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The Zulu can be described as one of the most larges ethnical groups and was originally founded by the powerful and brave leader, King Shaka kaSenzangakhona, in the year 1820. King Shaka was born in the year 1787 and past on 22 September 1828. King Shaka was assassinated by people that were very close to him and the people he probably trusted the most. The fears ruler was killed by his half-brother Dingane and his other brother Umhlangana as well...
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My motivation of this topic was to personally find out the famous debate on if Shaka Zulu was a military genius or a mass murderer. I was motivated by how I relate to Shaka Zulu as I am also Zulu. I was also motivated hat most of the event took place in my province.I have an interest in other people's points of views of Shaka Zulu. My motivation was to also show my point my point view of Shaka Zulu...
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As mentioned Shaka Zulu and his mother were very close and Shaka looked up too and praised his mother greatly, claiming her at the Great She Elephant. The death of Shaka’s mother, Queen Nandi, caused by dysentery on October 10th, 1827 – the news was not taken very well by Shaka in which he created a longer than a year mourning period which was to be practiced by all citizens of the Zulu kingdom all in honor of the passing...
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Race and identity in colonial and early Hollywood Cinema: In addition to the location and social environments in which African films are set, each character’s actions, beliefs, relationships and attitudes help construct the overall reality represented in each film. The reality that is derived from film creates a narrative context through which critics and audiences perceive African cultures and ideas about African identities. I would be presenting a critical analysis of how nineteenth century perceptions or ideas about “race” helped...
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The existence of the death penalty has been existing throughout age of mankind as far as history can remember. It is not a new phenomenon that the 21st century scholars attempt to tackle and understand its place in a world of Human rights and the value of life; however, it has been existing throughout in different forms. In ancient cultures, most notably those from African tribes such as the Mandinka under Samoure Toure or the Zulu Kingdom under Shaka Zulu,...
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Around the years before 1870, Africa had some extremely unique political changes and an incredible extension of Foreign trade. At that period, there were a few of African pioneers held out against European's control, the maps of Africa became filled out with pink and green, the traditional shades of British and French states. Instead of the slave trade had been ended under British pressure was the trade on different products developed pointedly. Africans expended huge amounts of imported machine-made textiles...
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Ballet and Indlamu dance are both forms of dance which depict their respective origins - the Sun King’s Court and the demonstration of the expertise of isiZulu warriors. Both dance forms are immensely influenced by their respective political contexts which illustrate how the forms may or may not be displayed in concert theatre in South Africa in the 20s to 40s. From the 16th century the creation and evolution of ballet from its origin - the Sun King’s court- was...
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