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China's Africa Policy Reconsidered China-Africa modern ties date back to the 1950s and 1960s, during the liberation struggle of Africa against colonialism. There are 26 independent African nations have supported China to regain its seat at the UN Security Council in 1971. The longstanding relations between Africa and China has created a fertile ground for China’s “Go Global” policy Partnership...
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Unseen glory and history: uncovering the historical significance of the Qinghai Temple in Nanjing, China Most Asian temples are built for religious purposes, often for worship and ritual practices. This is not surprising since the Asian civilizations are largely influenced by their rich spiritual beliefs, which are usually associated with the divinity of natural entities, thus their polytheistic tendencies. Aside...
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With the goal to establish that China was the first to discover and map the ‘New World,’ Gavin Menzies beings to “trace the voyages of [Admiral Zheng He's] great [Chinese] treasure fleets in the ‘missing years’ from 1421 to 1423” in his book 1421.[footnoteRef:1] With the introduction of two “artifacts” of carved stone, which were erected in the Chinese cities...
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A brief history about Taiwan During the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368), when the Mongols ruled China, the P’eng-hu (Penghu) Islands within the Taiwan Strait were brought under China’s control. In 1430 the Ming dynasty’s famous explorer Zheng He (Cheng Ho) landed on Taiwan and obtained from the aboriginal people herbal medicines that were said to possess “miracle powers.” Meanwhile, perhaps as...
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