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Mental And Physical Suffering In Catholics

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Suffering in the catholic church is meant to give us an opportunity to love God, to give God glory, to merit glory, and to participate in his work of redemption. The catholic church is helping people ask for God’s guidance when we are suffering. “When things go well with good people here, and ill with bad people, a great uncertainty arises whether good people receive good so that they might be stimulated to grow into something even better or whether by a just and secret judgment, they see the rewards of their deeds here so that they may be void of the rewards of the life to come.”

Most of the world would look at suffering as an aspect of life that is bad but as Christians, we have a different opinion. We are able to see the bright side and purpose that suffering gives us which is to become closer to God through his love and forgiveness.

“The Sacraments of Healing offer hope in our world and call us to be witnesses to God’s love, healing and forgiveness”

The Sacrament of Anointing is a sacrament for those who are sick or dying. This sacrament will help you build strength when you are weak. It is a rite that is performed by the power of the Holy Spirit and is a sign of suffering towards God. It helps offer hope because if we are suffering, we are being called to God’s love, healing and forgiveness. It will bring us closer to God as we will have to go to him to get healed. Jesus suffered deeply in his time on earth just as every human will as well.

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Through the Anointing of the Sick, people in need are reminded that Christ is in communion with their suffering. God has faith in us that we can learn from our sufferings and grow from it which will offer a sense of hope to everyone. Jesus suffered greatly in his life on earth. His message was not understood, and he ultimately died the death of a criminal under the Roman government. Like every human being, he dreaded suffering. (Luke 22:39–45).

Mental Suffering can be a very difficult thing to go through. It can make you suffer in ways that other things can’t. It has the ability to make you emotionally damaged, mentally drained and physically broken. People who suffer are unhappy and many people could be in this situation. One person that caught my eye was Kristen Bell. You may know her from movies or hear of her from others. Even though she seems to be alright she has suffered from depression and anxiety. Kristen said, “I felt plagued with a negative attitude and a sense that I was permanently in the shade. I’m normally such a bubbly, positive person, and all of a sudden I stopped feeling like myself.” She felt as though she had been lost and didn’t know what made her feel this way. This is only one form of suffering but it is one that can hit hard. Kristen had to take medication for many years to help her with her situation. She felt as though she had to hide her issue for the first 15 years of her career yet now she is open about it.

Depression is a form of suffering but it can have many different solutions. The Catholic Church is teaching us that Christ believes that suffering has an importance in our lives. If you don’t believe that there is good in suffering just remember Jesus dying on the cross for us. Even in our own lives, the struggles that we go through can always have a positive impact.

Most people don’t need to experience suffering but if they do, it makes them so much stronger and they can prepare for anything that will happen next. Everyone lives with suffering one time or another and it may be hard to put it behind us but we’re all human and that’s an inevitability.

Suffering is an experience of physical or mental pain. It puts you in a difficult situation and makes you feel like the world is over when it’s really not. Challenging situations and emotions will present themselves in our lives, cause us suffering and pain, however with the bad comes good. It provides us with opportunities to confide in God’s love, which will ultimately allow us to feel his forgiveness and healing.

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