What Suffering Does With The Person's Soul

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Have you ever lost someone you love? Have you ever felt the desire to not keep living? Events happen throughout our entire life. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. There are some moments which is too difficult to deal with that feeling we have inside, it is hard to cope with such a thrill and keep struggling with this emotion is our unique option we have left. Suffering, feeling that make people do crazy things, change personality, get depressed, or even have a low self-esteem. Going through suffering is not an easy path, suffering for someone who passed away, suffering because a relationship is broken, or because for past experiences take a long period to get over. However, there are some ways that someone can grow from suffering.

Somebody who is suffering from any kind of events might have a deeper appreciation of life. This includes the assessment of every day moments valuing every single second that he or she has left with his or her loved ones. For example, people who are suffering from cancer might realize that they do not have too much time left so, those simple every day times with their family and friends might mean too much for them. A simple kiss in the morning or a heavy hug before going bed can definitely be worth it. They do not know if their life will end soon or later, but what they do know is that they love to spend all this diminutive time with people they love. (Dr. Hall)

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As people come through trials and suffering, they often find personal strength they didn’t know they had. (Dr. Todd Hall) For example, handle being chased by a disease that causes suffering is when a lot of people give up. Going through difficult times plays a huge roll in someone’s life. This moment is when people decide if keep or stop leaving and those who decide to keep fighting against any suffering notice how much strong they are, the willpower they have inside, they become even stronger by fighting back the disease or any suffering cause. People’s strength to keep struggling is bigger than the people desire to give up.Even though, there are some people who battle pain back and try to not surrender under any circumstances, there are some folks that cannot endure difficult moments because they think there is nothing to fight back for. They cannot find the life value, although there are many people who love them as the way they are and will accept and help them through this difficult time. They prefer to stop suffering and making others suffer too because of them by killing themselves or ask for it.

Living a life with no sense is not worthwhile. Many people feel that getting a heart disease, cancer, or any other illness, the chances to find a cure or for this illness become very thin. So, it makes suffering harder to get over it and try to live a normal life. That is why some suffering people decide to suicide or to go to a hospital and ask the doctor to take their life medically.

Rios 3Suffering is sometimes a reaction to situation; other times it is born from the self. Suffering is the basis of tragedy, and unjust human suffering is the biggest tragedy our society faces. (Lucander) suffering is pain in our soul. Suffering leads people to do what they do not want to do. For example, commit suicide due to a lot of pain and suffer.However, suffering gives people a more accurate sense of their own limitation, what they can control and cannot control. When people are thrust down into these deeper zones, they are forced to confront the fact the cannot determine what goes in there. (Brooks, 312) Less energy is taken up fighting against my limitations, and everybody knows what is the roll that he or she might be playing in any situation, not expecting something that will not happen.Suffering makes people cry, run, or suicide. Going through this path will take long time to overcome even though family and friend say that they will be always supportive, it is not enough. Someone who is suffering for any cause might expect a hard and long way coming ahead but it depends of everybody’ s mindset. Anyone who is suffering might learn how to get over it, although it is hard, but he or she has de decision whether stay suffering and crying all his or her life ahead or take one step forward and deal with it.

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