.

Lovats Theory’s fourth step is the celebration this is where the family rejoices for the child and allows the family to be happy for the newfound saving a child from their original sin. And finally, there is a return to the normal world This is where they finish the session at the church and return to the ordinary world.

Being a Catholic, Lovats theory of breaking' rituals up in to 5 steps has been instrumental in giving me a better understanding of baptism and what goes into it. In conclusion Lovats Theory breaks all rituals into a start a middle and an end this helps people understand the ritual in a much deeper way. baptism is one of if not the most important rituals being a Catholic due to it relieving the original sin off the child.

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